Makai Hongi – 339

Chapter 339

○ Great Demon King Dalm’s Castle – Dalm

Upon hearing that Melvis had gone mad, Great Demon King Dalm raised his arms high into the air.
And then they slowly moved to his head, and he muttered, ‘damn it.’

According to the report, Melvis had been on his way home when he clashed with the invading celestials.
The situation was completely out of control now. And Dalm wasn’t sure what to do.

“Call back the Fire Dragons.”
They would just be incinerated or turned into mincemeat if he sent them towards an angry Melvis.

“And have everyone in the area evacuated. It’s probably too late for them, but I want everyone to retreat, including the soldiers.”
“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“And contact all of my Generals. They must not go any closer. That is an order. It must be very clear, or the ones who were not around long ago will not understand.”

Dalm gave order after order. But even then, he could not feel easy.

He had no idea what would happen now that Melvis was mad.
At worst, he might have to consider abandoning the country and fleeing for a while.

“Damn it. Why did this…”

Dalm could do nothing but sit in his castle and grumble.
One wrong move here could draw Melvis’s anger towards them. It was best to leave him alone.

However, he tried to think of something that could get them out of the situation.
(My predecessors had been very careful about avoiding any fights…)

Dalm was a Dragon.
Dragons liked to fight, but it was rare for them to become Demon Kings or Great Demons Kings.

In most cases, their violent nature was their downfall. And they would die before they accomplished their ultimate goal.
They cared too much about fighting, and showing their power on the battlefield.

They would get wounded on the battlefield, but continued to fight until they had no strength left. And then they would die.
That was the end that awaited many Dragons.

Tralzard and Dalm had survived, but they were special.
Their unusually cautious personalities had saved them.

They did not allow themselves to be lost in the fighting.
And after many long years, they reached the top.

It was said that King Bargman had been very adamant about avoiding any conflict with Melvis.
Well, Bargman had said this himself.

Immortal Melvis… That’s what they called him when he was a Great Demon King.
He was one of Lesser High King Yamato’s three most powerful subordinates.

They said that it was Zaldan the Mad who was the most dangerous of the three, but according to Bargman, it was Melvis who had slaughtered the most of their foes.

When Melvis fought, many people died.
It didn’t matter if they were allies or enemies.

“…I suppose I have no choice then. Somebody, come!”
Dalm called for a servant.

“Yes, what is it?”
“So, King Melvis is fighting the celestials.”

“Yes. I heard that they are fighting on the west side of the country.”
“Then we shall also fight these celestials. If there are no enemies, then King Melvis may regain his calm.”

It was a gamble.
Yamato had disappeared from the Demon World because of an invasion from the Celestial World.

Hera had done something to him.
That was why Melvis hated the celestials so much.

If he had no more targets, then there would be nowhere to direct his anger.
It sounded like a good idea.

“With all of the power in this country, we will eradicate the residents of the Celestial World.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Dalm swore.
They would kill them all. And have Melvis leave the country.

○ West Side of Great Demon King Dalm’s Country – Lesser Demon King Melvis

There had been invasions from the Celestial World every now and then during the time that Melvis was still awake.
Sometimes the gap could be a few decades, sometimes it was hundreds of years. But a hole would open up in the sky and the celestials would descend.

Most of the time, they were small-scale invasions that were driven by a hunger for magic stones.
Melvis himself had never heard of an invasion that was on the same scale as the eventual great war.

As for the country that Melvis showed little interest in governing, it had been left alone by the celestials up until now.
Of course, it was just a matter of probability, as the country was so small.

And so this encounter with Melvis was a very rare case indeed.

“…Tornado of Darkness.”
A tornado of corrupted, condensed mana covered the ground.

And the residents of the Celestial World who were nearby could do nothing but scream before their death.
If you were covered by mana that was dozens of times more condensed than miasma, even residents of the Demon World wouldn’t stand a chance.

It wouldn’t have mattered if they were within a barrier of holy power, the results would be the same.
Indeed, there was a barrier of holy power cast around Melvis.

An advance party came from the sky and pushed towards Melvis in three separate waves.
And Melvis was sending them to their graves without exception.

However, in the meantime, the barrier was completed.

They came from such a far distance that even Melvis didn’t notice them, and with a speed that made it seem like they were trying to use all of their holy power at once, they weaved the barrier.

“Even this wind can’t shake it. Usually, they are created to prevent any interference from the outside…”

Perhaps this was a more troublesome barrier than he thought.

It had been made so that it would be difficult to break from the inside.

There was no central core. It was a new type of barrier.

Their barrier technology had advanced.
It wasn’t just their barriers, but their strategies had also changed. Melvis could feel it.

“In that case, I’ll just have to crush them thoroughly.”
As Melvis started to understand how the barrier worked, he also began to sense the presence of the celestials within the barrier.

As long as they were inside the barrier, his power would be halved, while theirs would double.

As long as he was here, they would have the absolute advantage.
And he could now see that the place was crawling with enemies.

“There are likely people outside of the barrier who are maintaining it. But I can deal with them later.”
When it came to barriers of this sort, things were reversed–in other words, they would be easy to break from the other side.

And so it wasn’t difficult to imagine that the enemy would position people outside so that no one destroyed it.
Melvis intended on killing everyone inside, and then breaking the barrier before dealing with them.

And he very much believed he could accomplish it.
Yes, he was that calm.

He was calm, but also mad.
So mad that he wanted to destroy everything that stood in his way.

It was an invasion on a moderate scale.
And yet, that great war that resulted in the loss of Lesser High King Yamato…

Melvis was so angry that one would be reminded of that war.
As the tornado of darkness raged around them, Melvis’s eyes burned a fiery red.

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