Makai Hongi – 34

Chapter 34


Even though the Reapers would be building their own village, they were still under my control, which meant there would be a lot of work for me to do as well.

However, Guden had appointed chiefs to every village and left it to them, so I decided to copy him.

“Ruma. I want you to become the chief and lead the others.”

“As you wish.”


Ruma can do all of the work as the chief of the new village.

He led them this far, so he was clearly the right man for the job.

“As I will have to lead the others during the building of the village, I shall leave someone here with you. Someone who is the most brilliant among us.”


A hostage? Perhaps not.

Perhaps this person would be a messenger who was also useful during combat. He wanted to show me how useful they could be.

“Painy, over here.”

The person who came forward was a young girl. She was wearing gray robes like everyone else.

Her age…well, it was hard to tell how old a Reaper was. My guess was that she would be considered a teenager to humans. Perhaps fourteen or fifteen.

Her hair and eyebrows were gray. She had pale skin and was overall quite pretty, she had all the coldness of a highborn lady.

Still, she was just a young girl… Was she really strong?

“I’m called Painy. It’s nice to meet you.”

She sounded young as well. However, Reapers had long lives.

Corps Commander Nehyor looked like a boy, but he was hundreds of years old.

“Hello, Painy. I’m sure you already know, but I’m Golan.”

She came up to my waist in height.

And due to her petite appearance, she looked very odd standing next to me.

Like she was a small hero who had come to slay the demon.

Several peaceful days went by after we accepted the Reapers… Well, it seemed like that to me. But my senses felt quite numb recently.

As for Painy, I asked her about her age, and she said that she was seventeen.

She also had a lot of mana. Three times as much as me.

Considering I had gained a considerable upgrade recently, the idea that she could still have so much seemed a little ridiculous.

While it wasn’t as high as Corps Commander Nehyor, it exceeded that of the Taiga I had killed.

Currently, she was living with me.

As my older brothers had been turned into meat scraps on the battlefield, I was now the oldest of my siblings.

I had meant to inherit the house and continue to live with my family, but instead, they kicked me out.

They said that I was a Commander now and had subordinates. Therefore I had to become independent.

Thankfully, there was an empty house in the village. Though I did not feel very lucky at all.

Besides the house was empty because the owner had not returned from the battlefield.

If one hundred ogres go to battle, and half of them return, people would think that was a lot. That was how high the death rate was.

Many families had their lines end completely.

“Why is the job a Commander so troublesome…”

Since I had left home and was on my own, I had to get a job and earn an income… Well, that would have been the way things would go usually. But for some reason, I had become a Commander.

And I was now receiving a pretty hefty salary from the Corps Commander.

So I had no trouble living. But that didn’t mean I could be lazy all day.

There was a lot of work to do as a Commander.

“Now I know that Guden left all of the work to his adjutant.”

Either Rig was very good, or Guden was the type who didn’t care.


Makai Hongi

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    • I am French. I read English but I read this light novel with automatic translation because it is more fluid. And I find the translation of Painy’s name very disturbing. In French it gives “Douloureuse”.
      Every time I read this name the image that comes to mind is of a plump SM Queen, with whip and black leather suit, even though I know the look of the young reaper and I I even saw his illustration on the cover of volume 2.

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