Cave King – 55


Thanks to the Sun Stones that accelerated growth…no, it wasn’t just that. The World Tree itself seemed to be helping them.


The potato fields were also doing quite well.

Radishes could be harvested much earlier, and so I had already tasted some. They were delicious.


And there was that sound of running water…

It was the hot spring that was being drawn from underground.


The hot water was being poured into this bath that had been made under the World Tree.


A section of the bath was partitioned just for me.

I had asked Baris to do this.

I found it embarrassing to be naked in front of everyone… While it may have been selfish, it was a serious issue for me, and so I was grateful.


So, I guess I’ve seen everything now? …Hmm?


I saw that a path made of planks had been made alongside the trunk of the World Tree.


“Does this mean… That you can reach the top?”


From what I could see, it went pretty far up.

The World Tree had always looked like a mountain, so it was no wonder they had made a path to climb it.


“Well, since we’re here, why don’t we go up?”


I asked, and Ril and Mel nodded in agreement.


And like that, we started to walk up the path.

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    • There’s no way a scrawny kid like him can easily climb a set of stairs to the top of the World Tree. Are there resting places that also serve as balconies set at interval distances? Are there Teleport Stones at each floor/level up to the top? Did the dwarf build an elevator up the World Tree?

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