Shinmai Boukensha – 38

Day 38: Return
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 21st day.
Weather: Cloudy

I got up at midday and went to the guild. For some reason, it was very rowdy… Huh?
Why was everyone drinking?
As I stood there in shock, I saw the familiar face of an Adventurer near the reception desk.

It was someone I had parted ways with nearly fourteen days ago in a dungeon…
Before I knew it, I was shouting her name… Ms. Marga!!
She turned to look at me and then smiled with a wave of her hand. I rushed towards her and threw my arms around her without thinking.
Ms. Marga just patted me gently on the head… I don’t like being treated as a child, but this one time, I was very happy.

As we stayed like that, a man approached us.
He had black hair that was shaved, and a cross-mark scar on his cheek. His eyes were sharp like a hawk.
He had extravagant, crimson armor and a broadsword on his back. The numerous scars that were proof of surviving countless battles….
This was someone who you could tell was a first-rate Adventurer at a glance. And he was bowing his head low.
And then the others also started to bow their heads. Wait, even Ms. Marga!?

As I stood there, stunned, Ms. Marina appeared and reproached the man.
The man chuckled and then lifted his head once again. The others all looked a little embarrassed.

We then moved over to the bar in order to talk. And it turned out that this man was Karl.
He then apologized again about this whole incident. He said it was because he was the leader of the community.
And so he seemed quite relieved when I accepted his apology.

And then Ms. El and the maid came… The maid was looking at the floor for some reason. Did you do something?
As I looked at her suspiciously, Ms. El handed me a package… What is it?
I was most surprised when I opened it. It was the armor I had left in the dungeon, as well as materials from the monster that attacked me!!
Apparently, Mr. Karl had retrieved them. I was so grateful!!

When I thanked them, they said that I shouldn’t mention it, as they had also made quite a profit… A profit?
Thinking this odd, I turned to Ms. Marga, but she looked away.
Mr. Karl must have sensed something then, and so he explained it to me apologetically.
When there is a sudden change within a dungeon, the people who are the first to submit a new and accurate map to the guild are given a special reward.
And this reward was eighty pieces of gold!! You could live luxuriously for quite a while with that!!

Mr. Karl said that he thought I had already known this, and that was the reason I had agreed to help them….
You may be laughing, Ms. Marga, but you can’t fool me, alright? I will have an explanation from you later, got it!?

After that, in spite of everything, we decided to drink together.
Mr. Karl’s community was paying… So that’s why people were drinking at this hour.
…Well, don’t mind if I do then! Waiter! Give me your best bottle!!
People stared at me with wide eyes, but I ignored them.
Hehehe. I’m going to drink eighty pieces of gold’s worth of wine!!
Mr. Karl was a little teary-eyed, but the bottle that Ms. Marga is drinking discreetly is also quite expensive, you know?

Ah, but I was very happy that everyone came back safely.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Broken armor, ant killer materials.
Balance: 4 silver, 13 bronze

Drink!(p゚▽゚)p (*/◎\*))Glug-glug q(^▽^q)Drink!
Today, we are all going to drink and drink! Drink it all! Eighty pieces of gold’s worth!!

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  1. Yay she got her stuff back plus the materials from the monsters that attacked her. Now it’s time for some petty vengeance by drinking 80 gold coins worth of alcohol straight out of Marga and El’s reward.

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