Cave King – 2

Chapter 2 – I was able to dig a lot!


<<You possess a tool that makes mining possible.>>




I looked around me.


However, there was no one there.

Well, maybe there was. But they were all dead.


Besides, it hadn’t echoed throughout the cave.

It was like I had heard it inside of my head, rather than through my ears.


And so without saying it out loud, I willed it in my head.


…Say it again.


<<You possess a tool that makes mining possible. Do you want to start mining?>> 


I knew it. There was something talking to me inside of my head.


…Who the hell are you?


<<This is the advice feature for the crest, ‘Cave King.’ Not a lifeform.>>


‘Cave King’…it was the crest that I had been born with.

As I had stayed in the royal palace most of the time, I had never gone to any caves. To think that it had such an effect all along…


I wonder what else Cave King could do…


As if reading my mind, the advisor answered.


<<Currently, aside from the advice feature, there is the raising of mining skills and support effects. Furthermore, abilities and skill ranks used in caves will be boosted.>>


I wasn’t able to catch all of that…

But, in other words, it was an advanced ‘mining’ skill?

So anyone who had a mining crest would have their mining ability raised.

But as I was Cave King, I also became stronger inside of caves. Something like that.


In any case, it was clear that I was specialized in mining.

As there was not enough room to sleep here, I decided to start digging a little.


…So, if I said that I wanted to start mining?


<<Understood. Mining optimization will begin through the mining support effect.>>


…Optimization? What?


I then noticed that there were numerous white lights floating on the cavern walls.


Why were they glowing?


<<The white lights are recommendations for where you should hit with your pickaxe. It is calculated to be the easiest way to dig without causing a cave-in.>>


“Huh. Well, guess I’ll try it out then.”


And so I tried hitting the spot with the pickaxe.

And then, in one strike, I was able to dig out a rock that was about the size of a person’s head.


I didn’t feel any of the impact in my arms, so the advice had been true after all.


“Also, it seems strangely bright in here in spite of it being a cave…is that also a support effect?”


<<Yes. It is the Night Vision effect.>>


“I see. Well, I’ll be able to keep going then… I’ll just make some space to sleep for now.”


And so I struck the wall again with the pickaxe.


As I knew where to hit, I was able to make good progress really easily.

Besides, there was something comforting about the sounds of the rocks breaking.


“This…is sort of fun…”


Before I knew it, I was very engrossed in my work.

I had forgotten my plans to just make an area to sleep in, and I kept digging much farther.

There was now a lot of rocks around my feet.


Hmm… Was it just me, or was I able to dig out more with every hit now?

The rocks that came out seemed to be getting bigger.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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    • He’s a prince and the embarrassment of the throne for his lackluster crest. I’m pretty sure his a-hole family kept him in the castle as much as possible.

  1. Too short vision have his family…

    The king (his father) could have him experiment and see what the crest do… And the BAM!!! Become super rich… But no…

    I suppose MC will mine the hole reef and the travel somewhere else and mine then repeat until he dies.

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