Makai Hongi – 63

Chapter 63


There were five watch towers built in the town, and the one that was currently ringing was apparently in the direction of Demon King Tralzard’s country.

And so the sword would have to wait. We returned to the first floor.

Even without General Farneze giving out any orders, her subordinates moved swiftly.

As for the bell, it was still ringing.

“The report will come soon…ah, there it is.”

A vampire flew through the air and landed in the courtyard.

Judging by the uniform, it was a soldier.

“I have a report. Enemies have been sighted near the Forest of Thorns.”

“How many, and how long will it take them to get here?”

“Their number is unknown. As I saw the Dragon Palace, it should take them a while to reach us.”

“Dragon Palace… I see. Good work. You may go.”


“Uhh…what’s a Dragon Palace?”

“How much do you know about the Golden Dragon, Tralzard?”

“Just the general stuff. At least, I think I do.”

While Vampires were among the high ranking races, there were many that were above them.

And one of those races was dragons.

Starting with Fire and Water Dragons, there were many powerful types.

However, the real reason that dragons were feared, was because they often gave birth to ‘Origin’ types.

Origin types—the birth of a unique being due a sudden mutation.

And if they left their own descendants and started a new type, it meant the birth of a new and powerful clan. But even if that didn’t happen, they were powerful on their own.

In Demon King Tralzard’s case, he was an Origin type called a Golden Dragon. And he had many dragon subordinates.

“The Dragon Palace is a moving palace that Demon King Tralzard gives to powerful dragons. In other words, whoever is attacking us now, they are powerful and trusted enough to be given a Dragon Palace.”

I felt a chill go down my spine.

Such a thing…seemed like it was more than enough to take this town.

“Ah, you know what? I think I should be leaving now.”

“Why don’t you stay a little longer? I haven’t even given you your reward yet.”

I don’t need it. Just let me go. Can’t you read the room for once?

Damn it. I came to the worst possible place.

General Farneze herself had lots of men. Well, half of them were still at the castle.

And none of her Corps Commanders were here. They were all back in their own towns. And they wouldn’t make it in time if she called them.

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, there is only one thing that I can do, if the enemy wants to fight.”

One thing. And one result too. We lose.

In the first place, you could not even compare Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country to Demon King Tralzard’s country.

We had been fighting Lesser Demon King Leninoth until recently.

And while both sides had the same title, there had been a big discrepancy in terms of the quality of Commanders and Corps Commanders.

What about Demon King Tralzard?

Look at the size of the countries. It was dozens of times larger.

His Generals and Corps Commanders would have received lands as well. Perhaps each had land that exceeded this country.

That’s how big the difference between us was.

What about fighting force? It would not be surprising if their Commanders were as strong as our Generals.

They would have so many Commanders and Corps Commanders that were superior to General Farneze, that you couldn’t count all of them using both of your hands.

To be frank, I would be a foot soldier to them. That’s how advanced they were.

“If they are coming with a Dragon Palace…shouldn’t you just surrender?”


Makai Hongi

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