Makai Hongi – 283

Chapter 283

Because I had stood in their path, the Wild Hunt was now focused solely on me.
That was fine.

I was the only one here.
And they were not strong enough to beat me if there were any distractions.

So I knew that they would come at me in full force.

“However, situations have a way of changing rapidly.”
I had sent my men far away so that they wouldn’t be seen.

But I did tell them to launch magic attacks once the fighting began.
In other words…my plan had worked.



The magic bullets exploded.
They were being unleashed by the Lamias.

In spite of their large bodies, they were good with magic.

The Lamias were known to wrap around their prey and strangle them before biting into their heads.
I had assumed they would use poison, but it was apparently easier to use magic. It was no wonder.


Because of this, I used the Lamias as cannons in this plan.

The enemy was looking around frantically, but they would find nothing.
These magic bullets were like arrows.

They flew in an arc from a great distance.
And within these trees it would be difficult to find the source of the attacks.

“A little present for all of you. Please enjoy.”
I said while backing away. The last thing I needed was to be caught in the storm of attacks.

“Spread out!”
The order was shouted repeatedly from within the Wild Hunt.

While these magic bullets had range and dealt a lot of damage, they did not have much precision.

Still, enough were coming down to turn the place into a field of fire.
So even if they spread out, they would still get hit eventually.

I watched with folded arms, as the blown off arms and torn legs of the enemy went flying into the air.

“Now, run. Run… Run some more. Hehehehe…”
Ah, I was starting to laugh like a villain.

But I actually felt like the embodiment of justice, who was punishing the wicked… Damn it.

From what I could see now, the members of the Wild Hunt had high defense ability.

And so even if they were hit directly, they mostly just lost an arm or leg.

“Ogres would have been turned into a pile of ash. It’s really not fair.”

And with just one arm lost, they could still run.
Yes, they were quite tough.

“Well, I still have another present ready.”

The magic stopped.
It wasn’t because they were out of mana, but I had told them to stop after a certain amount of time had passed.

And the Lamias had obeyed me faithfully.
After all, what would come next was…

“Haaahaa! Purge them!!”

Meatheads from the sky… The Vampires had come.

“We are the invincible Vampires. We only advance on the battlefield!”
“Kill them all! Even in the land of death, there is no retreat!”
“Don’t worry about hurting your comrades. Push them aside and go forth!”

The questionable chants rang as they attacked the enemy.
Damn it. How about you at least try to not attack each other?

I had been worried that they would not even be able to wait until it was their time.
I even thought of leaving them altogether.

It was incredibly difficult to control people who went out on the attack with absolutely no regard for their own defense.

You had to tell them repeatedly, and use a little force to get through to them.

“…How did this even happen?”

Vampires weren’t supposed to be meatheads.

This was now one of the seven wonders of the Demon World.
Not that I knew what the other six were.

In any case, the high-ranking Vampires were charging into the enemy as if they were possessed by Ogres.

The ground was burnt by the previous attacks of the Lamias.
Nothing remained of the trees that had been hiding them.

And there was one other thing that was very important.
“…They’ve spread out. Perfectly.”

This was after they had scattered in order to avoid being hit by the magic bullets.
And then the Vampires attacked them.

“Kill them all!”
Claws slashed and enemy heads went flying.

As Vampires were of the high-ranking races, they were quite strong as individuals.
And that carried more weight in chaotic battles like this one.

“They seem to be hunting down the ones that deal the most damage first. Impressive teamwork.”

Attack the enemy with ranged magic and then ambush them from the air amidst the chaos.
It was a good pattern, and I would continue to train them in this direction.

As I watched the battle, I saw that my Vampires were superior in every corner.
Except the place where Nehyor was.

He was likely with his closest men as well.
And they appeared to be unscathed.

“Maybe it’s time for act four…no, not yet. Maybe I should go in myself.”

And so I moved through the battlefield, wading through those who were fighting, and into the enemy formation.

“All of you!”
I shouted.


Yes, they were well trained.
But for some reason, it did feel like I was leading a group of Ogres.

“Trample them!”


They replied in unison. And the Vampires moved with a greater momentum.
Heads rolled as they went deeper in.

Now, we are getting very close, Nehyor.
I bared my teeth and laughed.

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

As he tried to move his army in order to ambush Demon King Tralzard’s tent, the line suddenly stopped.

The Shadow Runners’ ‘Hide Together’ was still activated, and so it was unlikely that the enemy scouts had spotted them.

Besides, he had found them in advance and eliminated them.
“Were there more than we thought?”

He could hear the sounds of fighting now. So it was true.

Apparently, Tralzard was even more cautious than he thought. There must have been numerous scouts in the surrounding area.
He waited for a moment…but the line did not move.

“Huh? Legras. Can you go and see what is happening? I am too short to see.”
“Of course, Lord Nehyor. Just wait a moment.”

As they had chosen a place that would help keep them hidden, there were a lot of trees that obstructed their vision.
But just as Legras left to see what was happening, ‘Hide Together’ was deactivated.

“What? But it’s too early.”
At the same time, the line broke up.

His soldiers were separated, from left to right, and he had a clear view up ahead.
And he could not believe what he saw.

“Golan!? But why?”

Golan should not be here.
It had not been so long ago where they met in front of Lesser Demon King Kyuka.

“How!? …No, but since he is here, it must mean that he has come to spoil my plans again.”

Now that ‘Hide Together’ was gone, it was necessary to eliminate Golan as soon as possible.

“Surround him!”
As he shouted this, magic bullets rained down from the sky.

The barrage of magic crashed down over his men.
They were so powerful that trees exploded after being hit.

And yet most of his men still survived.
Yes, they could still fight if this was the best Golan could do.

“But there may be a lot of them.”
He didn’t know who was shooting at them.
Perhaps there were forty or fifty. Where had they come from?

“Legras! Have them spread out!”
It would be no good for them to stay together. They had to escape the range of magic attacks.

Legras also knew of the danger they were in.

“Tsk… Golan. Have you really gone and done it?”
He had set a trap.

That meant that Golan had read his movements.
Nehyor had always thought that Golan was not like any other Ogre. But this was still a surprise.

“Spread out!”
Legras’s voice echoed.

While there was some group of magic soldiers hiding in the distance, they would be fine if they could survive this. Tralzard would know that they were there, but it couldn’t be helped.

First, he had to take Golan down.

“Move out of my way!”
He shouted. That was when the magic bullets stopped.

“…Are they out of mana?”
It was perfect timing. Now he could hunt Golan.

But his joy was short-lived.

Vampires had launched a surprise attack from the sky.

“Why are there Vampires here?”
He could not make sense of it at all.

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  1. I wonder if these vampires will end up evolving into another different race of vampire aside from Elder Vampire because of special circumstances. Call them Hyahaa Vampires or something…

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