Makai Hongi – 103

Chapter 103

◎ Wild Hunt – Lesser Demon King Yunus’s country – Nehyor

After wreaking havoc in Lesser Demon King Listoris’s country, Nehyor traveled up north and entered Lesser Demon King Yunus’s country.

“Yunus is the strongest king in this area…and there is nothing here.”
“We only just crossed the border.”

“Right. That’s true.”
Nehyor jumped and then flew in the air.

Once he was dozens of meters above ground, he brought his hand up to his forehead and scanned the land below him.

“Forests, forests, rocky mountains, forests… Hmm. There are no villages or towns here.”
He returned to the ground with an expression of great disappointment.

“I have heard that after expanding his lands, Yunus gathered most of his people around the castle.”
“Really? Why did he do that?”

“Because it was convenient, both for attacking and protecting.”

The more land you had, the more you had to protect.
That was one way to think about it. But what about the people that had to leave their homes and travel so far?

In the end, it would be quite meaningless if the residents ran away.
Nehyor was the type who’d rather ignore things than manage them. And so…

“What an odd one.”
He said, leaving it at that.

“…ides, Lord Nehyor. This country is the strongest in the region.”
“I know. It absorbed four other countries, didn’t it?”

“Yes. Lesser Demon King Yunus is a Tempest Giant. An Origin type.”

People who had suddenly mutated into powerful beings.
Yunus was one of them.

“So he was originally a Frost Giant?”

“Yes. He is known to use ‘Icewind Blizzard’ on the battlefield, so it must be the case. This is an enemy that is a rank above the rest.”

“Indeed. I don’t think we’ll be enough to take him on with these members.”

Yunus wasn’t just strong, but also smart. At least, that’s what people said.
Usually, when a country went to war, others would interfere. Even if it didn’t start that way, it would be like that in the end.

But Yunus avoided it.
He was good with diplomacy. He didn’t attack until he knew who his allies were. Then he would attack neutral countries. Regardless, he had expanded his country with unconventional means.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll go near the castle this time.”
“Is that right?”

“After all, I need Yunis to become even stronger.”
The adjutant in black armor tilted his head to the side. He did not understand what Nehyor meant.

“The reason that I came here is because I want Lesser Demon King Yunus to become a Demon King.”
“…I see…”

“I looked around, wondering who here was the closest to becoming a Demon King. And it was this Yunus. And so I am going to help him. Of course, he’ll be mine once he becomes a Demon King.”

Nehyor needed two things in order to become an Elder Vampire.
One was the Orb of Control inside of a Demon King. And he needed to remove it while the person was still alive. That would be quite difficult.

It didn’t matter how many Lesser Demon Kings he killed.
That being said, Nehyor was not strong enough to take down a Demon King.

In the Demon World, Demon Kings were close to invincible.
Great Demon Kings were stronger than them, but there were only two Great Demon Kings in the whole world.

Great Demon Kings were on a different plane. They were so powerful that to fight them was pure folly.
Of course, that meant that to Great Demon Kings, Lesser Demon Kings weren’t even worth looking at.

“You are going to defeat a Demon King, Lord Nehyor?”

“Yes. Demon Kings have ridiculously long lives, don’t they? I can’t take on ancient Demon Kings like that. And so I’m going to target someone who has only just recently become one.”

A strong Demon King and a weak Demon King still had the same orb.
And so Nehyro had planned to go after a newborn Demon King.

“I didn’t know that all the towns were close to the castle. Oh, well. It can’t be helped. But I suppose we can attack a few so they feel threatened.”

Suddenly, numerous streams of light shot down from the sky and pierced the members of the Wild Hunt.

The bundles of light were imbued with immense power, that even after they pierced Nehyor’s men, they continued to glow.

“We’re under attack, Lord Nehyor.”
“I can see that. But this light…”

Another wave of light rained down from above.
And one of them was coming straight towards Nehyor.


He quickly shot out a magic bullet in hopes of annihilating it. But it did not work, and a hole was burned through Nehyor’s arm.

“That was dangerous. What the hell is this?”
“Lord Nehyor”!
His adjutant came running.

“Is this a holy attack? But it doesn’t seem to have been unleashed by residents of the Celestial World.”

As Nehyor looked around, he saw that a group of knights had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Are you the bastard who leads the Wild Hunt?”
“I am. And who are you? From what I can see…you look like a Fallen Angel.”

Fallen Angels… They were former residents of the Celestial World who had been banished or left behind. Some even came by their own free will. Regardless, anyone from that world who lived here now was called that.

“How very perceptive of you. I am a Fallen Angel. My name is Fassani.”

“Huh. I didn’t realize Yunus had something like this up his sleeve. What a surprise.”
A resident of the Celestial World becoming a resident of the Demon World.

This was an incredibly rare occurrence.
And so news of such things tended to travel fast.

However, this had been a secret. That showed how powerful Yunus was.
At the same time, he had exposed this secret in order to deal with the Wild Hunt. Clearly Yunus was not one to hold back when matters were this important.

“I was planning on just moving through a few towns. But maybe I’ll stick around and play.”
Neyhor said with a joyous laugh.

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