Makai Hongi – 57

Chapter 57


It would take five or six days to walk to the castle.

And as this was much too long, General Farneze had sent all the Commanders a beast to ride.

I was to ride something called a Flave, which was like a cross between a giraffe and a spider.

Eight legs for maximum safety and stability. Plus a very long neck.

The roads were not always paved, and they were often narrow with large differences in elevation.

But such obstacles were nothing to the Flave.

Up until now, the mounted beasts I had seen all looked like tigers, rabbits or birds.

There were also horses and llamas, but they were too small for ogres to ride.

These Flaves were apparently quite rare. Even Rig said he had only seen them once when he had gone to the capital.

Regardless, I rocked back and forth on its back for two days.

And then I finally arrived at the castle in the capital, where Melvis slept.

“Ah, you came, Golan. And just in time.”

Corps Commander Nehyor was dressed in his usual attire, which was that of a nobleman.

But as he looked like a young boy, it always seemed strange to me.

“Hmph. It would have been better if he hadn’t come at all.”

Said the wise wolf Lobos with a snort.

“You’re dressed rather finely for a mounted beast. Do you want a bone as a reward, dog?”

In fact, it was I who was after a bone, but this kind of greeting had become normal between me and Lobos.

“Sir, requesting permission to cut his throat. He always treats me like a dog!”

“You say that, but your tail is wagging. You like it, don’t you?”

“You insolent brat! Today, I shall finally silence you forever!!”

“Oh, really? I won’t hold back then. Grraaggh!”

“Lobos, stop it… And Golan. Stop provoking him.”

“But Commander Nehyor…”

“Lobos… You cannot beat him. Do you understand?”

Nehyor glared at him and Lobos fell silent.

“…Now, let’s go. General Farneze is waiting for us. There is a waiting room where you can put your things.”

“Can I bring my weapon?”

I had brought my sword with me just in case something happened on the road.

“Hmm. Why not?”

“I can?”


Well, even if I did try and do something, that kind of incident was a daily occurrence.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Nehyor walked in the lead, followed by Bian, Lobos, the Gob-gobs, and me.

The interior of the castle was very plain.

After all, the master was asleep, so there were no extravagant decorations. It was incredibly minimalist.

“Where are the other Corps Commanders?”

We came out into a great hall, but all I saw were people who looked like they were General Farneze’s subordinates.

And unsurprisingly, they had a lot of mana.

“You mean Luven and Saneifa? They probably already finished their business here. People take no interest in other armies.”

Everyone here was wearing the same uniform, so he was probably right.

So, they just leave when they’re done?

The vampire Luven and the demon Saneia had served General Farneze for a very long time.

Perhaps they had little to talk about at this point? …No.

I looked at Corps Commander Nehyor who walked in the lead.

“Do you not get along with them? Do they hate you?”


Makai Hongi

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