Makai Hongi – 63


A Lesser Demon King going to war against a Demon King? I could not be bothered to go along with that.

“This land was left to me by King Melvis, who was once the General of Lesser High King Yamato. I cannot give it up without a fight.”

Her courage was admirable, but who cared about that now that this country had fallen so low?

The only one who would care…Lesser Demon King Melvis, was still in a deep sleep.

“Then what about a settlement?”

Of course, talking never solved anything in the Demon World.

“I don’t know. When King Melvis was awake, he burned down and destroyed a number of towns and villages in his anger.”

Lesser Demon King Melvis had become weak after being cursed by the enemies from the Celestial World(A holy attack, from their perspective).

It was because of this that he was in a long sleep. And this had continued for hundreds of years.

And while he had been weak before that, he still ruled as a Demon King.

Apparently, he would sometimes become enraged at other countries and towns, and annihilate them by himself.

A very sprightly old man.

And Demon King Tralzard’s country had not been an exception. It was said that more than ten of his towns and villages were destroyed back in the day.

“So, he must have made a great many enemies then? I’m surprised this country still exists at all.”

“If anything, the others were just frightened. But King Melvis didn’t have any ambitions towards expansion, so the country did not grow very much. But yes, this place was feared. And even though he is asleep now, who knows when he will wake up? In fact, his slumber was kept a secret at first, which protected the country from invasion for a while.”

So, they had covered it up.

Farneze then said that it had continued for about a hundred years.

“Huh? They sure are quiet recently.”

The surrounding countries grew suspicious, and the truth finally got out.

Even still, the fear that he could wake up and wreak havoc kept them in check.

“However, these days…it seems like they think he won’t wake up at all…or he will be greatly weakened if he does.”

“I see.”

Melvis had once risen to the rank of Great Demon King.

But once the war with the Celestial World ended, and he was cursed, he fell to Demon King. And as his long rest continued, he eventually became a Lesser Demon King.

All that glory was now in the past.

General Farneze said that they now looked very vulnerable.

“Well, there it is. That is why I must stand firm as one of his subordinates. I will create a bloodbath with a dragon or two. Or three.”

This woman. She really meant to do it.

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  1. …I know he is supposed to formerly been a human, but considering how much of a muscleheaded he is, I am always surprised when the MC actually uses his head for noncombat.

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