Makai Hongi – 93

Chapter 93

◎ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s castle – Farneze

Drums beat loudly, and the shouts of the masses gathered around the castle resounded into the sky.
It was the signal for departure.

There had not been a departing ceremony that was this grand since Lesser Demon King Melvis fell into his deep sleep.

General Farneze was watching from the castle balcony, along with a few of her subordinates.

“…They are filled with such unusual passion.”
Farneze muttered as she wondered how many years it had been since she last saw something like this.

The others listened to their superior officer politely and without comment.

General Gorgodan’s army would be leaving the castle now.
But it wasn’t just the residents that came to see them off.

War was an opportunity. And merchants liked to gamble.
And so many merchants had brought their wares and opened stores in the castle city.

Farneze was sure that some of them would be spies who had been unleashed by Leninoth.
However, if she enforced strict investigations, the merchants would all leave and never return.

Leaving just meant they would be taking information about this country elsewhere.
And residents of the Demon World never let a slight go unanswered.

Payback was the law. And it was no different with merchants.

“I don’t know how many spies he sent, but they might as well take as much information as they can find.”
Leninoth will know about Gorgodan’s departure immediately.

Currently, Leninoth sat waiting in the castle located in the center of his country. The south was guarded by Mujura, the Great Hihi.
There was also a report that Totoir, the Nosferatu, was roaming the north, near Fara’s lands.

If Gorgodan crossed the border, then Mujura would surely come to meet him.

They didn’t know where Mujura was waiting now, but he would move as soon as the border was crossed.
Gorgodan would make a big show of marching, just as had been planned. But he would not go too far past the border. The battlefield would be as close to it as possible.

“In the meantime, we’ll take down Leninoth… Are we fully prepared?”
Farneze asked her adjutant, Atarasushia.

“Yes, General… While it will be incredibly dangerous, we are ready.”
“I see. And the personnel for our suicide squad?”

“I have chosen ten, including backups.”
“Very well. As soon as Gorgodan crosses the border, all eyes will be on them. That’s when we’ll leave.”

“Yes. We will be ready at any moment.”

Currently, Farneze was supposed to be in the south in order to deal with Demon King Tralzard.
In fact, they were in the middle of sending soldiers there right now.

But this was a feint.
They wanted it to look like they were just as scared as the other Lesser Demon Kings.

Farneze herself would lead the small group of her finest, and go and take Leninoth’s head.

And several preparations had been underway in order to raise their chances of survival.
Five would enter the place for the decisive battle. But they would take five others as reserves.

Lesser Demon King Leninoth was a giant known as a Hecatoncheir.
He was huge. And strong. Ridiculously tough.

Farneze did not expect her nails and fangs to be effective.
She would be able to scratch him at best. That was all.

But considering his mana level, that in itself was quite impressive.
And so she and Felicia had talked for many days in order to think of a way to win.

The thing they would use was ‘poison.’

The Hecatoncheir were strong against physical and magical attacks. And so traditional combat tactics would be of no use.
And so they thought of using poison attacks.

They would spread a powerful poisonous liquid in the area and kill all of his guards.
After that, it would evaporate and create a poisonous gas that would eat away at his flesh from the inside.

Of course, this meant that Farneze herself would breathe it in, but she would drink an antidote in advance. Besides, Night Demons already had a strong resistance to poison.

It wasn’t as high as Wraiths, who didn’t have physical bodies, but it was higher than Reapers.
And so if they did spread poison, the only one who would take great damage was Leninoth.

“And then this…”
When she had asked Golan if he had any good ideas, this is what he said.

–Restraining tools.

Hecatoncheirs were very large, and perhaps it was because of this, that they could not move very quickly.
But as each attack was usually enough to kill their opponent, there wasn’t really a need for them to overwhelm an enemy with speed.

Well, it was so slow to begin with, why not make it so that it couldn’t move at all?
Yes, that was what Golan had said.

Indeed, it would be difficult to catch someone who was fast, but perhaps they could manage if the enemy was slow.
And so Farneze accepted Golan’s suggestion and tried to have chains made for this very purpose.

However, Felicia stopped her.

“If you do make something, it will have to be something that won’t come off easily.”
Ultimately, what they came up with was something that would go over his entire head.

Of course, it would not be easy to put something like this over his head.
And so they would use a smokescreen.

Even while obstructing people’s vision, it would be difficult to hide the body of a giant Hecatoncheir.
On the other hand, Vampires could easily hide in smoke.

In order to defeat Leninoth, they had to attack his weak point and bind his movement.

The last thing that Farneze needed was a weapon. Something with absolute destructive ability.

“…This. Yes, it’s perfect.”

A metal stake. It was something that you could only use if you had the strength of a Vampire.
For a stake, it was rather…no, very thick.

But the point was thin like a needle. If this was rammed into the head, even a Lesser Demon King would not be able to escape death.

However, it was only after doing all of this preparation, that the odds became fifty-fifty.
If even the slightest thing went wrong, the odds would change greatly.

And so Farneze braced herself.

“Now, it’s time for use to leave quietly.”

As Vampires could fly in the sky, they did not require roads.
They just needed to move in the shadows of the night.

The die had already been cast.
There was nothing left to do but act.

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