Makai Hongi – 27

Chapter 27


“Yes…I do want to take them in.”

The reason that Corps Commander Nehyor brought the power relationships up…


It wasn’t that he wanted me to understand, it was to get me to change my mind.

Still, I had no intention of doing that.


“Were you listening to me? If my prediction is right, Fara will conquer the surrounding lands and become a Demon King. And Fara will never forgive those Reapers. And yet, you still want to take them in?”


“Yes. Is there a problem?”


“Hehe. Interesting, Golan. You understand everything. And yet you want to continue?”


“Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but I don’t really care. They came to me for help.”

“And that’s enough to defy me? You said it yourself. You can’t beat me.”


“Yes. Not as I am now.”

I wondered how big the difference was between us.


To put it simply, I thought he was about five times stronger.

I couldn’t win. Most couldn’t.


“Perhaps you have plans to evolve in the near future? Are you going to be a High Ogre?”

“Not at all. I have never even thought of it.”


Indeed. If I were to evolve, my mana would jump up several times over.

In such a condition, perhaps I would have a chance.


“Hey, Golan. Let me ask you one more time. All of the surrounding Lesser Demon Kings are afraid of Fara and will not take in those Reapers. This country is the same. I am against it. In other words, if you continue on this road, you are choosing to make an enemy of me…”


“I have no intention of becoming your enemy.”

“Still. The result will be the same.”


“Then… In that case…”


Let’s be enemies then.


That’s what I said.


○ Corpse Commander Nehyor


Golan’s sudden visit was most surprising.

As the battle was done, he should have been enjoying his new hero status in the village.


After all, he had won his position through Gekokujyo. The people should be overjoyed by that.

And yet, here he was.


I think I know what it is.

He was praised so much that it got to his head.


That’s too bad. I thought Golan was smarter than that.


I had told my subordinates that a Gekokujyo might happen and that they should stand back.

They were quite shocked by this. But what other reason could Golan have to visit me?


Well, I suppose it was time to see the power that had defeated the Taiga.

Of course, I would still be the winner.


…Or so I thought. But instead, he brought up some strange story about taking in the Reapers.

Golan really was an odd one.


“Hey, do you know how the state of things are recently?”


The Reapers should have been hiding in Lesser Demon King Rumaham’s lands.

Golan didn’t know it, but when Fara and Rumaham’s countries were fighting, it was the Reapers who launched the main attack.


I had heard that it was very aggressive.

After all, the Reapers had nowhere else to go. It was no wonder.


The Reapers were strong when alone and strong in a group.

So they would give you a great advantage if they joined you. They had that one-hit kill attack, which was well-known.


Of course, most people thought of it as a dishonorable attack that killed a Demon King.

It was said that if you had Reapers as your subordinates, you would never know when they would betray you and come for your head…


Makai Hongi

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