Makai Hongi – 65

Chapter 65


The messenger that the Gold Dragon, Tralzard had sent was General Miralda, the Flying Dragon.

She had so much mana that I couldn’t even begin to measure it.

And now, she was talking in a stern voice.

“I shall relay to you the words of our king.”

I could tell that General Farneze was nervous.

She was thinking about the worst case scenario, and how she should respond.

“I want you to put an end to Lesser Demon King Leninoth and Lesser Demon King Fara’s ambitions. I do not care about what methods you use.”



General Farneze remained silent. So did I.

What had she just said? End Leninoth and Fara’s ambitions?

Why? What was happening?

“What is your answer?”

“Wa-wait a minute…”

“Hmm, Golan. Do you have a question?”

“The reason…will you tell us?”

I expected her to say that no reason was necessary. We just had to obey. However, Miralda muttered, ‘indeed, you are right,’ and she began to explain.

“We know that a number of Lesser Demon Kings around here are warring. But they are all small. Even if one manages to become a Demon King, they can be easily crushed… Wouldn’t you think?”

“Is-is that wrong?”

“It’s not wrong. However, this is not an ideal place.”

Miralda then said that her country was currently fighting with other Demon Kings.

“We are pincered by Demons Kings on the north and the south.”

Apparently, they were in the middle of a war with two countries at the same time.

Demon King Janius to the north, and Demon King Legard to the south.

And so the last thing that Demon King Tralzard wanted now, was for a new Demon King to be born in the east.

“Then he should just attack all the Lesser Demon Kings first.”

“You, I’m surprised you can say such a thing, given this is your country.”

To be honest, I didn’t have much of a sense of belonging, when it came to this country.

Even when I participated in the war, it was just because of the conscription.

Well, I was a Commander now, but up until recently, I was just an ordinary youth who lived in his village.

It wasn’t easy to suddenly feel any patriotism.

But while I didn’t care about doing things for my country, the safety of my people was a different matter.

They were people that I wanted to protect if I could.

“So, what is likely to happen? Does he intend on invading us?”

“He very well could, but that would cause the Great Demon Kings to become cautious.”

I brought up a map in my head.

Indeed, there were countries ruled by Great Demon Kings near the smaller countries.

Tralzard was gathering power in order to try and become a Great Demon King.

If they had reason to assume this, Great Demon King Dalm and Great Demon King Bihashini might start to interfere.

He was already fighting two Demon Kings on both sides. He would not want to increase the burden.

“So, why did he choose our country?”

General Farneze was finally back. She had been frozen for quite some time.

“Oh, it’s quite simple. Your master is asleep. There is only so much that a few Generals can do, regardless of their ambitions.”

She was certainly blunt.

“…That is true. In any case, we will not take any actions that are against the will of our lord, King Melvis.”

General Farneze said. She sounded relieved.


Makai Hongi

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