Seisan Mahoushi – 142

Chapter 142 – They Were Matching!

“It looks quite stylish.”

Melk said as she looked at her surcoat.

There was a white hooded mantle that bore a crest with stars painted on it.
This would be the uniform of the Fendel Knights Order.

As a way of avoiding trouble on the road, due to being demihumans, I had made them so that they covered most of your body. Once the ears and tail were covered, most of them looked just like ordinary humans.

In fact, we had already passed by several refugees along the roads, and none of them had looked at us with suspicion.

“Everyone is matching today as well. How amusing it is.”

Melk said as she looked at Mette and the others in the carriage.

There were about a hundred people in all who participated in this expedition.
Chiefly, there was Iria, Mette, Melk, Ecleshia, Ymir, Asuha, Celes, Monica and Ena.

The only one missing was Berdos of the Minotaurs.
Berdos had decided to stay in Fendel, as he was worried that his appearance might scare the humans.

Indeed, even if they were demihumans, Minotaurs were not well known among humans. And due to their large stature, they might be mistaken for monsters.

But on the other hand, the refugees had bigger problems to worry about.

They had nowhere to go, and could do nothing but wander aimlessly down the road in despair.

And so when we encountered such people, we would tell them about Varthburg. That Varthburg would accept them.

Of course, we had Varthburg’s permission to do this.
In fact, they had asked us to do it.
After leaving Fendel, I told Solm that I was heading to Toria.

Solm bowed his head with a look of immense relief. He then asked me to tell any refugees we met about Varthburg.
And that they would be accepted there.

Of course, we would also support Solm.
The Fendel Alliance would send food to Varthburg. Mostly fish from the sea.

And so with this faint hope, the refugees would head to the south.

Other than that, I healed those who were wounded and gave food to the hungry as we continued our way to the north to Toria.

We traveled like this for two weeks, and then finally stepped foot into Toria soil.

First, I climbed to the top of a small mountain and gazed at Toria from there.

A clear view of the natural terrain that was in harmony with the human settlements spread out before me… However, there were a number of places where pillars of smoke were rising.

“Is that…”

Towns and villages were burning.

And I could see humans running in every direction as they carried their belongings.

Iria stood next to me, and her face darkened when she saw this.

“Those desolated villages… But, the town over there…”

Iria pointed at one town that was surrounded by high walls. Yes, it was not burning.

However, we could see crowds of people gathered near the gates, and there were small huts and tents all around the outside of the town.

“That place must still be safe then… We should stop by and see what we can learn.”
“In that case, I will make everyone wait nearby.”
“Aye, thank you.”

And like this, we headed towards the town that had not yet been attacked.

After having the Knights Order set up camp near the town, I walked towards the gates with Iria and Melk.

As expected, the place was crowded with people either trying to leave or enter.
The town was large enough for three thousand people at the most, and yet there were at least ten thousand people waiting outside.

“I doubt we’ll be able to enter it in this state.”
“Should we climb over the wall?”

Melk asked. But doing so might cause an unnecessary misunderstanding.

“No, I don’t mind if it takes longer. We should go through the front… Huh?”

Just as we were about to take our position in the line, I noticed someone who was talking to the people who waited.

“All of you! Please calm yourselves! There is nothing inside!”
“Is that… Vince?”

The high priest who had come to Varthuburg with his followers.

They had been brainwashed, and were trying to head to the south, but we had helped them regain their sanity.

When Vince noticed us, he rushed to our side immediately.

“It’s you! Sir Joshua! But why are you here?”
“I heard about Solm’s letter. And thought that there may be something we could do to help.”
“I-I see. While I am very grateful, I don’t see how three people can do anything about this situation…”
“There are tens of thousands of refugees… And you will run out of food soon, is that right?”
“Aye… And it is all our fault.”

Vince said with deep regret.

“While we were heading to the south, the temple in the royal capital was not protected, and something happened within the graveyards.”
“In other words, the Undead came from a temple in the royal capital?”
“That’s right. Tens of thousands of dead have been buried there. And somehow, they have been resurrected as Undead.”
“I see… In that case, perhaps we can do something there, to prevent them from coming out.”
“Aye. However, knights and soldiers have already been sent, but to no avail. The city is in such chaos now that it might as well be a vision of hell…”
“…Regardless, we will do what we can. Now, allow me to build some houses. I can also craft some weapons if you need them.”
“Truly? We would be grateful… While we lack food, we have plenty of materials. Please use what you need.”

Vince said, and then he returned to calming the people.

Iria muttered.

“He does seem to deeply regret it.”
“Aye. But he also seems to have given up hope… I suppose it shows how bad things are in the royal capital.”

I then turned to Iria and Melk.

“While I would like to head to the capital at once, we should do what we can here first. I will make houses and tools for the refugees. Could the rest of you gather together the materials?”

Both of them nodded in agreement.

After that, I built houses around the town and crafted weapons for the soldiers.

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