Makai Hongi – 311

Chapter 311

I was skeptical.

“Would things really go as planned?”
And so I asked him.

But Yamato’s answer was most surprising.
“I’ve laid the groundwork for that very reason.”

The groundwork that Yamato laid out was very surprising to me.
It exceeded my imagination.

At the same time, it also made sense, so that I had to say, ‘Ah, so that’s why.’
As for what Yamato had done…

“I spent many years making villains out of the celestials.”
He said.

For instance, Zeus and Hera.
They had been worshipped as deities from ancient times.

Due to their actions and appearances, they were seen as beings that would lead the humans.

Angels as well.
Their existence was in such harmony with the religions, and they were seen as saviours of the human race.

However, the barrier was built and then Zeus died.
And no one knew where Hera had gone.

After that, the rest of history was whatever Yamato wanted to make it.
And so he began to lead the hearts of men in the opposite direction.

And what about Hera’s research institution, Enra?
Enra became known as Yama, and was recognized by humans as the King of Hell, who punished the dead.

So Hera’s organization had become associated with hell.
A research institution of the Celestial World was now hell.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard this.

It was the same with the name of Yamato’s race. Yamato Takeru no Mikoto.
There was a time in history when he was worshipped as a god.

Why was a resident of the Demon World a god? I had wondered. And now I know the reason.

“There were times when I felt things had been reversed when it comes to the two worlds. So it was all your doing then.”

“I cannot rewrite any perceptions they had in the past, but there were still things I could do.”

He couldn’t stop them from seeing residents of the Celestial World as gods, but he could make them believe that they were without mercy, and that there were some residents of the Demon World who were friendly towards humans.

He said that this was the result of both him and other high-rankers going down to the Human World while using the Personification vessels.

For instance, what would happen if the barrier was deactivated?
The residents of the Celestial World would be the first to come down.

Yamato called this ‘Armageddon,’ and he had succeeded in making the humans believe that the angels were going to come down and destroy them.

And some time had passed, the residents of the Demon World would come down and fight the celestials.

Armageddon was a war of good versus evil, but if he could make the humans see the celestials as the aggressors, then he could avoid having them see the residents of the Demon World as the sole enemy.

As for how all of this would affect the way that things played out, it all depended on the actions of those in the Other World.
If they went out and attacked and ate humans, and were then annihilated by the military, then it would be impossible to repair their relationship.

And so in order to avoid such a future, Yamato was trying to change their fighting nature while in the Other World.

However, there were always those that rebelled.
After all, that was just the way things were. People in the Demon World could not help but fight.

And so rebel forces would rise and then be crushed.
This had repeated many times in the Other World.

So I understood the situation now. But if I was being honest, my reaction was, ‘why are you going through all of this trouble?’

Apparently, when the time came, Yamato was thinking of letting loose the more mild-mannered of the races to the Human World.

And he knew when that time would come.
When ‘human hunger’ was gone.

Japan aside, there were still places in the world where people were desperate for food.

It was difficult enough fending for yourself, and it would be asking too much to want them to think of others.
Yamato believed that the world wasn’t ready to accept other races.

That was the summary of what Yamato told me.

It was quite the story.
His negative campaign seemed to have been moderately successful.

He was considered to be a god, after all, and had provoked the Celestial World.
He had created this Other World, and prevented any residents of the Demon World from attacking the humans.

Enough time has passed for the residents to have become stories and legends, nothing more.
Myths, legends, folklore. Yamato had probably made a lot of them.

What did bother me, was that there was no equivalent for the 72 Demons in the Demon World.
Including Mephistopheles, these demons were all based on residents of the Celestial World.

Even Valac looked like an angel, and such stories had survived all the way up to the modern age.

Also, there was the reason that Yamato had the Personifications.
He said that he had collected them while traveling around the world in order to kill all of the celestials.

He said that the residents of the Celestial World would use the vessels to teach the humans and strengthen their faith.
The faith of the humans would become holy power, and be energy in the Celestial World.

Thanks to the success of his negative campaign, no new celestials appeared in the Human World, which meant that they would be suffering from a lack of holy power.

He really was a resident of the Demon World.
It was in places like this that you could see how severe he was.

And so I asked him what Zeus’s goal was.
“Zeus was apparently researching the souls of humans. But he was enchanted by their diversity, and made the wrong decision.”

And by that, he meant the fact that he had sided with the humans.
Zeus had been worshipped as a god from a pretty early stage, and he was heart-broken at the sight of his worshippers being hunted down.

It was the same time that more residents of the Demon World had started to invade, but if he called residents of the Celestial World as a countermeasure, the Human World would turn into a battlefield.

It might result in a war that cut down the world’s population significantly.

At the time, the Human World was not very old, and so there were not that many humans.
Depending on how things went, they could do irreparable damage.

Thinking this, Zeus decided to close off the Human World.
Not only did this use all of his power, but it even took his own life. That’s how powerful the barrier was.

Furthermore, by making his own corpse the barrier’s core, he ensured that it could not be destroyed from the outside.

Zeus’s plan succeeded, and though there were some from the Celestial World and Demon World who were left behind, the Human World was closed off completely.

In other words, whether you were looking at Zeus or Yamato, this was all the result of the whims and actions of people with power.

“What nuisances.”
That was my honest reaction.

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