Makai Hongi – 138

Chapter 138

I saw a few unfamiliar faces after entering the tent that Miralda was waiting in.

“It’s good to see you again, Golan.”
“Likewise, General Miralda.”

This meeting inside a tent.
It reminded me of the first time I was called to Nehyor’s tent.
There had been no chair for me to sit in, which caused some trouble.

Of course, this time, I did have a chair. Or at least, there was an empty chair left.

“Allow me to introduce you. This is Golan the Ogre. He’s come all of the way from Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.”

“I’m Golan.”
I did a slight bow. Let them see an Ogre with proper manners.
Yes, I could do it if I wanted.

“And these are our members. Sit down, Golan.”
“Yes, General.”

I sat down in one of the empty seats.

“You already know Dyle.”
“He’s been very good to us on our way here.”

“I see. I’m glad to hear it. And that is Oake, sitting next to Dyle.”
“A Crystal Eye?”

“Very good. Yes, Oake is a Crystal Eye. They are often called the great sorcerers of the forest.”

Oake’s entire body was translucent. He was probably male.
He nodded at me and so I quietly said, ‘good to meet you.’

There wasn’t a single Crystal Eye living in Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.
They were beings that some called crystal spirits, and they generally never left the forest.

I had never seen one before, and had never expected to in my lifetime.
I only knew of them because they had such unique appearances.

“And next we have Baltasar. A Gurangatch. He and Oake are Corps Commanders.”
“Good to meet you.”

Well, this crocodile man clearly didn’t like me.

The Gurangatch was a high-ranking Lizard Man.
Lizardmen evolved into High Lizardmen, and then from there they turned into Exlizardmen etcetera. Lizardmen evolved many times.

The Gurangatch were supposed to be a race that branched off at some point and became more crocodile-like.
They were about two or three evolutions away from the average Lizardman.

I had heard that they were like Ogres, and could not use magic, and relied on physical strength.
However, unlike Ogres, they had resistance against magic attacks, on top of being able to do great damage with their fists alone.

“And then we have my Adjutant, Minish.”
“Miss Minish has also been an incredible help while we traveled.”

“And then we have Lacte and Borg, but they aren’t here right now. Just know that they are both strong and brilliant Dragons.”

Strong Dragons… In other words, they were likely the military officers.
It made sense, since Minish and Halm were the civil officers.

Of course, they all had so much mana that I couldn’t tell who would be stronger.

“As for absent Corps Commanders, there is Ralf and Sven. But they are headed here right now, along with Halm and Borg.”

I suppose she was talking about the third army.
Miralda had now introduced nine important people. There were ten including her.

The civil officers, Minish and Halm. The military officers, Lacte and Borg. They were all Dragons, but generally took the forms of humans. They would likely transform into dragons if they had to fight. All four were Miralda’s Adjutants.

And then there were the five Corps Commanders.
Aside from Dyle, who I knew well, there was Oake and Baltasar. Ralf and Sven were supposedly on their way here.

So, this was the fighting force of a single General. It was incredible.
They could easily defeat a smaller country.

“And then the corps that was sent to my country.”
I didn’t know who had been sent, but I now had very high expectations.

“Well, let’s get down to business then. Golan. I want to change the position of your corps.”
“I see. …I don’t mind, of course. But what is happening?”

“Mmm. Originally, I was planning on having you all stay in the main camp. However, after thinking it over, I think it would be better to have you all over here.”

Miralda said as she pointed ahead of the main camp.

“That’s fine with me.”

“Indeed. Dyle will be stationed there as well, so that’s where you will train. Ralf and Sven will be sent to the frontlines when they arrive, and with that, the formation will be complete.

Miralda’s strategy map showed the different armies positioned like the points of a trident.

There were three armies on the frontlines. Oake, Ralf, and Svens names were written there.
They were the tips.

As for me and Dyle, we were at the spot where the three prongs united.

And I suppose the main camp was the grip of the trident.
Miralda and Baltasar’s names were written there. These were the positions of the five Corps Commanders.

We were supposed to undergo basic training with Dyle, so I guess that’s why we were positioned there.

It really didn’t matter to me, if we were at the main camp or not.

“Oake has already finished preparations for going to the frontlines, and Ralf and Sven will soon follow after they’ve trained their men. And it was after much consideration that I decided that you and your men should be placed here.”

I don’t care about these explanations. Just tell us where to go and we’ll go.
Were they being so nice to us because we were ‘guests’?

Such courtesies were wasted on a corps like us. It was a lot of pointless effort.
I wondered if Miralda’s subordinates were not annoyed by all of this.

“Really, they take everything literally and go and do it. And then it’s we who have to clean up the mess.”
Baltasar suddenly muttered angrily.


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  1. Yea for these ogres you need only order “Go there” “Aaarrgh” or “Stay here” “Uoorgh” such answers will come. They don’t think very much.

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