Makai Hongi – 102

Chapter 102

◎ Wild Hunt – Lesser Demon King Listoris’s Country – Nehyor

After entering Lesser Demon King Listoris’s country, Nehyor moved across the country, destroying one village and town after the other.
And once they had routed out the soldiers that came to subjugate them, they headed to the castle.

As the damage around the country had been so immense, many soldiers had been sent out to defend and rebuild. And so the castle was not well guarded.

It was then that Nehyor and the members of the Wild Hunter attacked.

Neyhor easily smashed the General’s army that guarded Listoris, and he advanced through the castle until he was standing in front of Listoris himself.

“Uh, I believe this is our first time meeting? …Oh, why are you looking at me so angrily?”

Nehyor’s calm demeanor caused Listoris’s brows to narrow. There was murder in the air as he wordlessly unsheathed his sword.

Listoris was a Fierce Lion.
A Demi-human who had the head of a lion and a long mane.

His hair was a burning orange, and he was dressed in silver. A very regal figure.

He was just a little over two meters in height, which was a considerable difference next to Nehyor.
His body was well-built, and had all the agility of a powerful spring.

But he had the aura of a king.
The Fierce Lions were known to be very proud and noble. They put a lot of weight in duties and promises.
That made them a rare type in the Demon World, but it did win them the admiration of others.

As for the type that he hated the most, it was people like the one in front of him. Nehyor.

“Hey, why are you so angry?”
“I won’t let you leave here alive!”

The sword that Listoris was holding was very thin. It was more for stabbing than cutting.
“Oh, I don’t like being glared at like that. Don’t get so angry.”

Nehyor walked slowly towards Listoris.
…However, he stopped suddenly.

“Oh? Your reach is this far?”

As Nehyor’s eyes widened in surprise, lines flashed and crossed in front of him.

There had been no sounds of rushing feet.
He had slid across the floor, stabbed, and retreated.

The movement had been as smooth as running water. However, Nehyor’s body was…untouched.


Listoris had been confident that he had struck him, and so his surprise was great.
Nehyor was also surprised.

“That was amazing. You’re just like Golan.”

Listoris had unleashed this attack tens of thousands of times.
And yet he had not been able to reach Nehyor.

The moment that Listoris had moved into range, Nehyor had detected the attack and moved away.
Had Nehyor not seen Golan do something similar before, he might have been hit by this first attack.

And had he been hit, he would have been subject to a vicious chain of followup attacks. Nehyor’s body would be full of holes by now.

Listoris was the type who overwhelmed his enemies with the number of attacks.
And while he had the head of a lion, he preferred weapons to fangs.

That was why he was so confident in his thrusting attack.
The fact that it had been dodged came as a terrible shock to him.

As Listoris hesitated for just a second, Nehyor charged forward.
And so Listoris prepared to fight back.
The swords moved in a blur that spectators could not follow.

“Hmm. Even I would get hurt if stabbed by that.”

It was a sword that could withstand the strength of a demon king.
It wouldn’t be hard for it to open holes in Nehyor’s body.

However, Nehyor dodged all of the attacks with ease.

The thrusts turned into slashes. But it made no difference to Neyhor.

“Hmm, I don’t know. You don’t disturb me the same way that Golan does.”
Nehyor sighed dramatically as if he was terribly disappointed.

Listoris did not ask about Golan.
He was curious about him, to be sure. However, if Nehyor was toying with him, then this was a great opportunity.

He could win as long as he got the first hit in. It was this hope that supported Listoris’s will to fight.

“Golan is so interesting. You cannot predict what he will do next. As for you…I can see it all. Your foundation.”

Nehyor took a step back and raised his right hand.

“I see that now. Well, I guess it’s my turn.”

In the next instant, a pale ball of fire materialized in front of his palm, and shot towards Listoris.

Listoris cut it down with his sword. The ball of fire exploded, spreading fire all over the room.
The blasts of wind hit them both.

“Do you mind being part of an experiment? I want to see how much you can take.”
Before Nehyor even finished speaking, a fireball that was several times larger than the last was unleashed.

Listoris blocked this one as well.
However, the blast was so strong that it knocked him off his feet.

His vision went black, and when finally opened his eyes, another fireball was coming.
Once again, it dwarfed the previous one.

And though he tried to block it, both he and the sword were blown away.

And then another ball of fire came.
It hit Listoris just as he got back to his feet. And like that, the Lesser Demon King’s body blew up into flames.

He used all of the mana within him to blow away the fire.
Not only were most of his clothes burned away, but so was half of his mane.

“Alright, next…”

And then the biggest fireball yet.
It was too big to dodge. Listoris crossed his arms in front himself and braced for impact.

But it was not enough, and he fell to his knees. Then the next came.
And the next.

The last one was nearly large enough to fill the room. And it burned Listoris’s body.

“How about that? It’s a new ability of mine. What do you think?”

Listoris was lying on the ground, unmoving.
He had no strength to answer.

“Lord Nehyor. We’ve finished cleaning out the castle.”
“Good work. Any survivors?”

The person who had come was a knight who was all in black. He was Nehyor’s Adjutant in the Wild Hunt.

“There are no survivors in the castle.”
“I see… So, this is the last one.”

Nehyor’s eyes turned to Listoris, who was already barely breathing.

“You used magic? That is very unusual.”
“Yes. It would have been difficult if I only used my claws.”

Vampires were powerful when it came to using magic.
However, Nehyor tended to avoid using it. He didn’t have to use it, when his physical abilities were so advanced.

“Alright, this is good enough. …I have no business with this country now. Let’s go to the next one.”
Nehyor said with a laugh as he dropped one last fireball on top of Listoris’s body.

On that day, Lesser Demon King Listoris’s name disappeared from the Tablet of Control.

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