Makai Hongi – 288

Chapter 288

Legras moved forward. He was going to fight.

“Can you really keep up with just one arm? Maybe you should back off.”
“There is no need for concern. I’m ready.”

He said as he walked over Saifo.
He focused on me alone, and didn’t even glance at the others.

I had wanted to battle with words just a little longer, but he was now impatient to fight.
And so I had no choice.

(They were really making me look like the bad guy here.)

Apparently, I was just that happy to have been able to crush Nehyor’s plans.
And I was becoming very talkative.

“I won’t be needing this against the likes of you.”
I put the hexagonal club back on my back and showed him the palms of my hands.

It wasn’t as if I actually believed it.
I just knew that with my current strength, I would not be able to wield it well.
And so I would make up for it with technique.

As for Legras, he would find it hard to stay balanced now that he was missing his right arm.
Considering the fact that it was gone from the elbow joint, I suspected that it was Beka’s doing.

Once you were in her locks, you could not get out.
I had taught Saifo and Beka well.

Of course, since Legras didn’t know that, he either went wild after she put him in the lock, or he continued to fight Saifo.
And if you do that, your arm would break at the elbow.

Saifo and Beka were not the type to swing around blades, so he probably just cut off the now useless limb on his own.
How exciting.


But if he only had one arm, his attacks would be easier to predict.
I dodged the scythe, grabbed his wrist, and broke his joint… Or I tried to, but he escaped.

(It’s too bad that my grip has been weakened.)

He just shook me right off.
Also, Legras was now cautious of my attempts to put him in a lock.

In other words, he would not make the same mistake again.
He was strong because he was able to adapt.

“You wasted no time in retreating. I guess you were all talk then.”

I provoked him now that he had backed off, and then moved closer.
It wasn’t good to give them time to think.

I was going to use Aiki.
That being said, it wasn’t like knocking people off their feet with breathing exercises.

It was a technique where you utilized your opponent’s power and attacked while adjusting your center of gravity.
I wasn’t sure if it would actually work on someone as good as Legras, but it was better than swinging around the heavy hexagonal club.

At first, it worked almost perfectly.
And I was able to land a few painful blows during our back and forth, but they didn’t do much damage.
He really was tough.

Also, Legras could easily keep up with my attacks.

(He just absorbs everything. Maybe he has a lot of potential when it comes to martial arts?)

I wanted to drag him back to Japan and put him in our dojo.
He would probably rise to acting master very quickly.

“…No, that won’t work.”
He was a bug.

“What won’t work!”
He was infuriated by my mutterings.

I hadn’t even been insulting him, but it seemed to have looked like I was.
That showed that he had a difficult personality. So he definitely wouldn’t be an acting master.

“Hey, Golan. Could it be that you’ve been weakened?”

Nehyor said from behind me.
He must have thought it strange that I was struggling against someone who was wounded.

Well, it was clear that he knew.

“Is that what you think?”
I asked.

“Yes. At first I thought you were just saving your strength, but it seems this is really your best.”

“If that’s what you think, then come and fight me. I can take you both on at once.”
“Hmm. I don’t know about that.”

The fact that he was still hesitating showed that he was cautious.
His experiences of being outfoxed by me in the past led him to think that it might be a trap.

Perhaps he thought I was saving a special power and was just waiting for him to join.

“I’m ready when you are.”
I said while throwing Legras.

At this point, he knew how to deal with my attempts to knock him off balance.

Realizing the danger, I opted to throw him instead.
There were a lot of throwing variations in judo.

And when I was out of them, I would use wrestling moves.

However, I wouldn’t be able to defeat him like this.
I was just buying time.

And if this went on for much longer, Nehyor’s suspicion would be confirmed.
I would have no chance of winning if he joined. So, what should I do?

After I threw him a few more times, Legras managed to do a clean rotation in the air and then landed on his feet.
So he was used to it now. Damn it, he was quick.

As I rummaged through the drawer in my head, trying to find something that I could do next, Legras was crushed with a wet sound.

Demon King Tralzard’s foot was on top of his back.

“Golan. What are you doing here?”
Apparently, she had come after hearing the sounds of fighting.

“Pest control?”
“Pest… Him?”

Tralzard pressed down with her foot.
While some people with certain tastes might have enjoyed it, Legras was not one of them.

Well, she was like a grandma, so I’m not sure how many people would actually enjoy it.

Legras was trying desperately to escape, but showed no signs of succeeding.
It was kind of sad, seeing him flail around like that.
He just looked like a bug that had been caught.

“I think he’s saying that you’re heavy.”
I said. Tralzard looked at me with annoyance. Was she self-conscious about her weight?

“…Hmm. With such measly amounts of mana, there is no way to enforce your own will.”
Legras’s mana was ‘measly’? I thought it was rather impressive.

But Tralzard was just judging him as an opponent.
So she was saying that he had better increase his mana level if he wanted a chance. Harsh.

Still, I was saved. Of course, I had been hopeful that there would be help from Tralzard’s side. But I couldn’t be sure of it.
Besides, if they did come, Nehyor would run away. And so I hadn’t really wanted to think about it.

“Kill the others.”

Tralzard ordered her men, and they all moved at once.
The people she had brought. They were likely her best.

Now the Wild Hunt would be annihilated. It was just a fact.

“…So, where is their leader? Surely it is not this one?”
She added more pressure. If she wasn’t careful, she might awaken something inside of him.

“It’s him, over there. He may look like a brat, but he’s actually a Lesser Demon King.”

Tralzard’s eyes moved to Nehyor.

I could tell.
Nehyor’s brain was going into overdrive.

Run or fight. How could he run, and where? Or who should he fight?

It was quite the decision to make, but I believed that he would try to run.
Even if he lost all of his men, he could still try again if he made it out alive.
He would think that.

And so I had to take the option away from him.

“Nehyor. It looks like we’ve been interrupted.”
“…Yes. So, what do you mean to do?”

Though he was talking to me, Nehyor’s eyes were still on Tralzard.
He was thinking that if anyone was going to hurt him here, it would be Tralzard.
…And so…

“I challenge you to a duel. While it’s been greatly delayed, think of it as a Gekokujyo.”

We had once been Corps Commander and Commander.
Let’s go back to that time and fight.

“Now, I’ve challenged you. What will you do?”
Tralzard smiled at this.

“I see! Yes, I would like to watch such a fight.”

Alright, the deck was cleared.
If Nehyor tried to escape now, he would never be able to live it down in the Demon World.

“What’s your answer?”

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