Cave King – 3


…I can’t stop digging now!


Before I knew it, the pickaxe was in my hands again and I was swinging it.


“Alright! I’ll continue digging! I’ll dig all the way to hell if I…huh?”


As I shouted to myself with excitement, I realized that something like blue liquid was jiggling at my feet.


“What the hell?”


As it was moving, it clearly wasn’t any normal liquid.


This thing…I believe they were monsters known as slimes.

I had never seen one before, but it had the exact features I had once read in a book.


They were monsters that preferred dark and damp places.

While they were usually mild-mannered, there were some that were more aggressive.


Would this one attack me?

No, it was just moving around me in a circle while hopping and looking in my direction.


Perhaps it had been alarmed by my wind magic and had come out to see what it was.

If it lived down here, I might be the first human its ever seen.


What should I do with it?


Well, since it wasn’t harmful, I could just ignore it and keep mining.

I doubt it would get in my way…


Or I could even think of it as a pet. It was just as I was thinking this, that the Advisor interrupted me.


<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>



I believe it was a skill that made monsters obey you.

All humans had this skill.


However, as almost all monsters were enemies, you were not allowed to tame them.

Furthermore, monsters were not even allowed to be brought into the kingdom of Sanfaris.

And so it was a skill that no one really used.


That being said, there was no one to blame me if I tamed a monster here…


I was a weak person.

I desperately wanted something to help me cope with my loneliness.

Of course, I doubted this slime could even talk.


…Still, I didn’t care what it was, as long as it was close by.


And so without hesitation, I gave the order.


<<A name is required to finish taming.>>


A name…

As this was the Sheorl Reef, I could call it Sheorl…hmm, but that was too obvious.

I could change it a little and call it Shiel?


<<Naming complete. You have tamed Shiel.>>


The voice rang. However…nothing seemed to happen to me or Shiel.

Shiel just continued hopping about.


“Nice to meet you, Shiel.”


I tried talking to it, but Shiel didn’t respond at all.


Of course.

It couldn’t understand human speech, let alone talk.

However, just having a moving creature nearby was somewhat of a comfort.


And so I left Shiel to its own devices and picked up the pickaxe again.


“Alright. Now, it’s time to get back to digging! Rocks will start falling down, so you be careful.”


After that, I continued to dig until I was exhausted.


The whole time that I was digging, I would shout with joy about getting 100 Crystals or finding an emerald.


And Shiel just watched me silently from behind.

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  1. Why hello Rimuru.

    So since there’s special crystals to increase your magic, is it possible that he can mine something to increase Shiel’s power?

    Also that seems kinda dumb. That everybody can tame monsters but it’s banned to bring in tamed monsters to the kingdom.

    • Wait, how could the Slime have been living in there if that space was just created by the MC? Unless MC broke through into an underground cavern or something, but he didn’t mention anything like that.

      Thanks for the chapter!

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