Cave King – 4


As I couldn’t see any large ships in the area, they must have drifted here from far away.

The furs they were wearing were in tatters.


While this was just a pile of rocks, it was still land.


It was safer than drifting about on the sea.

And perhaps they had hoped to find food and water.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the waves had swallowed them up…


Judging by the condition of their boat, they must have been moving at a tremendous speed when they crashed against the rocks.

It would not be surprising if they were all dead.


However, I decided to go down and check.

Besides, maybe they had something I could use.


But then again, they might attack me…

Well, I was able to use mid-range magic now. I had nothing to fear.


And so I wasted no time in taking Shiel down with me to meet the goblins.


“…Hey. Are you alright?”


None of them reacted when I called to them.

On closer inspection, they were bleeding.


…Maybe they really were dead.


And so I approached each one to check if they were breathing.


And then surprisingly, I discovered that all three of them were still breathing.


“…So, they’re still alive.


I did want to try and help them. But goblins were also monsters.


Goblins lived in tribes, and in general, there was hostility between them and humans.

In fact, humans were educated to kill goblins on sight. And goblins did the same to humans.


However, there were also supposed to be tribes that were on friendly terms with humans.

But it was hard for me to determine which these goblins would be…


Well, I was able to use mid-range magic.

The cave was dark, and the passages were complex.

There would be little chance of them sneaking up and attacking me while I was mining.


If I abandoned them here and let them die, I would be racked by guilt later on. 


And so I quickly cast the healing magic, ‘Recovery’ onto the goblins.


A white light then enveloped them.


That stopped the blood from flowing.

It also seemed like their breathing became calmer.

As I wasn’t an expert, I couldn’t say for sure. But they seemed to have recovered?


Well, the problem was what I should do after…

They would get wet if I left them here.

And the tide would start to rise.

The sun would grow hotter as well, so it might be best to let them rest inside of the cave.


First…that one looked the lightest.


I picked up the smallest one of the goblins.

This one was about the size of a human child and hard dark green skin.

It was also round and very easy to carry.


After that, I chose a goblin that was slightly taller than the previous one.

Its green skin reminded me of leaves, but as it was also wrinkled, it was probably quite old.

As it was quite thin, it was also easy to carry.


The last one was a different matter.

Goblins were known to be small, but this was one was taller than even me.

Not only that, but it had a strong, muscular physique that seemed much closer to an orc than a goblin.


How am I going to…hmm?


As I wondered about this, Shiel stretched its body and picked up the large goblin. Then it started to carry the goblin up to the cave.


“Ah. Thanks, Shiel.”


Shiel was getting more perceptive by the day.


And like that, we finished carrying all of the goblins up to the cave.


So, now what?

I really wanted to continue mining…


I couldn’t leave them if they needed to be looked after, but there weren’t any visible wounds anymore.

As there were food and water here, they could just help themselves if they woke up.


Before I knew what was happening, the pickaxe was in my hand.


“Shiel… Could you tell me if anything happens?”


Shiel didn’t nod when it heard me.

And so I tried to convey what I had just said through gestures.


Perhaps it had worked, because this time Shiel stayed where it was and didn’t follow me down to the tunnels.


…Now, I could continue mining to my heart’s content!


And just like that, it was another day of my pickaxe hitting the rock walls.

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  1. In the case they’re dangerous, I don’t really agree with Shiel being put at risk if they attack immediately. Given the tone of the story, they’re probably friendly though.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. He should have at least tied them up or if a rope or something similar is not available. He could have broken one their legs.

    Anyway thanks for the translation

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