Cave King – 3

Chapter 3 – I found a new friend while I was digging!


“Still, I’ve dug quite a lot now…”


According to the Advisor, my current position was about 30m below the surface.

And so I checked my inventory.


◇ Inventory

    Rocks x 1230

    Iron ore x 21

    Copper ore x 19

    Gold ore x 0.6

    Silver ore x 2

    Coal x 15

    Limestone x 10


    Ruby x 0.3

    Saphire x 0.2

    Crystal x 90

    Turtle stone x 6


There were some materials that didn’t even amount to 1. Apparently, this was because the mined materials were displayed as ingots.


However, Turtle Stones displayed the number of uses.


Two silver ingots… I had mined that much silver in just a few hours.

What would happen if I continued to mine…

Well, I would have no use for any of it unless I got out of here.


Besides, the ones that interested me the most were the Crystals and Turtle Stones.


I had never seen or even heard of them before.

The Turtle Stones extended your lifespan and were something I could probably use in an emergency.


As for the Crystal, they increased your magical energy.

While my magic was very weak, I was quite confident in my knowledge of it.


And so I had high hopes that they might allow me to use mid-range to advanced magic…


Well, how were these used?


<<Will you use Crystal x 90?>>


The advisor suddenly asked.

Apparently, there was no need to take them out of the inventory.


I nodded, of course.


<<Crystall x 90 have been used.>>


The Advisor said, but no matter how long I waited, I didn’t feel any change.


Uhhh…were they used?


Yes, the Advisor answered.


Apparently, the crystals really had been used.

I suppose it was true that just a shift in energy wasn’t going to cause any changes to the body.


They did say that brilliant magicians were able to detect the flow of energy inside of people.

But of course, I had no such advanced skills.


So novices like me would have to use magic to find out.


And so I decided to cast Wind, which was minor magic that used the wind attribute. I would clean out the dust that had accumulated in my path. 


Previously, whenever I used this magic, people in the palace would mock me and say that it was just a gentle breeze.

I hoped that it would have improved a little, at least…


“Wind! …!?”


As I chanted with my right hand extended in front of me, the dust was blown away in an instant.

The wind roared and did not lose momentum until it escaped through the exit.


“What? …What?”


I couldn’t help but look around, but there was no one else there.

Without a doubt, it had been me who had just unleashed Wind.


This was what happened after 90 Crystals collected in just a few hours.

If I gathered more, would I be able to use advanced magic?


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. For my own sake I have to remember that he is only 15 years old, so just a kid… And that he isn’t a reincarnated or transmigrated person with knowledge like on other novel’s.

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