Seisan Mahoushi – 42

Chapter 42 – There was a Hole!

Three days have passed since we planted the crops.

During that time, things were so peaceful that it was difficult to believe how busy we had been up until then.

In the meantime, I not only crafted weapons and armor, but also tools for fishing, farming and mining. As well as bedding made from the wool of the Mopes and the skins of Hell Alligators.

At the same time, I also surrounded the field with a fence, and rebuilt the tents so that they were small houses.
I even made a storage house to store the food supplies. And since we now had a lot of Arrow Crow meat, I made a stone room that was kept cold with ice magic, so that we could freeze it.

Thanks to this, we were able to eat some delicious grilled meat every day… And the feathers were used for arrows and other things.

In terms of weapons, armor, tools and facilities, it seemed like we were close to having everything we needed. In fact, Fendel village had already grown to a size where it could be seen as a small town.

Right now, I was making clothes with the Mope wool.

This was because Iria and Mette said that we needed human clothes for people like Melk.

I had made Melk clothes before, but they were robes made of Devil Snakeskin and Black Demon Iron. This was something that magicians wore, and was not ordinary clothing.
And so I decided to make a simple shirt and trousers.

Mope wool was black on the outside, but white near the inside

Considering this, I decided to make trousers and skirts in black and shirts in white.
Because it would be a little boring to have both in just one color.

On top of that, I used Armor Boar and Hell Alligator skin to make a vest.

Of course, I had also made undergarments for men and women in various sizes.
Though, many did not like to wear them…

“Wh-what do you think? Sir Joshua?”

Iria asked after she put on the clothes that I had made.

A white shirt and black skirt.
It was a very common sort of look, but considering the fact that she had been wearing the skin of wild animals, it was quite the difference.
Besides, she was beautiful, and would look good in nearly anything.

“Hmm. This is not bad at all.”

Mette muttered. She too made a fine figure in the shirt and skirt.

She had an athletic build and a cool expression, which gave you the impression that she was a steadfast and reliable person.
Which she was definitely not.

“Ohh. It feels quite strange.”

Melk was also in human form today.
She had put on the shirt and skirt, and then the robe on top.
She kind of looked like a student from the magic college.

I turned to the three of them and said,

“You all look good in them. Now, if there are any other types of clothes you want, just let me know. I can make a simple dress.”
“A dress… Sir Joshua. I think I would like to wear one!”
“Me too!”
“And Melk!”

They answered immediately.

I suppose many girls liked to dress up… And so I would make them other kinds of clothes as well.

Right now, we could afford to do such things in the village.
The wool of the Mopes grew very quickly, and so they would be quite long a month after shearing.
And the wool of one Mope was enough to make five mattresses. So in terms of thread, we did not have to worry.

If there was something that we did want, it was dye.

“Very well. But let’s at least wait until we have acquired some dye. It will be boring if we only have white and black cloth.”
“Of course! I will ask you again when we have some.”

Iria said, and then both Mette and Melk agreed that it could wait.

“I’ll be sure to make something good. Now, I’m going to take a look at the rock materials. If we have enough, it might be a good idea to expand the castle walls.”
“Then I will go with you!”

And so Iria and I headed to the rock collection site.

After the Golems had cut out the stone materials from the quarry, the slimes would bring them here and pile them up.
We had quite a lot now. The pile almost looked like a castle by itself.

“Good, good. This time, I should build the walls to the west or south. Also, maybe I can remake the houses into stone.”
“Yes, stone would be so much more durable. It would help everyone rest easy.”
“Aye. But there is a kind of warmth with wood. Perhaps I should combine them.”

Also, paving a road was another thing.

But before that, perhaps I should make a sewage system that connects to the river. Currently, everything was collected for fertilizer, but now that we had the leaves of the Ents, it was no longer necessary. I could make a lavatory as well.

…It was during such times that I realized how much I enjoyed being involved in the building of this town.

Perhaps one day it would grow into a great city.
At the very least, I wanted it to be as grand as the town of Chevalburg.
Of course, it wasn’t a desire for immense luxury, but I just wanted everyone to be able to live here happily.

As I thought of my various hopes for the future, smoke suddenly began to rise from the east tower.

That was a signal we had taught the watchers. Aside from that, the alarm bells and drums were also being sounded.

Iria saw this and muttered.

“Did something appear?”
“Aye. Something must have happened near the bridge or the quarry… In any case, let’s go and see.”

And so we rode our horses and rushed to the tower.

And then, Kijin riders came towards us from the other side.

“Your Highness! Sir Joshua! The number of Golems at the quarry suddenly increased to five…and now they are fighting each other!”

Golems should not suddenly split up like that.
Perhaps while they were digging, a new Doll Stone had been recovered.

The Kijin continued with a serious expression.

“The smaller ones…I believe they are ours…those two are losing!”
“I see. I’ll do something!”

The horse swiftly crossed the bridge and reached the quarry.

There, I saw that the Golems I had made were being struck down by larger Golems in a one-sided fight.

There were three enemies, and they were all very big.

“Iria… Can you do it again?”
“Leave it to me, Sir Joshua!”

Iria and I dismounted and ran towards the Golems.

Then one of them raised its arm in order to crush us.


I immediately began to absorb the Golem’s arm.

While unleashing the rocks behind me, I carved away at the Golem’s body until the Doll Stone, which was its core, was exposed.

“Iria, now!”

When the dark red stone was visible, Iria severed it in half. The rocks immediately crumbled to the ground.
Of course, I recovered the doll stones.

Another started to swing at Iria, but I moved between them and absorbed its arm.

And just as the dark red stone was visible, Iria cut that one as well.
Like that, two Golems were destroyed.

As for the last one, its arms were being held by the two Golems I had made.

Iria now had a good idea of where the stones were located, and so she was able to cut it out of the Golem’s chest before I had even absorbed any of the rocks.

The Golem crumbled loudly to the ground.

Good. We were able to get the Doll Stone from each one.

“Phew. Good work, Iria.”
“No, it’s all your power, Sir Joshua! But more importantly, the Doll Stones…”
“Aye. I was able to gather six fragments. Now I can make six Golems. Or I can break them down and make even smaller Golems.”

Iria should be able to cut them in half without destroying them.

“In any case, this was a success. And you Golems also did well… Huh?”

The Golems I had made were turning to a certain point of the rocky area.

There was a…hole… And what looked like stairs leading underground.

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  1. A labyrinth? Or maybe a forgotten laboratory? Or even a dungeon, possibly? (I doubt this one though.)
    If they find a production method for the Doll Stones, it would be a massive upgrade in a lot of ways.

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