Makai Hongi – 309

Chapter 309

What Yamato had done in this Other World.
I had realized it. I almost wished that I hadn’t.

He was modifying residents of the Demon World…or you could call it a consciousness revolution.
In any case, he was boldly trying to destroy the identity of the Demon World residents.

At this point, any ideas I had of Yamato had crumbled.

“I thought it was strange. There were too few people who could fight in the Forest of Everlasting Autumn. As someone who is from the Demon World, it was unbelievable. It’s not about there being fewer high-rankers, but the ratio between combatants and non-combatants is wrong.”

I understood that I was being reckless.
I was nervous, not knowing when I might be killed. But I continued.

“And that isn’t everything. There are Redcaps in the Demon World, but no Redhats. When did you change their name?”

The Redcaps were known to be murderous Goblins.
They were similar to Imps in that they were numerous and weak. But they weren’t non-combatants.

At first I had wondered if they had evolved into non-combatants, but that was ridiculous.
What had happened in this Other World?

Why had their name changed? Why had they become non-combatants?
I had been thinking about this while traveling with Juga.

Fighting amongst each other had been banned, and this had continued for generations.
And so I thought that perhaps their instinct had weakened, and their desire to fight had faded altogether.

The name of a race existed within the soul.
So if they had separated from the original soul of the Redcaps, then perhaps it wouldn’t be strange for a new name to appear in their heads.

And so the Redcaps vanished from the Other World, and the Redhats were born.

Was this evolution? No, it wasn’t.
If he had decided on the direction and changed them according to his plans, then it was a modification.

Yamato was modifying the combatants to become non-combatants. He was doing it right now.

“I suppose that the races that have short lives would already have few memories of battles by now?”

‘Very good,’ replied Yamato.
He did not seem to care. It was almost surprising.

But my guess was correct. And I had been hoping to be proved wrong.

“So The Garden is what it sounds like. Just a miniature garden. A false world that was made to suck out the will to fight from residents of the Demon World. To pull out their spines. I would have expected you to have a better reason for not returning…”

Yes, I was terribly disappointed.

“I wouldn’t say that. Well, some of it isn’t wrong. But that’s not everything.”
Yamato said. Regardless of what his reasons were, it didn’t change the fact.

If this is what Juga’s clan was like, then the others must be similar.
This is why Pojun had said that there were few high-rankers.

If one took a shrewd view of it, you might assume that they had rebelled and were then weeded out.
They had been cut down for his convenience.

Now, there was only one problem left.

—Why was he doing this?

Yamato had come to the Human World after the barrier was put up.
I don’t know when this Other World was created, but perhaps he had already been thinking about the current situation back then.

“Your goal…is to reconcile with humans?”

That was the only answer that I could come up with.
So, was it true or false?

“How surprising. I did not expect someone from the Demon World to be so insightful.”
Yamato looked genuinely impressed.

But the only reason that I had been able to come to this conclusion, was because I had memories of being a human.
It was because I could think as a resident of both the Human and Demon world that I would even have such ideas.

“So, are you going to unleash the residents of this place onto the Human World?”
Yamato’s actions had no other explanation. He wanted to connect with the Human World.

“You seem to have perceived much. In that case, I will tell you. Starting from the beginning.”

And like that, Yamato talked about the far past.

Back when Yamato was still ruling as Lesser High King in the Demon World.
Hera was desperately testing all manner of methods to try and deactivate the barrier that Zeus had created.

However, she was unsuccessful, and at long last, Hera gave up on trying to deactivate the barrier.

“After all, it was made by the strongest being in the Celestial World, and he had sacrificed his life in order to make it. As it turned out, there were two requirements if you wanted to deactivate it.”

The first was that you had to be inside of the barrier.
And the other, was that it had to be done by someone who was equally powerful to Zeus.

Upon realizing this, Hera tried to find a way to get through the barrier.
And after sacrificing numerous lives, the theory was complete.

“So residents of the Celestial World and Demon World were sacrificed…in great numbers.”
“It was the result of Hera having multiple reasons to launch a wide-scale invasion on the Demon World.”

The great sacrifices allowed them to open a temporary hole in time and space.
Hera and Yamato were caught in it, and jumped through the hole.

Hera’s goal was to bring back Zeus—to resurrect him.
At this point, she had not killed Yamato.

Once the barrier of holy power was up, Yamato and Hera were nearly equal. No, perhaps Hera was slightly weaker.

Not only that, but as time passed, the barrier of holy power would eventually crumble.
And Yamato’s men would join them.

Hera did not have much time.
And so she wanted to finish things in the Human World, before anyone could interfere.

“What was most surprising, was that I didn’t lose much power in the Human World.”

At that time, due to Zeus’s barrier, the Human World was filled with holy power.
And yet Yamato and Hera fought. It was such a vicious battle that they could have sunk a whole continent. But once it was over, it was Yamato who had won.

“However, I couldn’t finish the job. This was because there were still celestials in the Human World back then, and they got in the way.”
And so Hera had been able to escape.

He didn’t know where she was now.
After that, Yamato went about hunting the remaining celestials.

As he traveled the world, killing these residents of the Celestial World, he started to find residents of the Demon World who had been left behind.

“And so I decided to offer them protection.”
He said that this was the beginning of the Other World.

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  1. If Yamato was unable to kill Hera then who did? Melvis mentioned he saw Hera’s soul in the underworld so she’s dead but now we know that there were celestials that saved her before Yamato could kill her and Yamato makes no mention of wounding her so badly that she’d die of her wounds so somebody else had to then have killed her after she was rescued.

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