Cave King – 4

Chapter 4 – I saved some goblins!


“Ahh, it feels so good…”


I was currently sleeping near the entrance to the cave while using the slime as a pillow.

3 days had now passed since I tamed this slime…Shiel.


And during those 3 days, I did nothing but dig.

The result…


◇ Inventory

    Rock x 4893

    Iron ore x 71

    Copper ore x 89

    Gold ore x 5.8

    Silver ore x 8.9

    Coal x 88

    Limestone 90


    Ruby x 1.7

    Sapphire 1.4

    Crystal x 19

    Turtle Stone x 39


Well, in short, I had about three times as much of every material as I had on the first day.

The only reason I didn’t have more of the magic increasing Crystals, was because I was using them. In fact, I had used about 500 of them already.


And so my magic had become very powerful.

Now, I could just unleash thunder magic into the sea and catch any great fish that I targeted.


And if I was using water magic, I could make it rain enough to fill 5 barrels.


The use of mid-range magic had become very easy for me.

People had mocked my ‘static electricity’ and ‘hand sweat’ before. And so it was hard to believe that I had changed so much.


Like this, my food and water problem was solved.


And there was another thing I was grateful for. Shiel learned very quickly.


While it couldn’t understand words, it could understand gestures.

Be a bed, carry me through the dungeon, Shiel did all sorts of things.


Furthermore, I was able to tame 10 other slimes aside from Shiel.

However, it seemed that it was harder to communicate with them compared to Shiel. And so currently, they were just wandering around freely.


I did give them all names…but to be honest, I couldn’t tell them apart.

It was easier with Shiel, due to the way it moved.


Well, it was possible that Shiel was just special.


“Shiel…do my shoulders here.”


I would point at the part I wanted to have massaged, and Shiel would twist its body and massage my shoulders.


“Ahh…there. Yes…”


In short. I was living rather comfortably on the island now.

I had escaped the dangers of death and had discovered a new reason to live, which was mining.


Of course, a diet consisting only of fish would get tiring very quickly, and I was considering doing something with magic…


But to be honest, I was thinking about little outside of mining.

After all, I could mine so many rare materials with just a swing of my pickaxe.

Nothing could be more fun.

Well, to be honest, it’s not like I even had any options when it came to activities on this island.


…We’ll dig again tomorrow!


And with that, I fell into a comfortable sleep on the cool bed that was Shiel.


…Hmm? What?


My eyes opened as I felt something poking my cheek.

Apparently, it was Shiel who had woken me.


I sat up and looked outside. The sky was still glowing with the colors of the morning.

The waves were calm. It was such a pleasant way of getting up.


“Shiel. Morning… Did you wake me up?”


Shiel stretched its body so that it looked like an arrow. And then it pointed in the direction of the sea.


“Did something happen? Hmm? That…”


There was a wrecked boat near the rocks.

It wasn’t the one I had come here on. And there were scattered pieces of wood everywhere.


And around it, lay three figures that were not human.


The green skin… They were goblins.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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