Cave King – 55

Chapter 55 – We could climb the World Tree!


“Ugghh… I can’t hold it any longer…”


I was fighting against the rising urge to vomit.

Just then, Ril and Mel hopped up onto my shoulders and looked at me worriedly.


“Sorry, you two. I feel better now.”


I couldn’t be worried over by some babies…

And so I forced a smile on my face and patted them gently on their heads.


“Now… Oh, yes. Let’s go to the World Tree.”


I had seen everything that was new on this side of the island’s surface.

And so it was time to go to the side with the World Tree.

Besides, there was a mysterious power that healed you near its roots.

Perhaps I could rest there and it would help with my nausea.


“Uggpphh… Okay. Let’s go then.”


And so we all headed towards the World Tree.


The World Tree was on some reclaimed ground, which had once been a rocky hill that was separate from Sheorl Island.

But there was now a straight path that connected the two.


It was beautifully paved with Stone Blocks and illuminated with Shining Stones.


Once we had crossed it, lush greenery spread out before us.


“The air…it really is like being in a forest.”


Aside from the leaves that fell from the World Tree, there was a fruit garden below that really enhanced that feeling.


And it had grown so much.


The fruit garden and fields had originally been on the other side of the island.

But little by little, they had been moved over here.


There were now dozens of trees.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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