Makai Hongi – 12

Chapter 12


I was shocked when was I reincarnated as an ogre.

An ogre face was suddenly right in front of me. I even punched it.


But the person I punched just laughed.


It took a while for me to realize it was my father.

During that time, I also came to understand things about myself.


As I was born as an ogre, I thought that I must have an amazingly powerful body. But I was wrong.

From a young age, my body was weak and sickly.


I found out the reason very quickly.

For some reason, my body wasn’t taking in enough mana.


As I was so weak, it felt like my family gave up on me.

I was ignored when in the house, and no one ever expected anything from me.


I would die if I didn’t do anything.

I had thirty years of experience from my past life and knowledge from a few years in the Demon World. And that was enough to make me come to the decisions that my body wouldn’t last long here.


I was like a human who was malnourished.

But I didn’t want to die. So in order to survive, I had to do something.


Taking in more mana would solve my problems, but it was there that I made a mistake.

In the Demon World, there were places where the mana was denser.


Upon hearing this, I stepped foot into a place that was full of miasma.


These were places where the mana had hardened and changed. I had sunk to the ground like sediment.


Even if we were residents of the Demon World, such highly concentrated mana was poison to the body.

And so such places were usually avoided by everyone. However, that part seemed to have escaped me at the time.


And so at four or five years old, I stepped foot into that dangerous place.

The results were clear.


Without having gone that far, I became ‘miasma sick,’ which caused me to become dizzy until I lost consciousness. I would have died had I stayed there for half a day.


But coincidences were surprising things.

Someone just happened to find me while I was unconscious, and they pulled me away.


When I woke up, there was a face looking down at me. And I couldn’t help but punch it.

It would have been easy enough to dodge.


I don’t know why I said what I did after that.


“Why is a human here?”


I had muttered.

The person in front of me didn’t have horns like an ogre or fangs like a vampire.

It was just a normal human face.


“Why do you know about humans?”


It was true.

There were no humans in the Demon World. Not a single one.


It was known that there was a place called the Human World, but no one had ever gone there. And no one had ever come from it either.


Not even if you went back hundreds of years. No one had ever actually seen a human.



As I tried to think of a reply, the human laughed a little and said, ‘it’s fine.’


The human appeared to be in his late thirties.

He had the kind of handsome face that would have made him popular if he was an actor.


“You…really are strange. You have two?”

“What…? No, more importantly, are you the one who saved me?”


I remember being in the miasma area and losing my sense of direction.

I didn’t know what happened after that. But we were now in a normal place.


“Yes. You fainted. So I brought you here.”

“Thank you. I probably would be dead if I had stayed there.”


Makai Hongi

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