Makai Hongi – 227

Chapter 227

Lesser Demon King Melvis asked Farneze if she could ‘see the chains.’
But Farneze could not.

However, she could see that Melvis’s hands seemed to be holding something.
But no matter how much she squinted, she could not see anything.

Melvis had also said something about how he could not ‘shed it unless the soul was cleansed.’
She didn’t know if this was a ‘curse’ or ‘grudge,’ but there was something attached to him now.

“I am sorry… I cannot see anything.”
That was the only thing that she could say.

“Yes. Jikae and Manny cannot see it either.”
Farneze remembered those names.

Jikae and Manny were of a race known as Eternal Invisibles, and they had been Melvis’s Adjutants.
However, they had disappeared when Melvis went into his long sleep.
Well, they had never been visible to begin with. But they had gone.

Farneze had assumed that they were sealed in the room with Melvis, or they had went somewhere else.
Judging from what he said, it seemed like they really had been with him.

“So she really can’t see it.”

Farneze looked around.

She had not heard those voices in a very long time.
It must be Jikae and Manny.

The Eternal Invisibles were completely transparent, and people of other races could not see them at all.

“She’s searching for us.”
“For us.”

“But she won’t find us.”
“Won’t find us.”

Farneze had not heard their voices for hundreds of years.
She had almost forgotten about them completely.

“Hey, should we kill her?”
“Should we?”

“Let’s do it.”
“Yes, let’s kill her!”

“No, stop that.”

Melvis said, looking behind Farneze, towards the right side.
The voices were coming from the front, so she had thought they were standing there.

In surprise, she turned around.
But she could see nothing.

“We’re not allowed to kill her.”
“Not allowed.”

“Then, what should we do?”
“What indeed.”

“Should we kill someone else?”
“Yes, let’s kill someone else!”

Apparently, Melvis was able to see the two.
Perhaps it was obvious, as there was no point in hiring Adjutants that you couldn’t even see. But Farneze had no idea how Melvis was able to see them.

“You two seem to have nothing to do.”
Melvis said with a sigh.

“He said we have nothing to do.”
“Yes, he did.”

“And it’s true.”
“It is.”

“Then go south. Annihilate the people who tried to invade this country.”

“He said that we can kill.”
“He said that we can kill.”

“Should we?”

“Then let’s go.”
“At once!”

And then there was silence.

“…They have felt incredibly bored ever since they woke up.”
Melvis said with exasperation. Farneze sighed in relief.
She would have hated to die at a time like this.

And she was also reminded of just how they were like.
Jikae and Manny spread death wherever they went. They didn’t differentiate between friend or foe.

There was something excessively merciless and cruel about them.

They were supposed to be twins, but she wasn’t sure, as she had never seen them.
In fact, she didn’t want to pry, and had always avoided them.

“Will Lesser High King Yamato be returning any time soon?”
She asked the question that was on her mind.

According to what Melvis had told her, Lesser High King Yamato was still alive.

And Melvis had said that Yamato would return when the time was right.
“I don’t think it is time yet. I doubt the situation has changed enough in just a few hundred years.”

To Melvis, a few hundred years was not much time at all.
Farneze was reminded of how different an Elder really was.

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor.

“…So, what the hell is happening?”

Apparently, residents of the Celestial World had come to Demon King Tralzard’s town.
But the invasion had already been repelled, and the boss defeated.

Well, it was a Demon King, after all.
A subordinate who had been hiding in the town had removed the life stone from the corpse and delivered it to Nehyor.

And like that, he had acquired one of the things that he needed in order to become an Elder Vampire.
Now, Nehyor was one step closer to evolution.

He just needed an Orb of Control from a Demon King.
And thanks to Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s rise, he was very close to acquiring it.

The plan to incite the southern countries and have them destroyed by Kyuka was going well.
At this point, the count down to the birth of a Demon King was close to its end.

Nehyor had been hiding as he thought on how he would lead the Lesser Demon Kings of the south.


“Huh? Who?”
Nehyor had not been able to see it.
And so the discovery was delayed.

Before he knew it, the Lesser Demon Kings that he had been leading were defeated.
And since he could not see the newcomers, he was unable to measure their mana level.

However, they had easily sent Lesser Demon Kings to their graves, so they must be very powerful.
They were either high-ranking Lesser Demon Kings, or perhaps even Demon Kings.
But there was no point if he couldn’t see them.

And so two of the four Lesser Demon Kings were killed, and the other two retreated in fear for their lives.
Nehyor felt like wailing, ‘why.’

“…Ah, I just remembered.”
It was shortly after he had arrived in Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.

He had heard about the invisible twins that served Melvis as Adjutants.

No one knew where they went after Melvis fell into a long sleep. But it was said that they were in the sealed room, and had also fallen asleep as well.

But since they were invisible, no one knew the truth.
He only knew that the rumors had spread about it.

“…Could it be that he’s returned?”

There was no one there to answer him.

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