Makai Hongi – 94

Chapter 94


We had entered Lesser Demon King Fara’s country.
It seemed like a miracle that we made it this far without getting caught.

“What the hell? Could our luck really be so good?”

I expected that we would be discovered once or twice, and that we’d have to fight.
And while there were some dangerous moments, things had gone relatively smoothly.

“I know what it is. Gaia is whispering to me that I must succeed.”
“…But I can’t hear anything.”

My adjutant, Rig, said as he put his ear to the ground.
I didn’t know why he had to take everything so seriously.

“Uhhumm. Now, we must get to business. I’ll give you a simple briefing.”
I had several plans prepared.

To be honest, I had no idea what would happen, and I was taking the worst case scenario into consideration as well.

“Oh, we’ll finally get to go wild.”
“I can’t wait!”

The idiot siblings were very enthusiastic. But I needed them to be patient.
If things had gone so well up until now, perhaps it was fine if we got a little greedy?

“I had considered various scenarios in the event that we were discovered and even chased by the enemy. However, it seems that we’ve slipped by unnoticed. This is a great opportunity.”

I watched everyone’s reaction. I was a little anxious about whether they followed. Regardless, they didn’t seem to have any opinions in particular.

“And so we will pretend to be Leninoth’s army. To be precise, we will pretend to be Totoir’s soldiers.”

Totoir was one of Leninoth’s Generals. He was also one of the Lesser Demon Kings.
In terms of strength, he was someone incredibly dangerous.

Totoir led an army of Wraiths and Night Demons. I suppose you would have called them ‘undead’ back on earth.
And it was surprisingly easy to disguise yourself as one of them. We were already doing it, with the cloth we were covered in.

“I’ll speak plainly. We will be fighting while wearing these hoods.”
“What? But they’ll get in the way!”
Saifo was quick to object to this.

Currently, the cloths they wore were covering their entire bodies, and there were some holes for the eyes.
It was the same for both Ogres and Reapers.

“We will do it until the enemy sees through it. If we succeed, we could be the trigger that plunges Fara and Leninoth into all out war.”

Of course, I was not really that optimistic.
However, I wanted to be prepared in the event that Farneze failed. Or if Leninoth died and this country became divided.

“I don’t really understand. But you’re saying that something good will happen if we fight like this?”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Will you do it?”

“You’re the chief, Golan. I don’t mind.”
“Me too!”

It seemed like the other Ogres didn’t have a problem either.
In fact, there was something I had noticed while spending every day with them. The other Ogres were afraid of me.

Whenever I tried talking to them casually, they would start shaking.
I had selected Ogres that were young and energetic. And I was quite friendly while talking to them.

Was it that? Was it because of the training?
Perhaps I shouldn’t have told them to come at me at the same time. I shouldn’t have beaten them all at once.

I didn’t want any of them to die. That’s why I had trained and looked after them until I could barely stand. And yet they treated me like a stranger.
Damn it, they were a coldhearted lot.

Leaving that aside, I turned to see how the Reapers were reacting. They too did not have any objections.
But then again, it was always difficult to know what the Reapers were thinking.

However, the Reapers would have nowhere to live if Leninoth took over our country, so I knew that they were desperate.

They just didn’t show their emotions on their faces very much, so it was hard to tell. In any case, their reaction was muted at best.

If only we could overcome this barrier of species and become closer.

“Now, I will tell you my plan. While in these clothes, we will go and attack one of the fortresses in this area. Fara’s soldiers should be stationed in them, so we will deal as much damage as possible before retreating.”

Leninoth and Fara’s borders were littered with fortresses.
There was a fortress in any place that looked like it might be a good hiding place. And of course, that meant soldiers.

However, these fortresses were not very big.
There were about twenty fortresses in the area, and each could likely house about a hundred soldiers.

But if we were counting all of the fortresses along the border, how many would there be?

We had no reason to rush or to panic.
The thing we needed to be wary about now was being caught before the attack. Also, we wanted to avoid a situation where our men were killed or captured, and the enemy realized what was really happening.

“Because of this, we will search for a fortress with fewer enemies. And once we find one, we will wait for night and then attack.”

“Alright! Let’s crush them into the ground!”
“I’ve been itching for this moment.”

…Really, were we going to be okay with these guys?

I looked at the idiot siblings skeptically as I felt the coldness of the blade that the General had given me.

After that, I sent out the Kobolds to scout the area and find us a good candidate.

“…Alright, we’ll choose this place.”
It was a fortress that was surrounded by three cliffs.

There was only one path that led to it.
In other words, we would stick out as we moved towards it.

“Can you do it, Painy?”
“Yes. There will be no problem.”

The plan was to have the Reapers lead the attack.
I didn’t know why, but these kinds of roundabout methods were unusual here.

Well, they did surprise the enemy quite often. So I wasn’t sure what the difference was.
I guess they never really thought of secret infiltrations.

Now, as for this fortress, it was the smallest out of the ones we found.
It’s walls were made of logs.

The logs were heavy. And while they were quite durable, they also took up a lot of space.
That meant the interior of the fortress was smaller.
This suggested to me that there would be fewer soldiers inside.

We just had to attack and leave a few survivors.
That’s all it took to give this attack some meaning.

And once Fara’s army came out, we would have succeeded.
After all, Leninoth’s army would then have to watch the border.

“Now, we wait for the night and then depart.”

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  1. It would be funny if Fara happened to be at the fort they chose doing an inspection or something and Painy’s Reapers managed to use their one-hit kill attack on him successfully. All that work trying to set Fara up only for him to die. That’d be really awkward for Golan to explain to Farneze.

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