Makai Hongi – 65


The king of our country was asleep.

And so this very meeting was enough to make one shudder.

What would she have done if the demand had been to surrender the country or be annihilated?

“So, what is your answer?”

“Currently, our country is run by three Generals.”

“I don’t see the other two here.”

“Yes… But we’ve always been against the idea of a new Demon King rising here. And we have not changed that stance.”

“I see. You would likely be swallowed up if one did appear. …So, does this mean that you agree to the proposal?”

Out of the nearby countries, it was Fara and Leninoth that were causing a scene.

Our boss was absent…in bed.

But even if that was still our stance, could we really put an end to their ambitions?

And so I thought about the probability of it.

Both Fara and Leninoth had swallowed up two neighboring countries.

And they would only continue on this path.

On the other hand, our country remained small and weak. That meant the gap was widening.

Leninoth had already secured the north, so what if we conquered the other four countries?

Of course, Leninoth would continue to swallow other countries, but now that he was at war with Fara, the pace would slow down.

As long as things started off well, perhaps we could swallow up one or two countries very quickly, and then be equal with them.

“The problem is our insufficient fighting force.”

If we sent all our armies to invade another country, then someone else will target us while we’re vulnerable.

Out of the three Generals, one of them had to stick near the border of Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s country, and another had to protect the castle where Lesser Demon King Melvis slept.

In other words, only one General could be sent out on expeditions.

And that was no way to bring an enemy country to its knees.

We would likely lose and have to retreat.

“You seem to be deep in thought. Regardless, you will carry this out. Or else, we will be forced to go with our second best option.”

“And uh, what is that?”

I asked hesitantly.

“Take every one of the countries in this area.”

That’s what I thought.

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