Makai Hongi – 287

Chapter 287

Looking around me now, I saw that things were crazier than I thought.

They had dropped like flies, and the area was strewn with the dead.
It wasn’t my fault.

And when I looked a little farther out, I could see others writhing in pain with expressions of despair.

As for the people that had brought about this disaster…they were all dead.

The black boxes were still strapped to their backs as they lay there.
They must have been directly exposed to the salt of holy power.

They lay on the ground without moving a muscle.
The salt of holy power was a lethal poison to residents of the Demon World.
This was quite the savage method he had come up with.

“So, you were going to use this on Tralzard.”
I had wondered how he was going to fight a Demon King. And this was his trick.

Even a Demon King would have taken great damage if they were hit by this.
At worst, she would become completely helpless as Nehyor hunted her down.

“It covered your body, and yet you are fine…I cannot understand it. What’s happening?”
“Maybe it’s because of my good deeds every day?”

No one had higher morals in the Demon World than me.
Yes, it was no lie.

Well, I wouldn’t be able to talk like this for long.
After all, it was true that there was no strength left in my body.

This was a pretty bad situation.
I could tell when I tried to move my body slowly.

Not only did I feel weak, but my joints were creaking.
The symptoms were similar to having a cold. What if it was a cold?

As for Nehyor, he wasn’t affected by the salt of holy power at all.
Of course, that was because he was far away. And he did not try to come any closer.

It was very clear that he was cautious of me…of the salt of holy power.
He had awokened from his fit of fury, and was now thinking.

Usually, I would have continued to talk, while hoping that he would run away. But I had a feeling that this would be the last time we met.
And so while I wasn’t in the best condition, I wanted to end things here no matter what.

But in spite of that, I was quite sure that Nehyor was considering making an escape. He had already used his trump card to no avail.

If he had salt of holy power, then he could attack other Demon Kings.
He had likely come here because he assumed it would be the easiest.

Unless something truly unexpected happened, it should work.
Attacking a Demon King would be a daunting task, but Tralzard was an easier target due to her age.

However, this led to some issues.
If Nehyor ran away now, I wouldn’t be able to chase after him.
And then some other Demon King would be targeted.

“Now, let’s continue where we left off!”
I tried provoking him, but Nehyor would not take the bait. This was bad.

And when I moved towards him with long strides, he moved away.

“What is it? Come over here.”
“As if I’d want to move close to you when you’re covered in salt of holy power!”

I see. That was true.
Some of it was still on my body.

And because I didn’t want him to run away, I brushed it off.
“Now, is that better?”

I said. But he was still cautious.
He showed no signs of attacking.

(Damn it. Is he really going to run away then?)

If we did fight, I would be the one at a disadvantage now, but Nehyor didn’t know that.

And when I looked at him, I was sure that he was preparing to make a run for it.
So, what should I do? When I took a step forward, he took a step back.

“Let’s fight properly.”

Damn. He won’t even answer me now.

I held my hexagonal club ready and lowered my stance.
I would attack him then…or so I thought. But then something rolled in between us.

“What? …Uh, Saifo?”

Saifo had rolled on the ground and stopped right in the middle.
And then he fell asleep, spread-eagle. He must have fainted.

His body was covered in wounds, so he must have been fighting with Legras.

“Lord Nehyor.”
And then the green insect-like guy returned. Legras.
So Saifo had been fighting him after all.

When I looked at Legras, he was missing an arm…but that was all.
Saifo’s condition was much worse.

So even with Saifo and Beka there, it was not enough to take down Legras.
They had become so much stronger after evolving. But there was always someone stronger.

“I guess it’s two versus one now.”

I suggested. Nehyor’s expression suddenly changed.
Was he more enthusiastic now?

But what had happened to the other Ogres?
I had forgotten all about them.

When I looked around, I saw that they were still running wild.
Normally, they would be having their asses beaten, as the difference between races was too large.

However, the Reapers were helping them.
Ogres and Reapers. Surprisingly, they seemed to be a good combination.

As Ogres had high endurance, they were good as shields.
On the other hand, Reapers were among the least tough when it came to the high-rankers.

And so it was better for them to hide behind something while launching their magic attacks.
It looked like they were able to navigate the battlefield well, while the Ogres took the heat.

The members of the Wild Hunt were strong, but if things weren’t even, then I would say our side had the advantage.
If I could take down Nehyor, the battle would be over.

“I don’t mind fighting you both at once. Come at me.”
I challenged them again. Legras fell for it.

“Lord Nehyor, I will defeat him.”
“Oh… That’s some confidence.”

I said sardonically. But it was all a bluff, as there was no strength within me.

But he was missing an arm. So maybe it would be a fair fight?
That being said, if we did fight, Nehyor would immediately notice that I was weakened.

(Hmm. What should I do?)

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  1. Since it doesn’t affect him much why not use the salt as pocket sand? Just gather a handful of it and throw it in Legras’ face.

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