My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 67

I made something useful for exploration with Weed Cultivation

Everyone seemed to be a little surprised by my sudden outburst, but this was no time to be concerned with such things.
If anything, I wanted to apologize that I had forgotten about such a useful Gift.
…Why had I forgotten about it… I had even given them herbs that I made with Weed Cultivation…
We were in the middle of the forest.
Which meant standing on soil.
So I should be able to grow some plants.
If I could do that, then the rest was easy.

“Excuse me, Ms. Claire. And everyone else.”
“What is it, Mr. Takumi?”
“Why did you shout so suddenly?”

They all looked at me oddly.
And so I bowed my head to them.

“I had forgotten something very important. And I’m terribly sorry. I had this all along. Weed Cultivation!”
“…Indeed, you do have that Gift, Mr. Takumi. But what about it?”
“With it, I should be able to do something about everyone’s tiredness, as well as make the search much easier!”
“…Mr. Takumi. But isn’t your Gift something that makes plants? Like Loe… And you did give us something to help us rest…”
“That’s it. I had been doing some tests. And the herb I gave to you was the result of those tests. Not only that, but it was a plant whose appearance and effect had been completely unknown to me.”
“What do you mean?”
“Hmmm… I don’t think we have time for a detailed explanation, so I’ll avoid that now. In any case, please let me test to see if I can use Weed Cultivation here.”
“…Of course.”

I said, and everyone decided to watch me quietly.
I also patted and thanked Leo for reminding me.

“Thank you, Leo. You made me remember something important.”

Leo wagged her tail happily and barked as if to say that I was welcome.
Really, why had I forgotten… I had even been studying it.
The reason was clearly my own carelessness, but now was not the time for regrets.
And so in order to use Weed Cultivation, I placed my hands on the ground.
…First, I needed to make sure that I could do it.
I used Weed Cultivation and tried to grow the first plant that came to my mind.
And then a few seconds later, a Loe plant sprouted from between my fingers.

“All right. Now I know that I can do it.”
“So this is Weed Cultivation… Mr. Takumi’s Gift…”
“To think that it can grow from nothing…”

As Phillip and Nicholas had never seen Weed Cultivation before, they were quite astonished. But they hadn’t seen anything yet.
For the first time since I came to this world, I was excited at the idea of really making good use of this ability as I focused on using it.
During these past few days, as we explored the forest, I had been thinking about plants, and what effects would be useful. And so I would make them now.
…In spite of thinking of such things, I had never thought to actually use Weed Cultivation. I wanted to go back in time and punch myself.
In any case, I had to focus now.
I didn’t want to make something that was unsatisfactory.
And so I brought up images of the plants that I had thought about, and began to make them grow in the spaces between the trees.

“I finished.”
“So many…”
“Mr. Takumi. What kind of plants are these?”

The others then helped me pick the finished plants.
Not only that, but I then held each plant and changed it so that they would be effective as medicine.
During previous experiments, I had discovered that Weed Cultivation was able to change plants into a state where they would have maximum effectiveness.
Though, it was mainly because I had known that I was able to dry the Ramogi with my hands.
And so I tested it with others, and fresh plants dried in a second.

“Uh, here. Ms. Claire, Sebastian, Phillip and Nicholas. Please eat these.”
“…Are you quite sure?”

Ms. Claire held the dried plant in her hand and looked at it skeptically.
The others reacted in a similar way.
Well, I could not blame them.
While they were green leaves, the leaves had purple lines running through them. And some might feel that they looked poisonous.

“It’s fine. See? *gulp*.”

In order to show them, I ate the leaf myself.
It was in no way delicious, but since Leo was looking at me as if she wanted some too, I gave her some.
This seemed to satisfy the others, and they all shoved the leaves into their mouths.
And while they scowled at the taste of the leaves, they chewed and swallowed. And after a few seconds had passed, their expressions changed.

“This is…amazing! I have never felt so energized before!”
“Yes, it’s true… Mr. Takumi, what a wonderful plant you have created.”
“I feel like I do right before I start training!”

Ms. Claire, Sebastian, Phillip and Nicholas were all surprised as they began to move around.
…It was good that they weren’t tired, but perhaps moving around so much would just make them tired all over again?

“Wou! Wou!”

Leo was also full of energy now, and she began to run through the forest while adeptly weaving through the trees.
…Or maybe she had always been like this?

“I’m glad that they were effective. Now, try…these ones.”
“There’s more?”

Asked Ms. Claire as she accepted the herbs.

“Yes. These should help with exploration. …Ah, before you eat them, Sebastian and Phillip, could you turn off the magic lights?”
“…Are you sure? We won’t be able to see our surroundings.”
“Yes, that is fine.”

And so they dismissed the magic lights.
After feeling the immediate effect of the herbs, they were more willing to believe me now, and so obeyed.
Good… Because I think that having a bright light around after eating these might be a little painful…


Everyone ate the two leaves I handed them at once.
It didn’t look as poisonous as the first one, but the taste was even worse.
And though they grimaced, I saw that they all swallowed their leaves.
Oh, I have to eat mine as well.

“…Mr. Takumi…this…it should be too dark to see our surroundings, and yet I can see just fine!”
“The forest is bright? No…it just looks bright…is that it?”
“To be exact, it’s a herb that allows you to see clearly even when you are in the dark and there is only a little light.”

Phillip and Nicholas looked at each other and nodded in surprise at being able to see so clearly.
But wasn’t it a little too early to be this surprised? After all, they had only eaten two types.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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