Makai Hongi – 27


As for me. Anyone who was foolish enough to be tricked deserved what they got. That’s what I believed.


Regardless, everything I told Golan was true.

Fara would become a Demon King sooner or later.


And there was no doubt that he would want to annihilate the Reapers.

And yet Golan still wanted to take them in.


I had thought he was strange, but not this strange.

I even threatened him. But he replied calmly.


And while he said he had no chance of beating me, he still had a will to fight if it came to it.

He really was an odd one.


Regardless, Fara would only become a Demon King after he conquered all of the neighboring countries.

If one of the Great Demon Kings or Demon Kings took just one of the smaller countries first, his ambition would come to nothing.


Or perhaps there was something that we could do.

But we currently did not have enough men. We couldn’t even win against Leninoth.


However, it would be a different story if we absorbed the neighboring countries, Kurulu, Rous, Lubanga, and Nacti.


Ultimately, we could defeat Leninoth and then challenge Fara. And perhaps we would have a chance of winning then.


(However…King Melvis is still in a deep sleep.)


Even if General Farneze were to try and act, the other two Generals would likely be against it. And so this plan was useless.


Yes, there was nothing to do but have the Reapers leave… But Golan was being stubborn.


Though it seems like a waste, perhaps I should just finish things now.

I was so looking forward to seeing how Golan would grow. But there is nothing else I can do when a Commander goes against a Corps Commander.


Such a waste…really, it is. But he will have to die.


“Let’s be enemies then.”


So when Golan said that, I couldn’t help but smile.

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