10th Year – 20

Part 2 – Chapter 2 – Carbonated Spring

“All right, we’ll meet up later in the resting area.”

Tor said, and then he went off to the changing room.
The twins watched him go, and then turned to the entrance to the changing room for women.

(He really seems used to it.)
(They must bathe a lot in Japan.)

They thought to each other.
Up until now, they had seen just how much he cared about cleanliness. And it was hardly a bad thing for a traveling companion to be clean.

(Should we…knock first?)
(I don’t know. Mr. Tor entered without doing anything.)
(I just don’t know the right etiquette.)

As the twins stared at the wooden door to the dressing room, one of the workers at the inn looked at them suspiciously before opening it and going inside.

(Well, I guess you don’t need to knock then.)
(Yes, they have a wall so you can’t immediately see inside.)
(Let’s go in.)

The two made up their minds and nodded to each other. And with synchronized movements, Euphie and Mailey stepped through the door at the same time.
Euphie closed the door behind them, and Mailey entered the changing area first.
There were hardly any people inside. The inn worker was wiping things with a cloth.

“You can get in the water.”

The worker said as she pointed to the baths.

Mailey waited for Euphie to come, and then the two began to undress.
Once they had removed their tops, the twins turned to face each other. Their eyes immediately went to the neck and clavicle above their modest chests. They wanted to know if there would be tan lines, as it had been two days since they left Durande now.

(There is nothing at all.)
(But we’ve been outside the whole time since leaving. Perhaps it’s a matter of constitution.)

After inspecting each other, they took off the rest of their clothes and put on the bathing clothes.
It was then that they felt eyes on them, and they turned to see the inn worker.

“Pa-pardon me.”

The worker continued to work busily before they could say anything.
Perhaps they had accidentally walked in with dirty feet? They both looked at their feet. This was easily done, as their forms were so slim.

(There is nothing.)
(Perhaps we were supposed to keep on our undergarments under the bathing clothes?)
(We should ask her.)
(Yes, we should.)

“Um, excuse me.”

They were puzzled by the way the worker’s voice rose oddly, but continued.

“Are you supposed to keep your undergarments on when wearing this?”
“N-no. You wear it when completely undressed.”
“I see.”

(So this wasn’t the reason.)

The two tilted their heads.

(Then why were you apologizing earlier?)
“…I was just staring, because I had never seen such pretty twins.”
“I see. Thank you.”

The two said simultaneously as they continued to get changed.
It was similar to a one-piece dress that cut off at the knees. The material was light and breathable. And when they moved their arms, they saw that it could stretch and would not hinder movement.

(It seems to be made of hemp cloth, but it is very fine.)
(It must be of good quality. I’m looking forward to the water now.)

The two went over to the bathing area and looked around.
It was rectangular. There were two baths made of stone, one in the far back and one on the right side.
Apparently, there were no other guests there.
They felt lucky to have the place to themselves. But as the sun was still high in the sky, perhaps everyone was still outside.

(By the way, Mr. Tor said we have to wash first.)
(But we can’t wash while wearing this.)

They said while folding their arms and looking at each other. It was like a mirror. Just then, Euphie noticed the wooden sign behind Mailey.
It said that you must wash your bodies before entering the water. And there was an arrow pointing to a burning stove. Above it, was a large pot of hot water.

(I think we were supposed to wash before putting these on.)
(We got ahead of ourselves then.)

Satisfied with this explanation, they took off the bathing clothes and walked carefully across the floor so that they didn’t slip.
Euphie scooped up some of the hot water while Mailey got some cold water to adjust the temperature. Then they used a towel to wash themselves.

(The towels are also soft.)
(It’s just as nice as the ones at home.)
(If we had money, I would want to buy a few of these.)
(Yes, money…)

The two looked at each other and sighed.
As Euphie began to wash Mailey’s back, she thought about the key and leather cylinder that Tor had given to her. Mailey immediately knew why, and answered her.

(His worries are quite serious.)
(Judging by what I saw of the inventory, five hundred pieces of gold is a ridiculous price for a sacrifice sale.)
(And this wish to have our combat training in dungeons is not a good sign.)
(It is insurance. In the unlikely event that he suddenly disappears. We will still be able to live on our own.)
(In order to ease his anxiety, we have to show that we can live independently.)
(Besides, if we don’t increase the number of his belongings, he will continue to wander about, without ever having his feet firmly planted into the ground.)

Euphie thought. It was now Mailey who was washing her back.

(But we need money to become independent.)

Currently, Euphie and Mailey had practically no money. And so they relied on Tor to live.

(I suppose the best solution is to experience battle in the dungeons so that we can acquire materials from monsters and sell them.)
(It won’t be much money, though. That’s not very reliable.)

They finished by pouring water over their heads. Then they put the bathing clothes back on and headed to the baths.
Even as they walked, Euphie and Mailey debated different ways of earning financial independence.
They stood at the rim of the bath and dipped a finger in to check the temperature.
It was almost lukewarm.

(As it is carbonated, they can’t let it get too hot.)
(It’s the perfect temperature if you want to take your time and relax.)

They quietly sank their feet into it. Bubbles rose, as the water slid over their delicate white skin.
They looked at the burst of bubbles curiously, and then allowed the rest of their bodies to sink.


They said with a sigh.

(This is rather good.)
(I think I might have to stop at all of the hot springs on our travels.)
(Well, let’s enjoy this moment now.)
(We can drink carbonated potions after getting out… Ah, wait, that is a way…)
(Mailey, can that really be done?)

Euphie asked. She was very curious about the idea that had vaguely popped into Mailey’s head.

(Theoretically, it should be possible.)
(Then we can make the containers like this…)

Euphie thought of the actual shape, material, size and construction in her mind, Mailey received it and added her own theoretic explanations.
With their thought-sharing fully at work, information of science, engineering, calculations of necessary funds and acquisition of materias went back and forth…
But to any onlooker, it would have just seemed like the two were relaxing in the comfortable water of the hotspring.

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