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Chapter 165

○ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

The Wild Hunt, led by Nehyor, were able to enter Demon King Tralzard’s lands without being seen, thanks to ‘Roadside Recognition’ and ‘Awareness Entirety.’

Nehyor had already brought chaos to many countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings, and wars were erupting.
And so he moved on into Tralzard in order to carry out the next part of his plan.

However, there was one obstacle in his path. And that was General Miralda’s army.

“She is the closest to the Demon King, and has the strongest soldiers.”

Even someone like Nehyor would not challenge her recklessly.
Demon King Tralzard had reacted swiftly once Nehyor had reduced those smaller countries.
He respected his skill, sharpness and ability to make decisions. Of course, a wise Demon King would be a great nuisance to Nehyor.

Currently, his ambition…his true purpose, was not known.
But he wasn’t sure how long this would be the case.

And so that was why he wanted to create chaos among the countries of the Demon Kings, so that they couldn’t interfere with what the Lesser Demon Kings were doing.

“Well, this will be difficult.”

It was the Flying Dragon, Miralda, who was wary of the smaller countries as she set up her camps.
Nehyor knew that he could not beat Mirlada in battle. Not even if it was an ambush.

That’s how big the difference in strength was between them.
The difference in mana and combat experience.

Nehyor could not think of a good plan. And so he was attempting to get close to her army without getting caught, in hopes of acquiring some information that would give them the advantage.

That was when it happened.
The sky had torn open.

“It wasn’t a celestial hole, but it was still quite the sight.”

These holes used up great amounts of holy power, and were used to connect to the Demon World.
It was the best way to attack if it was an invasion on a big scale.

However, this attack was much smaller. And it had lasted for just a brief moment.
And so they had just created a tear in the sky in order to move in and out.

This still used up a great amount of holy power. And even the residents of the Celestial World could not do it often.
Nehyor had witnessed it by accident as he spied on Miralda’s army.

This of course, meant that he saw numerous residents of the Demon World being torn apart as if they were paper.

“Miralda’s appearance was also impressive. I suppose that is her true form?”

Had Miralda been more calm, and the situation less dangerous, she might have noticed their presence, even if they were using special abilities to hide.

These tricks were effective on the lower ranking races, but it would not be the same with the higher ones.
So in a way, Nehyor had been saved by a series of fortunate circumstances.

“I had been wondering how I could make Yunus a Demon King. And I now have a good idea. I will use this ambush.”
As Miralda dealt with the aftermath of the battle, Nehyor moved away.

After that, Nehyor moved up north and headed towards Demon King Janius’s country.

Demon King Janius was fighting a long war against Demon King Gidman.
However, there were no signs of anyone winning.

And so Nehyor traveled to one of Janius’s towns and whispered.

“General Miralda has just taken heavy losses due to an invasion from the Celestial World. If you are going to attack them, now is the time.”

Janius had not heard of the invasion yet.
And while he was skeptical, he gathered information from merchants who traveled to Tralzard’s lands. And he realized that it was the truth.

Not only that, but the army was still in disarray and had yet to reorganize.

Furthermore, ominous news arrived from the cluster of countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings.
It seemed that things were finally going to head towards a definitive battle.

Lesser Demon King Yunus had the advantage now, but the others were uniting in order to stop him.

If Lesser Demon King Yunus wanted to survive this battle, he had to strengthen his fighting force. And so he invaded Lesser Demon King Ulwa’s lands.

But there was undeveloped land along the border between Yunus and Ulwa’s countries, which would make it difficult for an army to march.
And so Yunus’s army took the easier route, right through Demon King Tralzard’s lands.

And since Miralda’s army was sticking close to the border, it was likely that she would end up fighting Yunus or even Ulwa’s armies.

Furthermore, there had been news that the former armies of Listoris and Chiril had left their countries and were chasing after Yunus’s army.
Many soldiers seemed to be gathering near Tralzard’s border.

Because of this, at least half of Miralda’s army would be forced to stay there. And they hadn’t even fully recovered from the invasion.

–It was the perfect time to attack.

That was his decision, and so Demon King Janius moved out in order to defeat Miralda.

Of course, it was all Nehyor’s doing. He had come to one of Janius’s towns and started the fire.
He had also been the one to stir the pot in the smaller countries to the west.

Nehyor’s aim was to lure out the soldiers Miralda stationed at the border, and destroy them.
He needed to weaken her army.

As the assassins that Demon King Janius unleashed targeted Miralda, he would lead Lesser Demon King Yunus and establish him as a new Demon King.

“Yes. It should work just fine. I suppose I’ll just have to hide in the meantime.”

Now that his plan was going well, Nehyor could not stop his laughter.

While Demon King Legard and Demon King Tralzard continued to fight, Demon King Janius’s fingers were stretching out towards Tralzard’s lands.
General Miralda was nothing but bait now.

The western threat that was Demon King Tralzard was no more, and so Nehyor would be free to hunt a Demon King.
Of course, he had plans for that as well.

In other words, Nehyor had no vulnerabilities now.

“…Still, Golan was there…what a surprise.”

When the barrier had broken and the residents of the Celestial World were retreating, he had seen Golan standing there.

“What should I do…”

Nehyor had been planning on lying low until things played out. However, seeing Golan there had stimulated his curiosity.

“What to do…”

He muttered to himself. And while it was only a light-hearted question, it sounded horribly diabolical.

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  1. Sounds like Nehyor is starting to get cocky. He’s saying he has no vulnerabilities now. Also he was planning to lay low but now it looks like he’s going to do something rash because he happened to see Golan.

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