Cave King – 2

Chapter 2 – I was able to dig a lot!


<<You possess a tool that makes mining possible.>>




I looked around me.


However, there was no one there.

Well, maybe there was. But they were all dead.


Besides, it hadn’t echoed throughout the cave.

It was like I had heard it inside of my head, rather than through my ears.


And so without saying it out loud, I willed it in my head.


…Say it again.


<<You possess a tool that makes mining possible. Do you want to start mining?>> 


I knew it. There was something talking to me inside of my head.


…Who the hell are you?


<<This is the advice feature for the crest, ‘Cave King.’ Not a lifeform.>>


‘Cave King’…it was the crest that I had been born with.

As I had stayed in the royal palace most of the time, I had never gone to any caves. To think that it had such an effect all along…


I wonder what else Cave King could do…


As if reading my mind, the advisor answered.


<<Currently, aside from the advice feature, there is the raising of mining skills and support effects. Furthermore, abilities and skill ranks used in caves will be boosted.>>


I wasn’t able to catch all of that…

But, in other words, it was an advanced ‘mining’ skill?

So anyone who had a mining crest would have their mining ability raised.

But as I was Cave King, I also became stronger inside of caves. Something like that.


In any case, it was clear that I was specialized in mining.

As there was not enough room to sleep here, I decided to start digging a little.


…So, if I said that I wanted to start mining?


<<Understood. Mining optimization will begin through the mining support effect.>>


…Optimization? What?


I then noticed that there were numerous white lights floating on the cavern walls.


Why were they glowing?


<<The white lights are recommendations for where you should hit with your pickaxe. It is calculated to be the easiest way to dig without causing a cave-in.>>


“Huh. Well, guess I’ll try it out then.”


And so I tried hitting the spot with the pickaxe.

And then, in one strike, I was able to dig out a rock that was about the size of a person’s head.


I didn’t feel any of the impact in my arms, so the advice had been true after all.


“Also, it seems strangely bright in here in spite of it being a cave…is that also a support effect?”


<<Yes. It is the Night Vision effect.>>


“I see. Well, I’ll be able to keep going then… I’ll just make some space to sleep for now.”


And so I struck the wall again with the pickaxe.


As I knew where to hit, I was able to make good progress really easily.

Besides, there was something comforting about the sounds of the rocks breaking.


“This…is sort of fun…”


Before I knew it, I was very engrossed in my work.

I had forgotten my plans to just make an area to sleep in, and I kept digging much farther.

There was now a lot of rocks around my feet.


Hmm… Was it just me, or was I able to dig out more with every hit now?

The rocks that came out seemed to be getting bigger.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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