Makai Hongi – 92

Chapter 92

◎ Wild Hunt – Nehyor

Minotaurs boasted impressive strength, but they could not use magic.
They liked to use battle axes, and they were skilled in close-quarters combat.

That being said, they did have high resistance to magic.
Perhaps it was because they were of the advanced races that they did not have any obvious weaknesses to physical or magical attacks.

“You really are a Gigant. I might have underestimated you a little.”

Had his mana not recently increased greatly, this might have been a rather desperate battle.
That’s what Nehyor thought.

Still, for Nehyor as he was now, this was only a slightly difficult opponent.
And so the Gigant Minotaur’s body crumbled to the ground.

Immediately after, the surrounding Minotaurs fell into a state of panic, and they broke ranks and began to flee.
However, they were hunted down by the company in black that had arrived.

It was all very one-sided from that point on.
But Nehyor didn’t even glance towards them as he made his way to the highest point in the castle.

“Well, that’s Lesser Demon King Chiril’s country down. Where should I go next?”
Nehyor’s expression was filled with curiosity as he gazed over the land from the top of the castle.

What country lay beyond this one…?

After the Wild Hunt annihilated their enemy in the castle, they regrouped and departed.

When the Generals finally did arrive, they were much surprised at the horrible sight that awaited them. And they felt a deep outrage over the death of Lesser Demon King Chiril.

If only they had been present.

While such thoughts plagued them, it was such an impressive attack, that the results may have just been the same even if they were there.
No, this was an enemy ambush. Had they been able to intercept them properly, the results would have surely been different.

It was while considering such things that the Generals gathered together. And then one of them spoke up.

–So, who will be the next king?

Now that Lesser Demon King Chiril was dead, his Generals turned on one another, and the country was thrown into a state of civil war.

Generals led their armies against other Generals. Then other Generals would take the opportunity to attack them from behind.

And just when the chaos within the country had reached its peak, a neighboring country launched an attack.
Like this, the civil war quickly turned into a defensive war.

And so Lesser Demon King Chiril’s death caused the country to fall into great turmoil.

◎ Demon King Tralzard’s country – Miralda

The battle between Tralzard and Legard was like a seesaw in terms of who had the advantage.
It seemed like a conclusion to it all was very far away, but that was how wars between Demon Kings usually played out.

If you used your entire force, you might win, but the damage would be great.
And what use would a victory be, if others targeted you during that moment?

And so it was convention to fight smaller battles and chip away at enemy forces.

In the midst of all this, General Miralda’s army was pulled away from the frontlines. But instead of allowing them to return to her lands, they were sent to the east.

To the east, there was a cluster of countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings.
They would be easy enough to conquer, however, beyond them lay the country of a Great Demon King.

Tralzard did not want to share a border with someone so dangerous.
If he was ever going to swallow up the smaller countries and expand his lands so they would be next to a Great Demon King, then it was best to get rid of all his Demon King neighbors first.

And so Demon King Tralzard had never sent his armies east.
It was because of this, that the cluster of small countries were alarmed like never before. Indeed, their response was so dramatic, that one might wonder if they would start attacking immediately.

“…What? Lesser Demon King Chiril has fallen?”

A messenger had been sent to Miralda from the castle.
And the contents were most shocking.

“So, what happened to the country?”
“Without a king, the land is ruled by confusion. If this continues, the Generals will fight, and it will likely start to affect the surrounding countries.”

“Hmm. You must be tired. Go and rest.”
Miralda scowled after hearing the full report.

The war with Demon King Legard had been going on for many years.
And she doubted anything would change soon.

Demon King Janius was busy fighting Demon King Gidman, and they had no attention to spare for what happened here.
That’s why Tralzard was able to send soldiers to the east in order to keep the small countries in check.

But if Chiril was really dead, and the west side was thrown into turmoil, then Demon King Tralzard would be forced to be watchful of them.
Soldiers were limited in number, as were Generals. He didn’t have enough of them to maintain so many lines of battle.

He was rich in terms of personnel, but his lands were vast, and his enemies many.

“The west, huh? I hope that nothing happens… No, something definitely will happen.”

If Generals of nearly equal strength were fighting, then the battle could be very long.
Especially if they knew each other well.

And other countries would not just watch this silently.
Neighboring Lesser Demon Kings would see this as a wonderful opportunity.

“The west will be consumed by chaos.”

But how long would it take?
Miralda felt that it would not take very long at all.

“…Still, who killed Lesser Demon King Chiril?”
Apparently, this information had not been found yet. It was not in the report.

However, it was known that he was killed by someone.

Chiril was a Lesser Demon king.
There were not many who would be able to kill someone like that so easily.

A certain name came up in Miralda’s mind. A name that had been discussed recently. But she shook the thought out of her mind.
This was no time for such speculation.

“We’ll have to keep our eyes on the west now.”
Miralda muttered to herself.

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