Makai Hongi – 12


“Hmm. Yes, the way you talk is strange for an ogre. It’s probably because you have two as well.”

“Uh…two of what?”


“I can see two types of Orbs of Control.”


He said. But apparently, he didn’t mean there were actually two Orbs of Control inside of me. He said two types. Hmm.

An outward one and an inward one. Something that looked the same but was different existed inside of me.


It still made no sense.


“I’m not able to store much mana inside of me. Is that related to this?”


“I don’t know. It’s the vessel that stores the mana, so the size of it should be related. You can increase the size of a vessel, but that also happens naturally as you age. There’s no need to get frantic.”


You’re still young… That’s what he said.


However, when comparing myself to other ogres, I wasn’t confident that I could survive.


When he saw how serious my expression was, he gave me a troubled look.

And then as if making a decision, he said in a quiet voice, ‘there is a secret way.’ And then he taught me how to increase the size of the vessel.


It was something I could do because of the two types.




(It’s the basis of surface tension.)


The two types of vessels are filled to the brim with mana.

And yet, he said to move some of the mana over to the other vessel.


How could you do that if they were full?

If you move just a little bit of mana, the vessel would have that much less. However, it would return after you ate.

That’s how little it was.


How about the one that has more?

It would expand just a little so that the mana wouldn’t spill out.


I continued to do this over 10 years and slowly expanded the vessels.


“Listen. Don’t go back into the miasma area again. You can’t take in mana that has changed. And it’s bad for you.”

“I know. Thank you… I’m Golan. What’s your name?”


I asked him when he was about to leave.

He chuckled and then said in a quiet voice. ‘I’m Yamato.’


(…That was the name of the Lesser High King.)


The one who had disappeared thousands of years ago. The only Lesser High King in the Demon World.


As his name still remained on the Tablet of Control, it was assumed that he must be alive somewhere.

And this man had the same name.


(…Oh, this is not the time to be thinking about such things. Are you ready?)


I asked my body.

My heart beat loudly in reply.


Yamato told me that there were two types of vessels inside of me.

I had expanded them a little every day.


This was because I was able to be conscious of them after he told me how.

At the same time, I felt discomfort about it. An inward vessel?


It was just a theory.

The outward vessel was me…maybe it was for the memories I had of living in Japan.

As I was originally a human, the vessel was small.


In other words, as it was a human vessel, I wasn’t able to take in enough mana that ogres required in order to become strong.


So, what was this inward vessel then?

Perhaps it was the vessel that this body was supposed to have originally.


Many questions came to me as I started to think about the two types.

And that was the theory I had come up with.


Recently, I’ve begun to think it was the truth.


“Come on, buddy.”

There was no answer. Instead, something welled up inside of me.

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