Makai Hongi – 265

Chapter 265

Was the person I met as a child the real Yamato?
Perhaps it was just someone with the same name. It was also possibly a shy boy who had assumed that famous name.

Though, I had never met anyone who was shy in the Demon World.

Melvis seemed to think it was the real Yamato.
Or maybe it was just that he was hoping it was true?

“If that really was Yamato, it would mean that there is a way to travel to the Demon World from the Human World.”
Melvis said.

But there was no way to break through the barrier that Zeus had made.
At least, it had been impossible for Melvis.

However, perhaps someone like Yamato could do it.
That’s what he was saying.

In the first place, the reason that the great war started…
It was because Hera had been trying to acquire Yamato’s Orb of Control.

And even with Hera’s power, it was not possible to fight Yamato in the Demon World and win.
Because of this, Hera resorted to a desperate plan that involved filling the Demon World with holy power through a tremendous sacrifice.

And so the entire Demon World was covered in a barrier of holy power.

Those barriers.
I had some experience with them myself. Once they were completed, they were filled with holy power, and the mana started to decrease.

As we grew weaker, they would become stronger.
It would be very difficult to fight. Yes, it was a terrible place to be.

And while it may have seemed like it was undefeatable, someone with Yamato’s power could destroy them.
And so it was necessary to create a barrier of holy power that was too big and covered too wide an area to be destroyed.
You could still see the holy pillars that were used during the great war.

There were six pillars of salt in particular, which remained as proof of that time.
Many residents of the Celestial World had died for it.

Now, the problem was Hera’s motive.
She wanted the Orb of Control so that she could bring someone back to life.

In order to bring Zeus back, she needed an Orb of Control that was equal to him.
That meant that at that time, the barrier around the Human World was already complete, and Zeus had already died while sacrificing his body.

“But then wouldn’t it be impossible for King Yamato to get through the barrier?”
I wondered after hearing all of that.

Zeus had died making the barrier first.
And then Hera had invaded the Demon World in order to bring him back.

Yamato and Hera fought, and they both disappeared somewhere, bringing an end to the great war.
And now here we are.

“I too thought that King Yamato couldn’t be in the Human World, and so I searched through every other place. However, it was futile. And so he must be in the Human World.”

That would mean that Yamato really had managed to get through the barrier.

“I see. And you believe that if he could do it once, he must be able to do it again.”

It was now looking more likely that the person I had met as a child was the real Yamato.
Leaving aside why he would hide when he had returned, this meant that he could still be here, or had returned to the Human World once again.

Can he not meet his old friends? Does he not want to?
Of course, such questions would be inside of Melvis’s head. And so he said something else.

“If we can find out how he was able to get through the barrier, it would solve so many questions.”
“That’s true.”

I was starting to become interested as well.
He was someone who had immediately seen that there were two souls inside of my body.
It really must have been the real Yamato.

“And I saw Hera’s soul in the Under World. She was not the type of person to take her own life. So she must have been killed. But who did it? And why?”

Apparently, the questions only increased after his visit to the Under World.

If Hera wanted to bring Zeus back so badly, then she shouldn’t have died.
She was researching resurrection in the Celestial World, and would have been quite confident in it.

And since she had put such a large scale plan into action, preparations must have been close to completion.

But during the great war, Hera and Yamato fought in a duel and vanished.
When Melvis reached the place, the only thing that remained was the warping of space.

So, where had Hera and Yamato gone?
Were they separated or together? No one knew.

“The barrier around the Human World, you really cannot break it or slip through?”

“Yes. I’ve never heard of it being broken. And if you wanted to get through, it would have to be as a purified soul. I’ve confirmed this many times.”

“I see…”

So what did this mean?
Melvis had thought that Yamato wasn’t in the Human World, and had searched everywhere else.

It was no surprise, as Zeus’s barrier was there.
But there was another way to look at it.

–What situation would allow you to overcome the barrier?

The key was likely the soul.

Dead souls moved from the Human World to the Under World.
And then purified souls return.

What I understood from that was that you needed to be in a ‘soul state’ to get through the barrier.
However, that wasn’t it. That was the problem.

“Purified souls could get through the barrier.”
That was one thing. And then…

“Dead souls can get through the barrier.”
From the Human World to the Under World.

By setting up the barrier in this way, Zeus likely wanted to prevent any disturbances to the soul cycle.

So while I didn’t know how to go to the Human World, going from there to the Under World was easy.
You just had to die.

And it was apparently possible to travel to the Demon World from the Under World.
Melvis had done it, so it would be possible for Yamato as well.

However, Yamato wasn’t dead.
The Tablet of Control was proof.

Did that mean I had met someone else then?

“…Hmm? No, not necessarily.”
I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but I had one idea.

“What? What is it?”
“For instance, if faking your death…that might not be the right word, but if you can make it look like you died, perhaps you can leave the Human World.”

“What do you mean?”
Melvis’s eyes gleamed sharply.

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