Makai Hongi – 34


And so a lot of the work that a Commander was supposed to do had already been assigned to other people.

I just had to confirm all of it. But perhaps it was because I had always been just a lowly citizen, or it was a personality trait from when I was Japanese, but I still felt like doing some kind of work.

“Rig. If it’s so much trouble, you should just live in this village.”

I suggested when Rig brought me some documents to look through.

“Very well. I shall live in this village.”

He was an honest one.

There were a few non-ogres living in the village already.

And so one kobold moving in would not make much of a difference.

“You should live close to my house.”

Rig was brilliant. I just had to look through everything he summarized, so it did not take long.

Yes, I was glad to have less work.

However, Rig was only in the village for half a month at a time.

“I have work to do under the Corps Commander as well.”

Now that I thought of it, I was really just borrowed personnel from Nehyor.

So if it wasn’t during battle, he could not help me all of the time.

Still, I was grateful for what work he did do for me.

And I used the extra time to my advantage.

I entered the forest and thought of the defensive battle we had fought in.

I often went to the forest when I wanted to be alone and think.

It was here that I could get completely lost in my thoughts.

“What would happen if I taught those meatheads the fundamentals of group combat?”

Almost all ogres were meatheads. This was fine.

They wouldn’t understand any complicated orders. Some would understand, but not all of them.

In other words, there was no point in creating complicated strategies if everyone wasn’t on the same page.

So, what to do? You just needed to give orders that they could understand.

On a simple battlefield with simple orders, they would be able to show their true strength.

“So, Guden’s methods weren’t completely wrong after all.”

Ultimately, if you wanted to utilize meatheads, you had to make them charge.

In that case, why not take that and evolve it a little?

“So, that’s why I want you all to train.”

I gathered the people who had fought on the battlefield and the youth of the village, and made them train.

There were just two things they had to do.

One was to obey orders. I wanted them to train so they would be able to follow orders that were just a little more complicated than Guden’s.

The other was to be able to make their own decisions.

They needed to be able to act even though I wasn’t on the battlefield, or if they couldn’t hear my voice.

Nothing too difficult.

Search for comrades on the battlefield. And if you find someone, fight alongside them.

And if you can’t find anyone close by, retreat.

If you see comrade, fight close to them. If they are in trouble, help them.

Make your group larger and create a base.

We repeated this so that they would be able to do it on any battlefield.

And not just in my village. I sent word to the other villages and made them practice as well. 

Before I knew it, several months had passed since the battle.

And thanks to all of the training, we had grown into quite an impressive little army.

“Commander Golan. You have been summoned. The enemy has invaded us in an attempt to take the lookout hill.”

“So, is it Lesser Demon King Leninoth again?”


Recently, I left all of the desk work to Rig, and used Painy as my private adjutant.

And I had trained her as a general officer who could go out onto the battlefield.

“Alright, so it’s time for the second battle. I can’t wait.”

The enemy would likely come with a force more powerful than the last one. They wouldn’t be back unless they thought they could win.

Well, we just needed to crush them again.

So this would be the first time that the army I built up would go to war.

“You can choose the size and personnel of your unit. You are to meet the others on the lookout hill, just like last nice. Be there within four days.”

“Four days, huh. Go and tell the other villages.”

I passed him a list of names for those who would be drafted.

There would be 80 ogres and 20 Reapers. These were the soldiers I had trained for months.

They would not let me down.

“Alright, a battle. How exciting.”

“I’m really looking forward to it, brother.”

The idiot siblings said cheerfully behind me.

It reminded me that I had not beaten them up in a while.

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  1. On the cover of volume 1, we can see a girl in a bure dress floating. I guess it’s Painy. She fits well with Golan’s description of her and the Reapers. That is to say, yes, she is cute, but she also seems to suffer from anorexia and nervous breakdown.

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