Makai Hongi – 338

Chapter 338

“The sky is so blue.”
I said with a nihilistic smile, but I doubt anyone saw me.

I had likely been blown away by a magic bullet that was unleashed by Melvis.
A stray bullet that had been targeting residents of the Celestial World.

Still, it was so big. But considering this was Melvis, perhaps this was actually on the mild side in terms of damage.

Somewhere, far away, Melvis was battling the invaders.
“But it came from right above me. Where the hell is he shooting them?”

It would have had to travel a great distance.
It was so non-standard, that I couldn’t even tell where the battle was taking place. And that was bad.

But as there was no point in lying on the ground here, I decided to get up.
If I really did charge into Melvis without a plan, would I make it to him alive?

It seemed very unlikely.
If my timing was bad, I would be taken down in one shot by his wide-area magic attacks.

So it was really just a matter of luck.
I didn’t like to rely on such a dangerous gamble. And so I would have to change strategy.

“I’ll get rid of the celestials first.”
Surely Melvis would stop this destruction if there were no enemies…I think.
He would, right?

And once the enemy was gone, and he calmed down, I would find the right timing and approach him. That was good.
“Just in case, I’ll strengthen my body to the limit and annihilate the enemy… That’s the plan.”

I didn’t know where the battlefield was, but I ran in the direction where the damage looked the most severe.

After running for some time, I started to see the scattered bodies of the celestials.
Most of them did not retain their original shape.

As it was an invasion, I thought most of them would be very strong, but the corpses looked like those of small fry, if anything.

“Did they rely on sheer numbers this time?”

Instead of sending their best, they decided to use the weight of numbers.
That wasn’t like them. The residents of the Celestial World were supposed to act logically.

By the way, when residents of the Demon World die, the mana leaves their bodies and they become an ordinary corpse.
But in the case of celestials, their bodies release holy power, which disturbs the mana in the area for some time.
But I didn’t think think was deliberate.

“…Oh, there. There.”

At quite a distance away, I saw a celestial.
As they did not dye their clothes, they were easy to spot. They always wore pure white.

I guess they didn’t care about fashion… In fact, they were all wearing identical robes.
You could tell that they didn’t care about anything outside of their research.

I suddenly recalled how researchers also wore white in my past life.
Researchers and white clothes. I wonder if there was some connection there.

I thought of such pointless things while walking, and then I came upon some celestials who were alive and moving.

There were only two of them.
As they were invading from the Celestial World, I thought they would put up a ‘holy power barrier’ before moving, but it was not the case.

The area was filled with mana.
So what were these two trying to do?

With my body still strengthened, I charged towards them at full speed, and slammed one of them with the hexagonal club.
“How weak.”

The body folded in as it flew away. The other one watched, too stunned to move. Did they have no battle experience at all?
And so I pierced its undefended stomach with the hexagonal club.

This follow up attack killed the second one in a single hit, and I could sense a small amount of holy power seeping out of its body.

It had been a one-sided fight. They had been very weak for celestials.
You could compare them to mid-rankers in the Demon World. I doubted they would be any higher than that.

Melvis was probably fighting farther ahead.
So, what had these two been trying to do?

“Were they searching for something?”

It looked like they were searching for something or someone.
And the actions of celestials were supposed to be based on logic.

I didn’t understand much beyond that, but there must have been a reason for them to move away from the others.
“But I guess it means I’m closer to the battlefield now.”

My goal was to reach Melvis in one piece.
I would die in a second if I let my guard down. And I had died enough already.

In fact, I don’t think that I’ll be able to come back if it happens again.
And so I would brace myself and move cautiously.

After Melvis had left, Great Demon King Dalm returned to his study and took care of the work that had been piling up.
He had been a Great Demon King for a few hundred years now. And he could sense that things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Currently, there were only two Great Demon Kings in the Demon World.
And since Dalm was one of them, he had to be very careful.

The larger your lands were, the harder it was to keep track of everything.
Especially when your reign has lasted for this long.

“How tiresome this is…”

Melvis had no interest in ruling. But he was an exception. Most who were strong wanted many subordinates under them, and they wanted a country where they could make all of the decisions.

And the larger the country, the more decisions you would have to make.
After all, you were the one with the final say.

Dalm had built such a country.

His work never seemed to decrease. And he started to ask himself if this was really the kind of country he had wanted. It was then that a servant ran frantically into the room.

“What is it?”

Perhaps he had become tired now that Melvis had gone.
Still, Dalm admonished the servant and demanded that he calm down.

“King Dalm. We’ve just received word of an invasion from the Celestial World within this country.”

“…I see. We’ll drive them back at once. Give the order for the Fire Dragons to be dispatched.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Dalm watched with calm eyes as the servant ran in a wild haste.
So, the celestials were here.

There had been signs, so he wasn’t surprised.
However, it was definitely very troublesome.

“Demon King Bardodo and Demon King Tralzard’s lands were invaded recently, so I suppose it’s my turn now.”

Dalm had many brilliant subordinates working for him.
Things should be fine if he left the matter to them.

It was as he was thinking this, that the servant returned in a panic.

“King Dalm! It’s a disaster!”
“Calm down… What is it now?”

Why did he have to tell him this twice?
He thought with annoyance, but urged the servant to continue.

He knew that the Celestial World had attacked.
What could be worse than that?

“It’s terrible. The invaders are battling Lesser Demon King Melvis. And King Melvis has gone mad.”

It was truly the worst news.

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