Makai Hongi – 310

Chapter 310

“If you have memories of the Demon World, you will know what Gekokujyo is.”
“Yes…of course.”

Gekokujyo…how nostalgic.

We soldiers had been sent out. Forced to charge under a rain of magic that we could do nothing about.
I knew that we would all die if it continued. And so I challenged him.

That was the beginning of everything.

“There is no Gekokujyo here.”
I nodded at Yamato’s words.

“That’s no surprise. I suppose it doesn’t fit with the society you are trying to create.”

“You can say that the Demon World is a chain of Gekokujyo. As the strong are allowed to take everything, everyone wants to rise to the top.”
“Or they are forced to give up and live while looking down?”

“Yes. That is Gekokujyo. The reality of the Demon World. …I used Zeus’s remains as a core and made this Other World. And I brought back others of my kind who were scattered around the world. Because…”

“Because they would end up fighting with the humans. And even if they could win as individuals, they would lose as a group.”
“They were losing already when I found them. The humans were building armies to resist them.”

What age was he talking about?
People were fighting thousands of years ago. So I had no idea which age it was, but it must have been around the time people stopped seeing the monsters from mythology.

Well, he couldn’t have moved them all at once. So perhaps it had taken hundreds of years to gather all of the monsters that were around the world.

But he must have missed some of them.

“If they continued to fight with the humans, the residents of the Demon World would go extinct. And so I understand why you isolated them. However, why did you have to take away their instinct to fight?”

Yamato’s actions went against the laws of nature.
He was treating them like cattle or pets.

Yamato was remaking the residents of the Demon World so that he could control them.

“I had two options. Destroy the barrier or don’t destroy it.”

In other words, Yamato was capable of destroying it.
But the barrier was still up. In other words, he had chosen not to destroy it.

“At that time, the Human World was moving from the ancient age to the middle ages. I could see that if things continued like this, their population would explosively increase.”

The shadows had been wiped away from the world. There would be no place for monsters.
It was the right time to make a decision.

“Shouldn’t you have just deactivated the barrier?”
I purposely suggested the option he hadn’t chosen.

“If I deactivated the barrier, then many residents of the Celestial World and Demon World would have come.”

“And then they would have caused a great war. The humans would be pulled into it.”
“Surely that’s not why you didn’t deactivate it?”

“No. It was because I saw a future in which the humans joined the celestials, and fought against the residents of the Demon World. And one day, the humans would grow into a race that even we could not stand against.”

He was likely talking about developments in technology.
From the perspective of someone from the Demon World, a single rifle was a very dangerous weapon.

While high-rankers would be fine, the bullets would be enough to pierce the bodies of mid-rankers.
And what about other military technology?

Lamias and Vampires would not be enough.
What if General Miralda was hit by a tank?

And what if an Aegis ship launched a missile?
Maybe they would be fine. Maybe they wouldn’t.

What if the barrier had been deactivated during the middle ages instead? How would human weapons have evolved?
There would likely be fewer anti-human weapons, and more weapons designed to take down residents of the Demon World.

Without a doubt, the atomic bomb would have been dropped on the Demon World first.
Currently, the Celestial World and Demon World were treated as fairy tales. But once people had proof, they would not be able to remain hidden.

They would surely find a way to travel to the other worlds.

“You seem to understand it now. I didn’t deactivate the barrier because I didn’t want us to fight the humans.”
“And so you’re trying to increase the number of friendly races?”

To this question, Yamato shook his head.
That wasn’t it?

“I won’t live forever. And after I die, this Other World will not be able to exist.”
“But you said you were using Zeus’s body as a core?”

“I’m a resident of the Demon World. I am not as good with dealing with barriers as the celestials. I have to use my own mana in order to maintain the barrier.”

Apparently, it was made differently from Zeus’s barrier.
It was harder to make a world from nothing than it was to make a barrier.

And since Zeus’s barrier used something called ‘human power’ which was plentiful in the Human World, the barrier could be maintained as long as there were people.
However, since this Other World relied on Yamato’s mana, it would cease to be once he died.

“So…you wanted to get rid of the combat races because of how you predicted the future?”
“That is a rather frank way of putting it. Of course, I was going to pave the way for that.”

If Zeus’s barrier was deactivated, then there would be a war between the Celestial World and Demon World on the Human World.

In the first place, the celestials wanted our Orbs of Control, and so it was likely that they would work with the humans.

Yamato had thought hard about this, and decided to maintain the barrier. And then he worked for many years, modifying the residents of the Demon World so that they would not be persecuted by the humans after his death.

“Do you really think that is going to work?”

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  1. So Yamato has an actual legitimate reason for trying to modify the nature of demons. It’s not out of megalomania or whatever. He wants the demons to be able to coexist with the humans so that when he dies and the Garden disappears, they can still live since the alternative of destroying Zeus’ barrier would allow the celestials to regain power from human prayers and they can now command the humans against the demons to exterminate the ones on earth before then waging war on the demon world again.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Yamato wants the residents of the demon world to be able to coexist with the humans and not be exterminated by the latter, but he has overlooked the fact that humans will almost certainly join the celestials in exterminating the demons. , even if they don’t want to fight you (rather, since they won’t “be able” to fight they will be easily destroyed).

    And if the humans manage to travel to other worlds on their own, if the demons don’t have “combat races” it will be the end of them.

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