Makai Hongi – 64

Chapter 64


Dragons who could ride a Dragon Palace were strong.

A little bit of knowledge I learned today.

“So, I’ll see you around.”

As General Farneze said that she was going to go and look at the enemy, I attempted to take my leave, but was grabbed by the neck.

Not only was I taller than the General, but I was more than twice as wide. And yet, my arms were weaker.

And like that, I was dragged on the ground. But before I knew it, I was up in the air.

General Farneze. She had started flying while still grabbing me by the neck.

“Um…do you have to carry me like this?”

I felt like laundry…

“We are almost there.”

She said evasively. And so I kept quiet.

It would be worse if I flailed around and she just dropped me.

I sighed with great relief when we finally arrived on the castle walls safely.

“How is the situation with the Dragon Palace?”

“It’s slowly approaching.”

There was something I realized while standing on the wall.

“The forest…there is no road.”

“Of course, not. It’s not as if we want to have any kind of interaction with the Demon King and his country.”

I had assumed they would be coming down a road, but I was wrong. There was only a forest that stretched on.

“Hmm? So, how are they going to come?”

“You’ll see.”

After I waited for a while, a giant turtle came walking through the forest while avoiding the trees. Well, it certainly looked like a turtle, but it had the most vicious looking face I had ever seen.

And the shell on its back was in the shape of a castle.

“So that’s the Dragon Palace.”

Apparently, Demon King Tralzard was the only person who could give these giant turtles.

And they were very rare.

What kind of person did you have to be to get such a thing?

Just then, one of the Vampires started to fly towards the Dragon Palace.

I looked to the General and asked her what it was doing.

“He went to ask them their purpose.”

“I see.”

So it’s not like they had already decided to go to war.

As I watched to see what would happen, the Vampire returned.

“Their representative is Flying Dragon Miralda. She wishes to speak to you. What is your answer?”

I had never heard of Flying Dragons.

People like me rarely got any information about races that were too high in rank.

“Tell her to keep the Dragon Palace where it is, and to come out alone. We will discuss matters outside of the town. I will be accompanied by Golan, here.”



“I’m sure you have nothing better to do.”

That’s not the problem.

“Shouldn’t you go with one of your trusted subordinates instead of me?”

“I don’t have any personnel that I wouldn’t miss if it came to a fight.”

She said it. She really said it, this General.

In other words, my death would be no problem at all.

“…No problem at all, huh?”

Indeed, the death of a single ogre would not have any impact.

“So you understand? Then let’s talk in advance.”


We had to do that too?

Did she think I was going to do something during the meeting?


Makai Hongi

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