Makai Hongi – 342

Chapter 342

“Currently, our army is crushing their bases, one after another.”’

Said Bulei the Abyssal. And then he smirked.
You could tell that he loved to fight.

Apparently, these enemy bases were the same as the white building that I had seen.
While the residents of the Celestial World had created a holy power barrier in the center of the Demon World, it had been destroyed by Melvis.

And so there were bases all over the place now that were isolated.

“I see. So that was a base. It would have been quite the threat if the barrier had been maintained.”
“You saw one of the bases?”

“Yes…it was a chalk white building. And they were guarding over it.”
“That was likely it. And did you see any reinforcements coming from the sky?”

“I did. The sky tore open and they came flying out. But then I was seen and had to run away.”

The buildings were built so that attacking them would be difficult.
There were no windows or entrances on the first floor.

And since I was alone, I wouldn’t be able to take it by brute force.
I could have tried to destroy the walls, but they would likely just attack me in the meantime and I would die.

That’s why I had run away. But Dalm’s army was marching around and destroying them.
And they were doing it on a large scale.

“They must be targeting areas with thinner mana. They seem to be aware of such places.”
“It seems like it.”

While the Demon World was filled with mana, there are places that were thicker than others.
If the mana changes, it becomes a ‘miasma zone.’

Even residents of the Demon World could not live in such areas.
Those places were easy enough to avoid. But you could not tell how thick the mana was by sight.

Though, if you actually lived in the area, you might be able to feel the difference.
However, it is said that such people are rare. Besides, residents of the Demon World were not concerned with such small details.

And there were places where the mana was considerably thinner.
Usually, it was in the air.

I couldn’t tell, as I lived on the ground. But such places existed up in the sky.

And so the celestials would find such places and open their holes.
I suppose it would be the same if one were to go to their world from the Demon World.

They would open a hole in an area where holy power was thinner.
A place that was lower than ground level.

At the bottom of a ravine or a cave, perhaps.
I had never been to the Celestial World. But it was said that among those who had lived for over a thousand years, there are those who have gone up there.

They would have to be a very unusual type to want to go to a place where your power was halved.

Regardless, like this, we could make guesses as to which areas an invasion would occur.
However, you never heard stories about traps being set up.

Perhaps it was because there were too many possible locations. Or it was just too much trouble.
But judging from what Bulei told me, they hadn’t been trained to make lists of such places, even if they knew about them.

“Alright. We learned of one new base, thanks to you, Golan. Now we can go and tear it down.”
Bulei said enthusiastically.

The building that I had seen—the base, it was something that would have been used to help maintain the holy power barrier.

Once the barrier was set up in the center of the Demon World, there would be eight bases built within that would act as pillars.
And from that starting point, they would start to expand the barrier. Then they would build more bases and then expand again.

Like this, the barrier could be maintained as it grew, and they would slowly conquer more and more of the Demon World.

Apparently, the barriers the enemy used this time were different from previous ones.
“If you try hard enough, you can go inside of it. However, you cannot leave.”

Said Bulei.
What did that mean? If you were strong enough, you could enter the holy power barrier.

And once you were inside, you would be forced to fight the celestials.
This would be very difficult, as your power would be greatly reduced.

And you could not run away, as you were now stuck inside.
It was a terrible kind of trap.

The weak couldn’t get through it at all.
Perhaps they thought that such people could be killed, even if they were fighting outside of the barrier. They had really thought this through.

As for the first barrier they had built. Melvis had broken it from the inside.
Had that not happened, the situation might have become very dire.

It was crazy, when I thought about it. He really was a monster.

“I know where it is. So I can lead you to it.”
As for me, I wanted Melvis to return to himself as soon as possible.

And so I decided to cooperate with Bulei.
The building might have been too much for me to handle, but if we could destroy it in larger numbers, then it would be safer and more efficient.

“Alright, we’ll head over there with the whole army.”
Had the barrier still been up, I would have likely entered it without realizing what I was doing.
And then the residents of the Celestial World would have chased after me.

Even though I might have killed a few of them, there was no doubt that I would eventually run out of strength.
And so I had escaped a very dangerous situation.

Besides, meeting Bulei had given me some much needed information.
And since we had the same goal, I was grateful to be able to act with them.

“It looks like my luck is improving.”

From that battle on the lookout hill, up until this day. I had been in nothing but life-threatening situations.

It was rare for things to go as well as they were going now.
I would usually be forced to get out on my own.

I had to use my body and brain in order to survive… Well, I still ended up dying.
And yet I was still here on this day, in one piece.

“I should be thankful for this great luck… Ah, it’s right up ahead.”
I was relying on my memories of running away, but it seemed to be right.

I was sure that we were close now.
Just beyond this grove.

“Once we pass these trees… See. As you can… They’re fighting!?”

Bulei raised his voice in shock.

It was no wonder.
We had come to the base in order to destroy it. But Melvis had beaten us to it and was wreaking havoc.

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