Shinmai Boukensha – 39

Day 39: Preparing to Leave
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 22nd day.
Weather: Sunny

My throat is dry… I want water.
…Once again, I had woken up at the bar… I felt like I was slowly being poisoned, which was scary.

As I was drinking some water, I heard a sound coming from the center of the bar.
When I turned to look, Ms. Marga, Mr. Karl, and Ms. El were standing there.
The last time I had seen Ms. Marga and Mr. Karl, they were having a drinking match over the last golden coin… Could it be that they were still going!?

When I approached them, they really were still drinking… I grimaced and then looked over to Ms. El, but she just shrugged.
According to her, this happened all of the time.
She grumbled about how annoying it was to have to be the referee. And then she picked up a nearby bottle and put it to her mouth.
…What? Ms. El, why are you drinking more than them if you’re the referee?
But then again, she didn’t even look like she was drunk…woah.
In-in any case, I had said good morning to them, so now it was time to work. They waved at me… But were they really all right?

As I was choosing a quest, I realized something. We were missing someone… Ahh! The maid isn’t here!!
Now that I think about it, I do remember seeing her talking with Ms. El. But after that, she seemed to have disappeared…
Well, she will likely return eventually. I should pick a simple quest today… Ah, there is a transportation quest left!

And so today, I will be a transporter. I would go around town and deliver packages to their designated locations.
You had to come early in the morning in order to get these quests, but perhaps the previous night’s partying had crushed everyone.
After that, I was able to finish my deliveries without incident, just a little past midday. It was easy.
As I had finished early, I decided to look at the prices for a carriage on my way back to the guild. Besides, it was about time that I returned to the town of Ruffa.

…Carriages…sure are expensive. Such was the cost of human labor.
If I wanted to go by carriage, it would be more realistic to go as a guard…
A guard…I didn’t want to do that… Maybe I’ll just walk.

I pondered over this as I returned to the guild. Things were very clamorous near the bar.
When I went to look, I saw that Ms. Marga and the others were still drinking…
Ms. El noticed me and waved her hand. And so I went and…ugh, they smelled harshly of drink.
The other two looked like they were barely conscious, but they continued to drink… A-are they okay?

I was getting worried, but when I looked at Ms. El, she just smiled… It was no use. She was clearly drunk as well!!
As for the other Adventurers. They were placing bets over who would win!?
…Hmmm. Then…I’ll bet on Ms. El! I don’t know why we were allowed to place bets on the referee, but that was just the way it was.
Upon hearing this, Ms. El smiled and nodded.
Please do your best!!

I then left the bar and headed towards the reception counter in order to make my report. That’s when I saw Ms. Marina.
And so I took the opportunity to tell her that I would be leaving town.
She looked quite sad to hear this, but said that she wished me luck, which was nice.

Now, it was back to the inn.
Right before I left, I heard Ms. Marina shouting angrily at the bar… What did that mean for my wager? I hope it was alright.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +75(Delivery quest x15)
-13(Inn. Bed: A, Food: A)
Balance: 4 silver, 50 bronze

「(゚ペ) Huh? The maid hasn’t returned yet… Where did she go?

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. I get the feeling that the maid is arranging things and buying a carriage that can take Adventurer-chan anywhere.

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