Seisan Mahoushi – 111

Chapter 111 – It Landed!?

And so we headed towards the lighthouse while fighting our way through the Shield Shells that were nearly covering the whole island.

In front of the lighthouse, I could see Mette, who was swinging around her club and smashing the Shield Shells to pieces.

“Mette. Is everything alright!?”
“I’m fine! Being able to fight like this has cured me of my seasickness!”

Apparently, Ymir and Celes had already gone into the lighthouse.

“Sir Joshua! They’re coming! Something insane is happening over by the sea!”

And then Berdos stood by the entrance of the lighthouse and said,

“Leave this to me.”
“I will protect the door as well. Joshua, you and the others should hurry up and go inside.”

Mette agreed.

‘Thank you,’ I said, and we headed up to the top of the lighthouse.

“Celes! What do you mean by the sea… What!?”

As I climbed up the steps, I saw the sea on the south side of the island.
However, it was not the calm sea that I had seen previously.

There were great, whirling waves on the surface. They became bigger, and then a giant pillar of water erupted.

What came out of the sea then, was a huge head that was about ten beters high, and writhing tentacles that looked like logs… A monster octopus known as a Kraken.

The tentacles were the same as the one that Iria had cut earlier. So this was the main body.

At the appearance of the Kraken, the Shield Shells retreated into the sea as if they had been given an order.

As for Iria and the others, this was the first time they had seen such a creature, and they looked on with wide eyes.

“It’s so…big. I never thought such a creature could exist in this world.”

Iria and the others had seen dragons and other large creatures. However, they were nothing in comparison.

I too had never seen a Kraken in my life.

They were powerful monsters that were feared by sailors all over the world.
Even a ship would not be able to avoid being sunk if those tentacles latched on to it.
One of the reasons that human ships did not travel out too far into the sea was because they had no way to fight against such monsters.

However, why was it so close to the shore?
Though, since this was not a place where ships would sail often, it could have been living here…

But then again, people had been living near the underground lake until they were driven out.
In that case, the Kraken must have appeared here recently.

Regardless, this was not someone who we could have a conversation with.
We had to fight back.

“Everyone, we’re going to fight it here. I will cover the lighthouse with purple iron. And we will survive this!”

I said, and then Iria answered.

“No, I am the one who angered it. And so I must clean up this mess… Ms. Asuha, please carry me up into the air and drop me on top of its head.”
“Th-that is reckless even for you, Ms. Iria. While I may be able to take you to it, if you were to fall into the sea…”

Asuha said in an unusually frantic voice.

She thought that it was dangerous even for someone like Iria.
Iria may defeat the Kraken, but she might end up dying anyway if she fell into the sea.

However, the enemy did not seem like someone who would retreat, no matter how many tentacles were cut off.
We had to cut up the actual body to do real damage.

“Alright…let’s lure it to this place. Monica and Iria, you target its eyes. While it will be difficult, it should make it mad enough to move towards us.”

The two nodded and held up their bows.

And then Ecleshia said,

“In that case…I will deal with the tentacles that go up onto the beach. I will stop them from moving.”

And then she descended from the lighthouse.

“Everyone else, stay here.”

And like that, the battle against the kraken began.

First, Iria and Monica’s arrows hit the kraken’s eyes with impressive precision.
Ymir also shot with a crossbow, but the bolts did not reach it.

The kraken unleashed a low sound and then disappeared into the water.

But no one actually thought it had retreated.

And immediately after, numerous tentacles shot out and towards the island like flying fish.

I cast magic shield around the lighthouse.

In the meantime, the tentacles had reached dry land, but were now struggling against a different kind of tentacle that stretched out from the ground.

Tree roots and vines…plant tentacles.

When I looked at the base of the lighthouse, I saw that Ecleshia had put her hands on the ground.
Apparently, she was using the island plants to bind the kraken’s tentacles.

But due to this tug of war between the two tentacles, the island began to shake violently.

“Mette! Berdos! Now!”
“Leave it to me!”

While they had this opening, Berdos and Mette began to sever and crush the bound tentacles, one after another.

“While they look rather disgusting, we might be able to use them for food.”

Mette observed as she swung her club.
Berdos did not look like he was struggling either.
Both of them did not find the task difficult.

In the meantime, Iria had unsheathed her sword and was rushing forward.

Iria sliced the tentacles into multiple pieces, so that they stopped moving completely.

Her sword swings were so precise that Monica, Berdos, and even I was surprised.

“She seems to have improved even more…”

If this continued, I would no longer be able to see her when she moved. Even now, it seemed that she moved great distances if you took your eyes off her for just a moment.

In the meantime, Asuha returned after flying high in the sky.

“Sir Joshua. I observed it from above the sea, and it seems like the kraken’s body is moving closer to the island. Also, from the west, there are several boats similar to ours that are approaching.”
“Human boats? …No, we must focus on defeating the kraken now. Asuha, continue to gather information from the sky. Melk and I will support Iria together!”
“Ymir and Celes, you stay behind us!”
“Baahh! Leave it to me!”
“Celes and I haven’t done anything… Ah, yes, yes.”

While rushing down the stairs, Ymir seemed to be taking something out from her waist pouch.

And then we arrived at the south side of the island.

There, we saw Iria, who had already cut down all of the tentacles that were moving towards us.

Mette muttered with a confident expression.

“Is that all? It wasn’t as strong as it looked.”
“No, the main body will still arrive. And it has a great mouth. You will also have to be careful of poison. Besides, a body of that size cannot be severed with a sword.”
“In that case, we just have to cut it hundreds of times!”

Iria said confidently.

Well, it might be possible if it was her…

Just then, Ymir opened her mouth.

“Iria! Use this! Light it and then throw it into the kraken’s body!”

Ymir handed her something that was round and wrapped up in dried plants.

“Ymir, what is that?”
“It’s a surprise. A weapon that my father invented… Here it comes!”

Very close to the beach, a large pillar of water shot up into the air.

What then appeared, was the kraken, its huge mouth open wide, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth.

The sight of it sent a chill down my spine.

However, Iria lit Ymir’s sphere without hesitation, and threw it into the kraken’s mouth.

“Everyone, cover your ears!”

Ymir shouted, and I understood what she meant.

And so I quickly created a rock wall in front of us and then cast Magic Shield.

Eventually, a bright light flashed from behind the wall, and illuminated the area around us.

And after a short delay, there was an explosive sound that still felt deafening even when we were covering our ears.
Then the ground shook violently, and a blast of wind smashed against the stone walls. Lastly, water sprayed into the sky and came down over us like rain.

Once we could hear nothing but the crashing of waves, we hesitantly looked behind the stone wall.


On the beach, there was something lying there, huge and burned.

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