My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 45

I had an idea of what Leo was trying to say

Had she lost under the pressure of Sebastian and the maids?
While I may have just looked like a bystander, after hearing Ms. Claire talk about the Fenrir Forest, I was now quite interested in that forest we had appeared in.
Perhaps I could find out the reason that I was brought to this world.
Well, even if I discovered the reason and found a way to return, I had no intention of doing that.
Here, I would not be overwhelmed by work, and I could spend more time with Leo.
But nevermind that. Right now, we were talking about Ms. Claire.

“All of you! Be silent! I am speaking to Mr. Takumi now!”
“…Please forgive me for interfering.”
“I’m terribly sorry…”
“I’m sorry…”

After being pressured by Sebastian and the maid, Ms. Claire took in a deep breath and shouted angrily at them.
…I had not known that she was capable of speaking so loudly…
This time, it was the servants who were taken aback, and so they withdrew.
The three stepped towards the back of the room.
After seeing this, Ms. Claire turned to me and asked again.

“So, Mr. Takumi. What do you say? Will you go with me to that forest?”

Ms. Claire. Ms. Claire. You still have the same scary expression you did while shouting at Sebastian and the maids!
And now it was directed towards me.
This…was not the time to refuse her…was it? Who knows what she might do…
I felt as if I was being threatened by her expression and the atmosphere around her…
What should I do…? It was true that I had a personal curiosity towards the forest now, but not enough that I wasn’t worried about the danger.
That being said, I felt as if I couldn’t refuse…
I scanned the room for a way to escape the predicament.
My eyes met with Leo’s.
Tilura was hiding behind her. Perhaps she too was intimidated by her sister.

“…Could I…discuss the matter with Leo…?”
“Oh, I didn’t mean to raise my voice like that… I’m sorry, Mr. Takumi. I will calm myself now, so please talk with Leo in the meantime.”

I had asked her hesitantly, but Ms. Claire seemed to have regained her calm a little and she apologized with a relaxed expression.
…Clearly, she was the one person here who I should not anger.
It was intimidating in a way that was different from Leo or monsters…
I turned my back to her and took a deep breath.
…For now, I would ask Leo.
I could tell that she was starting to really understand my words, and I was starting to be able to understand her.
I wasn’t sure what would happen if I talked to her, but we were old friends from the previous world. And so I wanted to consult her first.

“Tilura. I need to borrow Leo for a minute. …Leo, come over here…”

Tilura moved away obediently and went to the corner of the drawing room.
And while she would usually go over to Ms. Claire with a smile, she stayed as far away as she could now.
Leo tilted her head in puzzlement as she walked over to me.
And so I took Leo to the opposite corner of the room where Tilura had gone.

“…Leo. We were talking about returning to the first forest with Ms. Claire. What do you think?”
“Wou? …Wuu… Wuff-wuff. Wou?”

After appearing to think about it for a moment, she looked at me and barked as if to say, ‘why don’t you go if you want to?’

“But Leo. They say that there might be dangerous fenrirs deep inside of that forest. And there could also be a Silver Fenrir like you.”
“Wou! Wuff! Wuff!”

Judging by Leo’s voice and eyes…it was…‘fenrirs are small fry’…perhaps.
It had sounded like they were very dangerous monsters for humans, but I suppose they were nothing for Leo…

“…You may not think much of fenrirs, but what if there is a Silver Fenrir as well…”
“Wuff! Wuff-wuff! Wou!”

Uhh… Even if there is a Silver Fenrir, it’s a comrade and won’t attack?

“…Are you sure about that?”
“Wou! Wuff-wuff. Wuff-wuff-wuff. Garr! Guff! Wou!”

That was a long one…Uhh… Silver Fenrirs never attack their own kind. They will welcome me as a friend. And even if a pack of fenrirs attack, I can defeat them easily…?

“Welcome as a friend… But what if the fenrirs attack in a larger pack than you are thinking? Besides, there are other monsters as well…”
“Wuff-wuff-wuff! …Wou-wou-wuff-wuff-grraar… Gar-garr!”

I was starting to be able to understand Leo a lot more clearly… It doesn’t matter how many fenrirs there are. I can defeat them easily. Besides, Silver Fenrirs are superior, and they should submit at the sight of me. And the other monsters are all small fry too! I can defeat all of them! …I think that’s what she said.
…Huh? Me and Leo were having a proper conversation now…?
She had always tried to convey things to me with strangely human gestures, but it was quite different to understand each other so clearly.
And I doubted it was related to the Gift…

“Leo… How is it that I can understand what you’re saying?”

I didn’t know if Leo had the answer to this, but I asked anyway.


But Leo just tilted her head questioningly.
So Leo herself did not know the reason.
She had just become a large Silver Fenrir.
And so perhaps it was easier to read her expressions and gestures now. I decided to assume that it was the case.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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