10th Year – 40

Part 3: Chapter 9 – Red Thunder’s Achievements

Tor and the twins visited the Adventurers Guild in order to prepare for the attack on the magitec beast nest.
Mailey approached the front desk.

“We want some effervescent powder. Do you have any?”
“Yes, we do. We have more in stock than usual, in preparation for the coming attack on the nest.”

The twins had negotiated behind the scenes, and now the effervescent powder that allowed you to easily make carbonated potions was carried in guilds all over the land.
But Mailey stayed humble, and paid seven coppers and purchased it in bulk.
They also bought some potions that had been adjusted for carbonation, and then returned to Tor.

“We bought it. Was there anything else we needed?”
“I think that you two need some new shoes.”

Tor left the guild with the twins and they headed for the market district.

“It seems like the effervescent powder is spreading quite well.”
“Because Flaretalia has been pushing it very hard. It is becoming a successful brand.”
“While we sold the rights to it in order to spread it, at this pace, it may not be long before we enter the hierarchy as well.”

Euphie said with a laugh as she looked at Tor.

“We may catch up to you before long, Mr. Tor?”

He agreed with Euphie.

The hierarchy was decided based on reports submitted by branch managers during regular meetings.
The number of completed quests, hunted monsters, magitec beasts and their threat level. Those whose abilities stood out above the others would be assessed and rated.

The carbonated potions developed by Euphie and Mailey would have raised the chances of survival for many Adventurers. If it could be shown that the death rate had lowered, and it was due to the potions, that alone could put them in the top forty.

“In your case, you also have the Flaretalia dungeon, which had not been sealed for many years. I think you could reach about 37th.”
“That’s it? Well, we haven’t been Adventurers for very long, so it cannot be helped.”

When compared to the achievement of all Adventurers, 37th seemed unexpected to Mailey, as she sighed as if disappointed.
Euhpie tilted her head and looked at Tor.

“…Mr. Tor. You are 17th, yes? What did you do to rise so high?”
“I think it happened naturally as I searched for a way to return, and explored ruins of the ancient civilization.”

He said it lightly, but he had gone into remote mountains where he could not restock on supplies, and hunted magitec beasts in city ruins by himself. He had been quite reckless.

“But I think there were two things that really helped it go up. Killing the magitec dragons of the Gazan wastelands, and getting through the mad demon horde in the Sayara sea of fog.”

He had gone up ten ranks. Tor thought back with a smile. The twins looked at him with stunned expressions.

The magitec dragons of the Gazan wasteland were a group of dragons that had turned into magitec beasts. They were five to ten times more dangerous than ordinary dragons. You would usually need to send out an A-Rank party to hunt just one of them.
But there were more than a hundred of them in the Gazan wastelands.
There were documents that told of a giant city ruin at the end of the wasteland, as well as a grand library. But no one had seen this, as it was said to be impossible to get through the dragons.

As for the Sayara sea of mist, it was filled with powerful monsters of mixed blood. And there were some mutants who were strong enough to annihilate an A-rank party by itself, and they were working together in groups.
The Sayara was a great forest land that was shrouded in mist, so visibility was bad. Once, multiple Adventurer Clans had joined forces and sent two hundred men into it. But in just half a day, twenty percent of them were dead.

Both places were incredibly dangerous, and anyone with even a passing knowledge of the land would know to avoid them.

“Why are you still alive?”
“Because I am not dead.”

Tor replied calmly, but the twins shook their heads with disbelief.

“I suppose you wanted to find something in the grand library in the Gazan wastelands. But why did you go to the Sayara sea of mist?”

Euphie asked Tor.
Tor was apparently worried about someone listening, as he whispered in Euphie’s ear.

“Because I read in the Gazan grand library, that there is a great beastkin settlement in the depths of the Sayara forest.”

Euphie held her ear and leaned back. Mailey was also blushing a little.
Tor narrowed his eyebrows at this unexpected reaction.

“What are you doing?”
“Anyone would do that if someone suddenly whispered in their ear!”
“You should be a little more aware of your appeal!”
“…Ah, I forgot that you two are supposed to be sheltered ladies.”
“What do you mean, supposed to?”
“You should be a little more aware of our appeal!”

Tor could only apologize as the twins yanked him from both sides.
Once they had made him repent, Mailey became serious again.

“Still, beastkin? I understand now why it had to be kept a secret.”

Beastkin were humanoid monsters that could speak in the human tongue. And it was said that they had come from another world during the age of the ancient civilization.
During that time, all living creatures that came from other worlds were categorized as monsters, and were targeted for expulsion.
Aside from beastkin, there were elves, dwarves, demons, vampires, demihumans and others. Some of them warred with the ancient civilization, while others tried to negotiate.
Now, there were no more demihumans in the lands of men. It was said that they were either living in hiding or that they had gone extinct.

The reason that Tor was secretive, was that unlike the elves, which had ultimately made peace with the ancient civilization, the beastkin were still seen as monsters by law, and were supposed to be hunted.
Of course, since no one had seen any recently, it was starting to be forgotten. But Tor wanted to be cautious.

“And did you meet the beastkin?”

Euphie asked, and Tor nodded in reply.

“I did meet them. However, too many generations had passed, and so they did not know anything about the ancient civilization. Though, I did learn various other things.”
“I see. But I’m still amazed that you survived being in such a dangerous place.”
“There are supposedly several settlements with populations in the hundreds. I even fought some duels with the strongest fighter in one settlement, and he was just as good as me. They had incredible physical ability and a great sense of smell.”
“Just as strong as Mr. Tor… It is hard to imagine such a thing.”
“It just shows that in this world, there is always someone who is stronger.”

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