Makai Hongi – 144

Chapter 144

“…I don’t recognize this tent.”

I sat up. Nothing seemed to be wrong with me.
My memories were hazy, but I remembered getting into a fight with one of General Miralda’s Corps Commanders.

“Sir Golan. Are you awake?”

As I answered, Adjutant Rig entered the tent.

“You were asleep for a full day.”
He said before I could ask. He knew me well.

“I feel confused. Where am I?”

“In our camp, sir. It’s a short distance away from General Miralda’s camp. I was told to contact them when you awoke. Should I do so?”

“Yes, let them know. Also, can you tell me what happened? I can’t rely on what I remember.”

Well, I didn’t really remember anything at all.
Some of it did come back to me as I talked to Rig. I had fought Corps Commander Baltasar after being provoked, and then I had blown away the tent.

And since it seemed like a good opportunity, I decided to put into action something I had been considering.
But the General interfered…and both Baltasar and I were hit. That’s where the memories stopped.

Had I succeeded in switching to the other me?
Usually when I changed, I was able to remember things that were seen and heard. However, it appeared that I had lost consciousness.

“Well then, I will tell you happened after I brought you the sword and club.”
“Thank you.”

After Rig explained it to me, fragments of those memories returned.
It appeared that the other me had dealt with matters quite well after the General hit us.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I listened. The other me did a really good job.

It had been a tie between me and Baltasar.
It didn’t matter if the General came between us. The rules still applied.

That was why the other me had attempted to defeat him. And judging by the fact that the General had stopped it, Baltasar was either somehow very valuable, had influential parents, or there was something else behind the scenes.

But I was happy to see that both I and the other me were in agreement.

In any case, there had been a need to make Baltasar powerless.
There could be no revenge match. In my mind, it was either an arm or leg that had to go, if not straight up killing him.

Besides, it had become necessary to prove that our army was actually worth something. And so in a way, Baltasar’s challenge had been a good thing.

But it was also a fight that I could not lose under any circumstances.

I panicked a little when the General stopped us. However, in the end I had been able to keep things moving until the weapons arrived.
I had meant to beat him with my sword and make him admit his defeat. And then we would never meet again.

It was rather surprising that the General had promised that any fighting would be forbidden from now on.

“So, the other me did quite well.”

“No, nevermind. So, they will not attack me or any of my men. That’s what General Miralda said?”
“Yes. There is no doubt about it.”

While it was to save the life of a Corps Commander, it seemed like a lot for the General to do.

However, had I lost and my men continued to be underestimated, our fate would have been to be used until we were crushed to death. We would have no other purpose.

We were burdens. Scum. I had to prove that this wasn’t true. And the other me had wrapped things up quite nicely.
Perhaps it was because I have been such a good example up until now.

“Alright, Rig. Thank you. I remember it all now.”

Thanks to my actions, we were on the right track.
But it was too early to be relieved.

Nehyor was somewhere in these lands.
And I had no idea what he was thinking.

While I could only speculate, I felt that we would be in danger no matter which camp we were in.

He could attack a corps and then target us while we are moving to the rear guard. Or maybe he’ll focus on attacking the leader of the corps.

“Unless Nehyor was just targeting one person.”

Nehyor was frightening because you didn’t know what he was thinking.
So even if you strengthened your defenses and had the best formation, he would just attack you from a different direction.

“I doubt the other Corps Commanders will let their guard down, but that won’t be enough.”
This fight will get rough. That’s what I thought.

In order for us to survive, I had to raise the importance of my men. In other words…

“I guess it’s basic training.”

Damn it…

General Miralda heard that I had awoken, and I was sent a gift as well as a written oath.
The names of the other Corps Commanders were included.

As for its contents, it said that I was a guest, and not to be touched. They all agreed to ensure that their men would be controlled.

It was just a formality, but likely necessary.
I told Rig to let them know that I understood, and then I lay down under the tent again.
I still felt sluggish.

As the other me had not gone wild, I didn’t have any sore muscles. But surely no one would complain if I rested for another day.

I didn’t ever want to fight a Demon King’s Corps Commander again.

It was with such thoughts that I fell asleep.

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