Makai Hongi – 164

Chapter 164

Five days had now passed since General Miralda’s arrival.

I had assumed that she would immediately start reorganizing the troops, but that was pushed back.

Apparently, there were other matters that had higher priority right now.
First, the camp needed to be relocated.

This place was too defenseless against an attack from the Celestial World.

General Miralda was now incredibly cautious about another attack.
Which was no surprise, after seeing how much damage they could cause in a short amount of time.

Halm told me that they were unlikely to attack again so soon, but the General wasn’t going to take any chances here. She was the leader of all these soldiers, and she would take every measure to insure our safety.
I really looked up to her for that.

We were currently on elevated terrain, which was an advantage against ambushes from other armies, but made us an easy target for the residents of the Celestial World.
And so she chose a rocky area near the forest.

One side of the rocky area was a steep cliff.
So it was a dead end.

In this case, while your escape routes were limited, it was easier to fight back when the sky was more narrow.

The three armies on the frontlines were already informed about the move.

In fact, General Miralda had taken her Adjutants and gone to see the frontlines herself.
And she would not be back for quite a while.

A few days later, Rig finally returned from his training.

“I’m glad to have you back, Rig.”

He looked very haggard.
The survival training must have been very punishing.

“Sir Golan, I have returned. I’m sorry to have been away during such an important time.”
He had clearly been told about the invasion from the Celestial World.

I patted Rig on the shoulder.
“Half of us survived. I’ll have no mercy on them next time. After all, they harmed my men. Rig, I hope that I can continue to count on you.”

“Yes. Now that I am back, just give me the order and I will do it.”
“Good. Then make sure that everyone rests. There will be plenty of work to do later.”

After that brief exchange, I sent Rig away.
They would all get to rest until tomorrow.

Some of the other races had also returned.
When we were all together again, there would have to be some restructuring.

The residents of the Celestial World attacked with holy power. And since it was from the sky, it was very one-sided.
In order to deal with them, we would either have to rise into the sky ourselves, or escape to somewhere where their attacks couldn’t reach us. I wanted to train for such an event.

“Thankfully, there wasn’t actually much damage to the terrain.”

Holy power was deadly to residents of the Demon World, but the amount of damage they did to buildings and the ground was comparable to ordinary magic.
So in spite of the attack covering such a wide area, it hadn’t created any craters.

And so I suspected that we could reduce the damage greatly if we hid under boulders.
“That must have been the reason that General Miralda chose this place.”

Many of her own soldiers had died as well. And so she too would have noticed how little the ground was affected.

A few days after Rig and the others returned, most of the other races finished their survival training and came back.

The Vampires were the last. But it appeared to be less due to the fact that they were ‘soft,’ and more to do with their survival training being more severe.

“So the goal is different depending on the strength of each race.”
Races that didn’t fight just needed to survive. But Vampires had combat training as well.

When they returned, the softness had been completely removed from their faces. So I had no complaints.

And so they all rested and trained as we waited for General Miralda’s return.

As for Corps Commander Dyle, he stepped down on his own.
I thought about going to check up on him, but I wasn’t sure what to say, and had yet to go.
They said that he was in shock. Most of the Rock Lions were dead or horribly wounded.

They were a race that specialized in battle. And it was said that they fought and died bravely.
It was just bad luck that Dyle hadn’t been with them.

“I’m back, Golan.”
It was General Miralda.

“Welcome back, General. When did you arrive?”
“Just a moment ago. I heard that you helped Halm with his report. And I read every letter.”

The General had checked the report before sending it off to Demon King Tralzard.
Aside from the letter, she had also requested reinforcements to make up for our losses.

Men were killed every time there was a battle. It was the most obvious thing.
But they could not send more soldiers every time there was a battle. The process was too complicated.

Because of this, they usually had extra soldiers stationed with them in advance. However, the losses had been too great in this last battle.
And she had decided that it was better to ask for reinforcements now, rather than wait until the situation became desperate.

“But more importantly, Golan. We’ll be removing you all from the army.”
“Huh? Are we getting in the way?”

“It’s true that we can’t afford to spend so much effort on you now. But things are starting to move in the west. And we must act before the reinforcements arrive.”

Currently, we were not able to coordinate with the other corps. And so it was possible that we’d be a detriment to them in battle.

It would be fine if we were just guarding a base, but if the army had to move suddenly and react swifty depending on the situation, then we might not understand and be left behind. We might stand in their way, both literally and figuratively.

“Very well. Then what should we do?”

“His Majesty will receive the letter soon. In the meantime, I want you to all fall back so that others can come in and deal with the rest.”

“I understand. It’s true that we’d just slow you down, so I won’t complain.”
“I’m sorry. His Majesty will likely send us information about the other countries as well. So we’ll know how things are with the east countries.”

“I see. Actually, I’m quite curious about what’s happening with my own country.”
“Well, I don’t think there is any trouble there. And if there was, His Majesty will do something about it.”

I was relieved to hear that.
From what I heard, the soldiers General Miralda sent were very powerful. So I had high expectations for them.

“By the way, was the situation so bad on the frontlines that you had to go?”

“Hmm…the chaos in the west. I have a feeling someone is pulling the strings from the shadows. It was quite one moment and chaotic the next. It came suddenly.”

Not a small skirmish. She felt that they would move all at once, and with enough military force to take a country.
If that happened, this country would not remain unaffected.

She predicted war and chaos, and so she would act in order to bring about the most favorable outcome.

“And so we will be moving separately from now on. Still, the promise I made with Farneze…huh? What?”

There was a lot of noise coming from outside.
When General Miralda left the tent…

“What is it?”
“I have a report! We’re being invaded by a group of soldiers that we believe are from Demon King Janius!”

It was the moment that Demon King Janius, who had never fought them before, suddenly directed his soldiers at this country.

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