Royal Magician – 113

Chapter 113 – The Magic Country’s Blacksmith Workshop

At last, the right to compete in the main match was ours.
While the series of battles had been physically draining, I felt incredibly relieved to have managed to succeed.

I would have been so angry to be left behind him.
Compared to Luke, who had finished the fight in fourteen seconds, it still did feel like he had the lead, but since the results were still the same, I would try to not think about it.

Besides, my opponent was really strong.
Yes. We were equal. Completely equal.

My body was heavy with fatigue.
However, even that heaviness somehow felt comfortable.

There was a sense of accomplishment, as I had done my best, and been rewarded.

People believed in my ability as a magician.
I had been given an important job.

And it was a job that felt worth doing. It was hard to believe I used to be treated as someone who was worthless.

I was reminded of how happy I was.

As a reward, I was allowed to spend the afternoon in any way I liked.

“Hey, hey. Luke! Let’s go out into the town!”

Upon hearing this, Luke looked surprised.
And after a short silence, he said,

“Very well. I’ll prepare, so just wait here.”

And so I waited outside for Luke.
Girls always took time to get prepared. And then I realized something.

Huh? Shouldn’t it be the other way around…?

No, no. It was a good thing that I prepared quickly.
This was also a result of working at such a black company. I was always trying to do things quickly.

If anything, it was because I was an elegant, refined and brilliantly mature woman, that I had attained the skill of being able to prepare efficiently, which allowed me to sleep until I only had five minutes left to leave the house.

Oh, dear. That Luke.
It seems he still does not know how to manage his time.

As I thought about this boastfully, Luke stepped out again.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Where should we go? After a little searching, it seems like there is a cafe on the main street…”
“The magic blacksmith workshop! There is a famous one nearby!”

Luke’s expressionless face looked up into the void for a second. And then he said,

“…Of course. Yes, I knew.”

His reaction was rather odd, but more importantly, I was absorbed with thoughts of the workshop that we would be visiting.

This was the country of magic. Rysvania.
Not only were they highly advanced when it came to magic, but their arts and skills had developed in ways that were different from my country.

This magic blacksmith’s workshop was especially well-known. And it was said that the essence of enchantment techniques could be found here.

What kind of magic did they use?

Just imagining it filled me with uncontrollable excitement.

And so we walked down the unfamiliar streets and headed to the workshop.
More than a few times, we almost got lost, and Luke had to find the right path.

When we arrived at the workshop, the building was very large and grand, as could be expected given its reputation.
There were three buildings in the vast premises.
And there were giant storehouses nearby, as well as piles of various materials.

“Excuse me. We would like to take a tour of this place.”
“A tour? No, no. We do not accept such…”

The craftsman paused as if realizing something.

“You. You’re the magicians from Ardenfeld.”

Apparently, we had been recognised.
And though he was baffled, he agreed to ask his boss about it.

“The Royal Magicians from Ardenfeld want a tour, eh? Well, the answer is the same, regardless of where you are from.”

The boss said in a cool voice.

“We do not allow people to take tours of the place. But if you insist, you could at least help with organizing the materials storehouse.
“Boss! Ever since we’ve become so busy, that place has been in a terrible state. It is not something that can be finished in a day, let alone two…”
“And what of it? That has nothing to do with me.”
“But I cannot help but feel bad for them. To do so much work just to get a tour…”
“If they can’t do it, then they should just give up.”

The boss said bluntly.

I see.
So if we clean up their storage house, they will give us a tour.

“Don’t speak to Noelle like…”

But before Luke could finish, I said,

“Cleaning the storagehouse! Leave it to me!”

◇  ◇  ◇

One hour later, the crafters were standing in front of the cleaned storagehouse. They were completely stunned.
Even the boss was staring at it in amazement.

“In-in such a short amount of time… How…”

One of the crafters muttered in a quivering voice.

“Is this a dream…?”
“Not a speck of dirt is on my finger when tracing over it.”
“So much for that countermeasure…”

They could not accept the reality in front of them.

“I’m used to organizing storage houses, as it was part of my job, during my early days as a magic artificer. Now, can we get a tour of the workshop?”

Said the small, excited magician.
Now that they had completed what was supposed to be an impossible trial, the boss could not shake his head at them.

“Ah, aye. Very well.”

And so he agreed to their request.

(He’s been had…)
(The bo-boss…)

The boss was known to be especially stubborn and so this rare incident, was to be told amongst the crafters for a long time.

“Can I look over there as well!”
“Aye, I don’t mind.”
“Amazing! So that’s where the second support formula goes! I’m learning so much!”

But the small magician was completely oblivious to that, and her eyes shone as she looked at the magic as if obsessed.

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