Makai Hongi – 64


Surely I wouldn’t…no, there were too many instances when I did just that.

As the Vampire went to negotiate again, we made preparations to meet them.

A tent was pitched outside of the walls, and they set it up for the meeting.

Currently, Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country was managed by a council of three Generals.

And so it was not strange for General Farneze to represent the country.

“Well, I’m not sure why I’m standing next to her.”

Even though I was being treated as an extra, I didn’t like being in such a troublesome place.

When I asked her this, she explained that someone who openly swung his sword at a General was not likely to balk, even when facing a dragon.

Of course, in my case, it was less about not balking, and more about my inability to accurately see a person’s mana level. It meant I never really got a sense of how strong someone was. In other words, I was dull.

“The rest of you can leave.”

She made all of the Vampire helpers fall back.

It was just me and the General in the tent now.

“What will you do if we’re attacked?”

“We’ll probably die.”


“They are not someone we can beat in a normal fight.”

This person was strong enough to be given a Dragon Palace. Perhaps their name was even on the Tablet of Control.

Yes, we had no chance of winning against someone like that.

The General suddenly reacted to something.

Immediately after, the air started to shake, and the thing appeared right in front of us.

“It is I, sent by Demon King Tralzard, Flying Dragon Miralda.”

Said the graceful beauty that had appeared.

But there had been no one there a moment ago. Was it teleportation?

As I stood there in shock, General Farneze kicked me in the leg and then she gave a slow bow.

“And I am the Vampire, Farneze, of Lesser Demon King Melvis.”

“Uh, I am Golan. An ogre.”

Was that right? My greeting.

“Hmm. So you are Farneze, one of the three Generals. Very well. I am also a General.”

I realized it when Miralda laughed.

Her pupils were elongated like a reptile’s.

So this was the General of the Demon King’s country.

She had so much mana that I couldn’t measure it.

But other than that, there was something else that was bothering me.

What General Miralda was wearing. It was…

“Those are traditional Japanese clothes!”

The kind that nobles would wear. A twelve layered kimono.

“What? This is called an ‘itsutsuginu.’”

‘Itsutsuginu’…ah. I knew it. So someone must have gone to the human world after all. To Japan during the Heian era!

“I don’t care if it’s an ‘itsutsuginu’ or a ‘karaginu.’ But it looks good on you.”

Yes, on closer inspection, she was what some might call an Asian beauty.

In spite of the reptile eyes and the deer-like horns on her head, she was pretty without a doubt.

I could imagine her at a wedding in a temple… It was while I had such senseless thoughts in my head, that Miralda peered into my face.

“You…you know about karaginu as well?”

She had strange, captivating eyes.

“Huh? Oh… I’ve heard of it somewhere.”


“…So, General Miralda. What brings you to our country?”

“Ah, that’s right.”

She was clearly not satisfied, but then she remembered that it was her who had requested that we talk.

As soon as Miralda’s face became serious, it was as if the temperature in the area suddenly dropped.

She dominated the room.

“I shall relay to you the words of our king.”

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